General Knowledge Questions - 3

1. If the chemical reaction has a positive change in entropy,then:
(a) the disorder of the system increases
(b) heat goes from the system into the surroundings
(c) the reaction is exothermic
(d) the Gibbs free energy is negative
Answer : (a) the disorder of the system increases

2. Joule-Thomson coefficient is the slop of:
(a) constant enthalpy lines on T-s diagram
(b) constant enthalpy lines on T-p diagram
(c) inversion curve on T-s diagram
(d) inversion curve on T-p diagram
Answer : (d) inversion curve on T-p diagram

3. Pressure reaches a value of absolute zero:
(a) at a temperature of 273 K
(b) under vacuum condition
(c) at the earth's centre
(d) when molecular momentum of system become zero
Answer : (d) when molecular momentum of system become zero

4. The mathematical technique for finding the best use of limited resources in an optimum manner is known as:
(a) operation reasearch
(b) linear oprogramming
(c) network analysis
(d) queuing theory
Answer : (b) linear oprogramming

5. The first method invented for planning project was:
(a) Bar chart
(b) Milestone chart
(c) Critical Path Method (CPM)
(d) Programming Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)
Answer : (a) Bar chart

6. Input output analysis is processed through:
(a) Time and motion study
(b) Value analysis
(c) Transaction matrix
(d) Product analysis
Answer : (c) Transaction matrix

7. Positive slack on a PERT indicates that project is:
(a) behind the schedule
(b) ahead of schedule
(c) as per schedule
(d) on critical path
Answer : (b) ahead of schedule

8. Queuing theory is associated with:
(a) inspection time
(b) inventory
(c) production time
(d) waiting time
Answer : (d) waiting time

9. The pin knuckle joint is subjected to:
(a) torsional shear stress
(b) double shear stress
(c) axial compressive stress
(d) axial tensile stress
Answer : (b) double shear stress

10. Thermal stress are caused due to:
(a) variation in temperature
(b) specific heat
(c) high temperature
(d) latent heat
Answer : (a) variation in temperature

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