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1.Anamudi peak is located in which district of Kerala:
Answer : Idukki

2.Bachpan Bachao Andolan was started by:
Answer : Kailash Satyarthi

3.”No Caste,No Religion,No God for man” Who said these words?
Answer : Sahodaran Ayyappan

4.Who among the following was known as ‘Shanmughasasan’?
Answer : Chattambi Swamikall

5.’Operation Lehar’was associated with:
Answer : Hud Hud

6.Who wrote the book’Mokshapradipam’?
Answer : Brahmanada Sivayogi

7.What is the position of India in Human Development Index 2014?
Answer : 135

8.Gandhiji met Sree Narayana Guru is:
Answer : 1925

9.Quit India movement was started after the failure of:
Answer : Cripps Mission

10.What is the Motto of National Games?(2015)
Answer : Get set play

11.The Sardar Sarowar project is located in:
Answer : Gujarat

12.Which ministry conducts the decennial census in India?
Answer : Ministry of Rural Development

13.Who was the President of Indian National Congress when’Poorna Swaraj’resolution was passed?
Answer : Jawaharlal Nehru

14.Kolar mines in Karnataka is famous for:
Answer : Gold

15.Name the river that flows through silent valley:
Answer : Kunthipuzha

16.Gandhiji broke the salt law on:
Answer : April 6,1930

17.Who was the founder of ‘Samathwa Samaj’?
Answer : Vaikunda Swamikal

18.Which is the longest river in South India?
Answer : Godavari

19.Telangana State was formed on:
Answer : June 2,2014

20.SAARC summit of 2014 was held at:
Answer : Kathmandu

21._______ is reduced in turning operation.
Answer : Diameter

22.A hydro electric power station is commonly constructed  at:
Answer : Hilly areas

23.Morse test is conducted to find out the indicated power of:
Answer : Multi cylinder engines

24.”Intensity of pressure at a point in a fluid at rest is same in all directions”,this law is:
Answer : Pascal’s law

25.One litre of water occupies a volume of:
Answer : 1000 cm3

26.The ratio of strength of solid to hollow  shaft,both having outside diameter D and hollow having inside diameter D/2 in torsion is:
Answer : 15/16

27.The bending moment is maximum on a section where the shearing  force:
Answer : Changes sign

28.A structure used to dam up a stream or a river,over which the water flows is called:
Answer : Weir

29.The most efficient air standard cycle is:
Answer : Carnot cycle

30.The function of an inter cooler in multi stage compressor is:
Answer : To cool the air and to minimize the work of compression

31.The brake power of an internal combustion engine can be found out with the help of:
Answer : Brake dynamometer

32.The property of  the fluid by which molecules  of  different kinds of fluids are attracted to each other is called:
Answer : Adhesion

33.In water tube boilers:
Answer : Water passes through the tubes which are surrounded by the flame and gases

34.The object of producing the draught in boiler:
(A) To provide the adequate supply of air for the combustion
(B) To exhaust the gases of combustion from the combustion chamber
(C) : To discharge gases of combustion to the atmosphere
(D) : All of the above

35.The efficiency of a boiler plant ______ with mechanical draught.
Answer : Increase

36.Venturimeter is used to:
Answer : Measure the discharge of liquid flowing in a pipe

37.The property of a material which allows it to be drawn into smaller section is called:
Answer : Ductility

38.Kinematic  viscoisity is the:
Answer : Ratio of absolute viscosity to the density if the liquid

39.Which thermodynamic law provide the basis of temperature measurement?
Answer : Zeroth law of thermodynamics

40.In one dimensional flow,the flow:
Answer : Takes place in straight line

41.A cylindrical section having no joint is called:
Answer : Seamless section

42.Cavitation in hydraulic machinery:
Answer : NO ANSWER

43.The resilience of a material is considered when it is subjected to:
Answer : Latigue

44.According to Darcy’s formula loss of head due to friction in a pipe is:
Answer : 4flu2/2gd

45.Which of the following has no unit?
Answer : Strain

46.Materials having same elastic properties in all directions is called:
Answer : NO ANSWER

