General Knowledge Questions - 19

1. God has been kind ____ me.
(a) of
(b) for
(c) with
(d) to

2. 'Don't overeat', said the doctor to the patient:
(a) The doctor warned the patient did not overeat
(b) The doctor warned the patient not to overeat
(c) The doctor requested patient you dont overeat
(d) The doctor requested the patient not to overeat

3. The passive form of 'Don't disturb the patient' is:
(a) Let the patient is not be disturbed
(b) Let the patient are not be disturbed
(c) Let not the patient be disturbe
(d) Let not the patient be disturbed

4. Complete the sentence using the appropriate idiom. Be careful lest you:
(a) Get into hot water
(b) Get the better of
(c) Hold water
(d) Wash one's hand of

5. Find out the correct spelling of:
(a) Warob
(b) Wardrobe
(c) Wadrobe
(d) Wardobe

6. One word subtitute for "a room where the food supplies of a hosehold are kept".
(a) Scullery
(b) Buttery
(c) Larder
(d) Pantry

7. I am sure he will _____ from this crisis.
(a) pull down
(b) pull through
(c) pull off
(d) pull up

88. A synonym for the word 'over joyed':
(a) Felicity
(b) Happy
(c) Jubilant
(d) Novice

9. The antonym of the word 'obscure':
(a) Famouse
(b) Familiar
(c) Fair
(d) Foul

10. The feminine gender of 'gentle man':
(a) Women
(b) Maid
(c) Fentle woman
(d) Lady

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