General Knowledge Questions - 34

1. Which animal is the national animal of Botswana?

2. What is the tourism tagline of Sri Lanka?
Wonder of Asia

3. 2020 Olympic game will held in:

4. Which is the first Hydro Electric project in Kerala?

5. Pallivasal hydro electric project is situated in which district?

6.  Pallivasal hydro electric project is located in which river?

7. The headquarters of central vigilance commission located at:
New Delhi

8. Right to Education act was come into force on:
1st April 2010

9. Free and compulsory education to all children of India in the age group of:
6 to 14

10. Cabinet Mission arrived in India on:
23rd March 1946

11. Who was the president of the executive council of Interim Government formed on september 2, 1946?
Lord Wavell

12. Who determines the number of members of the State Public Service Commission?

13. National Human Rights commission is Constituted on:
12th October 1993

14. Where was the institution of Ombudsman first created?

15. Judges of the High Courts are appointed by the:

16. Which state of USA is known as Mother of Presidents?

17. What is syngas?
It is a fuel gas. It contains the mixture of primarily of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and very often some carbon dioxide

18. What is Fischer-Tropsch process?
A collection of chemical reactions that converts a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into liquid hydrocarbons known as Fischer-Tropsch process.

19. What is plutocracy?
Plutocracy is the name of government or state ruled by wealthy people.

20. What is the atomic number of Seaborgium?

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