General Knowledge Questions - 15

1. From where, the CPU in a computer retrieves data:
(a) Main memory
(b) Secondary memory
(c) Auxiliary memory
(d) None of these

2. Which are short cut keys for converting the selected text into upper case in MS Word?
(a) Ctrl+shift+I
(b) Ctrl+shift+u
(c) Ctrl+shift+a
(d) Ctrl+shift+c

3. The key 'N' is called 'Master Key' in a typerwriting keyboard because:
(a) right hand index finger is using for typing
(b) it is fixed on the bottom of the keyboard
(c) it is the first letter installed in the keyboard
(d) none of these

4. The Desighner of Malayalam Typerwriter Keyboard is:
(a) T.K. Ramakrishnan
(b) R. Arulappan
(c) N.S. Pandala
(d) T.R. Krishnayyar

5. The unsolicated bulk commercial E-mails are known as:
(a) hoaxes
(b) virus
(c) junk
(d) spam

6. RTF is the abbreviation of:
(a) Real Text Format
(b) Readable Text Form
(c) Rich Text Format
(d) Real Text Function

7. Name the computerised system which helps managers of big organisation for decision making?
(a) Network
(b) MIS
(c) Assembler
(d) Interpreter

8. The software installed on computers for collecting the information about the users without their knowledge is:
(a) Virus
(b) Worms
(c) Spyware
(d) Spam

9. What is the meaning of 'Wiki' in the word 'Wikipedia'?
(a) Knowledge
(b) Around the world
(c) Quick
(d) Medium

10. The protection systems involve some unique aspect of a person's body is:
(a) Authorization
(b) Biometric
(c) Authentication
(d) None of these

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