General Knowledge Questions - 27

1. Where is Hutti gold mines located?
Raichur, Karnataka

2. Any particle made of quarks and gluons are called a:

3. Who was created the pure Bose - T Einstein condensate at first?
Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman

4. What is the unit of Catalytic activity?
Katal (kat)

5. What is the colour used in scientific laboratory for indicating danger?

6. Light scattering by particles in a colloid is known as:
Thyndal scattering

7. _________ is a natural polarising material.

8. MASER is microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation was discoverd by:
Charls H Towns

9. What is the use of magnetic thermometer?
Measure temperature very near to absolute zero

10. What is the working principle of mgnetic thermometer?
Curie's law

11. Skating of ice is possible due to:

12. Which device ia used to.measure boiling point of liquids?

13. Which is the first plnned industrial city in India?

14. Who is the father of Demography?
John Graund

15. Which is the heaviest sub atomic particle?

16. Which is the lightest sub atomic particle?

17. What is positron?
Nuclear particle with mass of an electron but with opposite charge.

18. What is antiproton?
Antiparticle of a proton with same mass.

19. What is Isomer?
Compound with same molecular formula but different structure.

20. _______ is the chemical decomposition by the action of heat.

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