47.The ratio of work done per cycle to the stoke volume of the compressor is known as:
Answer : Compression ratio

48.The maximum bending moment due to moving load on a simply supported beam,occurs:
Answer : Under the load

49.The characteristic equation of gas is:
Answer : pv=mRT

50.The mechanical efficiency of an impulse turbine is:
Answer : Ratio of actual work available at turbine to the energy imparted to the wheel

51.Specific heat is the amount of heat required to rise the temperature:
Answer : By unit degree of unit mass of substance

52.Pulverised coal is:
Answer : Coal broken into fine particles

53.The LP(indicated power)of an engine is always ________ the brake power.
Answer : Greater than

54.Volumetric efficiency is the ratio of:
Answer : Volume of charge admitted at NTP to swept volume

55.Water hammer is developed in a:
Answer : Penstock

56.The time for half amount of radio active isotope to decay is known as:
Answer : Half life

57.Acme thread has-degree angle.
Answer : 29 degree

58.As steam expands in turbine:
Answer : Its temperature increases

59.pvn=constant.It is the relation for polytrophic process,if n-0 then the process become:
Answer : Constant pressure process

60.Which of the following enters to the super heater of a boiler?
Answer : Wet steam

61.Soot is a type of:
Answer : Tyre

62.Cowl is a part of:
Answer : Body panel

63.Blow by gases can be relieved by
Answer : PCV valve

64.Expansion tank is employed in ______ system.
Answer : Cooling

65.Answer : Answer : Mechanical pump is employed in:
Answer : Fuel system

66.Pulsation of clutch pedal is due  to:
Answer : NO ANSWER

67.Car can stop in gear by using.
Answer : Fluid fly wheel

68.Torque transfer at an angle is provided on propeller shaft by using:
Answer : Universal Joint

69.Scrub radius is:
Answer : Distance between king pin axis on the ground and wheel contact point on the ground

70.The ratio of side force to the slip angle is called:
Answer : Cornering Power

71.Torsion bar is used for:
Answer : Suspension system

72.The unbalanced wheel gives rise the problem of:
Answer : Wheel wobble

73.Skidding of wheels avoided by:
Answer : Using ABS

74.Brake caliper is:
Answer : Used in disc brakes

75.The distance between the centre lines of the front and the rear axies is called:
Answer : Wheels base

76.Ackermann steering mechanism,is used for:
Answer : NO ANSWER

77.Top of the wheel slants vertically outward is called:
Answer : Positive camber

78.Over drive is used to:
Answer : NO ANSWER

79.Volumetric efficiency of an engine is increased by:
Answer : NO ANSWER

80.Cold rating is associated  with:
Answer : Battery

81.Spark developed in spark plug when:
Answer : C.B.Point opens

82.Turn ratio is associated with:
Answer : Ignition coil

83.R.P.M of an engine can be measured with:
Answer : Taco meter

84.Folo-Thru drive employed in:
Answer : Starting system

85.Sealed beam unit is a part of:
Answer : Head Lamp circuit

86.M.Answer : Answer : T is related to:
Answer : Accident claim

87.Speed limit is included in:
Answer : Mandatory sign

88.Super elevation is __________ of a horizontal curved portion of a road :
Answer : Mandatory sign

89.A fare that is proportionate to the distance travelled is known as:
Answer : Graduated fare

90.The Motor vehicle to which semitrailer is attached is called:
Answer : Articulated vehicle

91. C.R.D.I. is related to:
Answer : Fuel system

92.E.G.R. is employed to reduce:
Answer : Emission

93.VVT lis employed to operate:
Answer : Valve train

94.Forward efficiency is related to
Answer : NO ANSWER

95.HUD is a term linked with ____.
Answer : Gauges

96.Anti dazzle devices are used in _____ system.
Answer : Head Lamp

97.FFV stands for:
Answer : Flexi fuel vehicle

98.Schrader valve appears on:
Answer : Wheel assembly

99.EBD is a __________ device in modern vehicle.
Answer : Brake assistance

100.Viscous coupling is employed instead of_______ in modern vehicles.
Answer : Differential

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