General Knowledge Questions - 2

1. The steady state conditions in diffusion are governed by:
(a) Fick's second law
(b) Fick's first law
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Maxwell-Boltzmann's law
Answer : (b) Fick's first law

2. Toughness of steel increased by adding:
(a) nickel
(b) chromium
(c) sulphur
(d) tungsten
Answer : (a) nickel

3. Material used for machine tool bed is:
(a) high carbon steel
(b) mild steel
(c) alloy steel
(d) cast iron
Answer : (d) cast iron

4. The eutectoid mixture of steel is:
(a) A mixture of ferrite and cementite
(b) A mixture of ferrite and austenite
(c) A mixture of austenite and cementite
(d) Called pearlite
Answer : (a) A mixture of ferrite and cementite

5. Hot rolling of mild steel is carried out:
(a) ar recrystallisation temperature
(b) between 100°C to 150°C
(c) belowrecrystallisation temperature
(d) above recrystallisation temperature
Answer :
(d) above recrystallisation temperature

6. Piston rings for engines are made of:
(a) cast iron
(b) copper
(c) alluminium
(d) mild steel
Answer : (a) cast iron

7. Alluminium is not good foe=r die casting because:
(a) it is light and strong
(b) it tends to react chemically with the die surface
(c) it take longer time to cool
(d) its melting point is high and its expands on solidification
Answer : (b) it tends to react chemically with the die surface

8. Which of the following processes is used to harden the steel?
(a) normalizing
(b) annealing
(c) carburizing
(d) quenching
Answer : (d) quenching

9. Which of the following is always true for an isothermal process of an ideal gas?
(a) the pressure does not change
(b) the internal does not change
(c) the volume does not change
(d) no heat flows into or out of the system
Answer : (b) the internal does not change

10. A heat engine takes in 200 Joule of thermal energy and performs 50 Joule of work in each cycle. What is its efficiency?
(a) 12%
(b) 20%
(c) 25%
(d) 80%
Answer : (c) 25%

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