General Knowledge Questions - 1

1. An adjustable blade propeller is called as:
(a) Banki turbane
(b) Pelton turbane
(c) Kaplan turbane
(d) Francis turbane
Answer : (c) Kaplan turbane

2. Newton's law of viscosity depends upon the:
(a) shear stress and rate of strain
(b) shear stress, pressure and velocity
(c) stress and strain in a fluid
(d) viscosity and shear stress
Answer : (a) shear stress and rate of strain

3. An oil of specific gravity 0.95 has kinematic viscosity of 0.28 Stokes at 38°C. What will be its viscosity in Ns/m^2?
(a) 0.0252
(b) 0.0311
(c) 0.2520
(d) 0.0266
Answer : (d) 0.0266

4. From the point of lower specific energy consumption, which of the following compresser are suitable for part load operation?
(a) centrifugal compressors
(b) Single stage scre compressor
(c) two stage reciprocating compressor
(d) two stage screw compressor
Answer : (c) two stage reciprocating compressor

5. Which of the following processes does not involve a transfer of material?
(a) convection
(b) vapourization
(c) radiation
(d) evaporation
Answer : (c) radiation

6. For a given heat flow and for the same thickness, the temperature drp access the material will be maximum for:
(a) steel
(b) copper
(c) refractory
(d) glass wool
Answer : (c) refractory

7. Heat is conducted through a 10 cm thick wall at the rate of 30 W/m^2 when the temperature difference across the wall is 10°C. What is the thermal conductivity of the wall?
(a) 0.03 W/mk
(b) 0.3 W/mk
(c) 3.0 W/mk
(d) 30.0 W/mk
Answer : (b) 0.3 W/mk

8. The ratio of energy transferred by convection to that by conduction is called:
(a) Biot number
(b) Nusselt number
(c) Stanton number
(d) Peclet number
Answer : (b) Nusselt number

9. When all the conditions are identical, in the case of flow through pipes with heat transfer, the velocity profiles will be identical for:
(a) liquid heating and liquid cooling
(b) gas heating and gas cooling
(c) liquid heating and gas cooling
(d) heating and cooling of any fluid
Answer : (a) liquid heating and liquid cooling

10. The silver coating on the glas surfaces of Thermos bottle reduces energy that is transferred:
(a) Conduction
(b) Convection
(c) Radiation
(d) Friction
Answer : (c) Radiation

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