General Knowledge Questions - 26

1. Where was the 35th National games held?

2. What is the motto of National games?
Together in sport

3. What was the clarion call of 35th National games?
Get set play

4. What was the mascot of 35th National games?
Ammu the hornbill

5. Who desighned the mascot of 35th National games?

6. The total number of medals for 35th National games is:
1369 (414 gold and silver each, 541 bronze)

7. Where was the first National games after independence ?

8. When was the first National games after independence?

9. Rashtriya Ekta Diwas ( Natonal Unity Day) observed on?
October 31

10. Who scored the fastest ODI hundred (31  balls) against West Indies at Wanderers stadium in Johannes Burg?
AB de Villers

11. Who was started the Prabhudha Bharata English monthly?

12. Who was started Aligarh movement?
Sayyid Ahmed Khan

13. Where is Kushinagar located?
Uttar Pradesh

14. Where is Hyderabad house located?
New Delhi

15. Where is Tabo monastery located?
Himachal Pradesh

16. Where is headquarters of Animal Welfare Board located?

17. Which country introduced the postal system?

18. Where was the first Pravasi University in India established?

19. Who was the only women to participate all the three round table conferences?
Beegum Jahanara Shanavas

20. 'Theory of Everything' is the Hollywood movie based on the life of :
Stephen Hawking

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