General Knowledge Questions - 29

1. Where is High Altitude Research Laboratory located?
Gulmarg, Kashmir

2. What is the full form of GSLV?
Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

3. What is the full form of PSLV?
Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

4. What is the full form of ASLV?
Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

5. Which is the first to issue soil health card to farmers?

6. Where was the sixth edition of the National Conference on Nuclear Energy held?
New Delhi

7. The United Nations Organization (UNO) was come into existence on:
24th October 1945

8. UN day celebrated on:
24th October

9. Where is head quarters of  United Nations Organization located?
Manhattan, New York

10. Where is the European head quarters of United Nations located?
Geneva, Switzerland

11. Which was the last country to become a member of United Nations?
South Sudan

12. How many members UNO consist?

13. When did General Assembly of UN admit South Sudan as the 193rd member of United Nations?
14th July 2011

14. Where is the capital of South Sudan?

15. What is the full form od UNESCO?
United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization

16. UNESCO is a specialize organization of UNO established on:
4th November 1946

17. Where is International Court of Justice located?
Hague, Netherlands

18. Who was the first Indian to become the President of UN General Assembly?
Vijayalakshmi Pandit

19. Which are the six organs of UNO?
General Assembly, Security Council, Secretariat, Trusteeship Council, Ecnomic and Social council and International Court of Justice

20. The five permanent members of UN Security Council are:
USA, UK, Russia, France and China

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