General Knowledge Questions - 35

1. Which is the first element to be named in honour of a living person?

2. Study about the lighthouses is known as:

3. What is the colour of nicotine?

4. What unit is traditionally used to measure the weight of silk fabrics?

5. Which mountain range situated in India has the blue mountain as its highest peak?
The Lushai Hills

6. In which Indian state The Lushai Hills is located?

7. The Pangsau Pass connects assam with which country?

8. Which is the largest completed hydroelectric project in India?
The Koyna Hydroelectric Project

9. The Koyna Hydroelectric Project is in which state?

10. Which river is known as the Life Line of Maharashtra?
The Koyana River

11. Which country's important private airline is Air Indus?

12. World Asthma Day is observed on:
5 May

13. World Dance Day observed on:
29 April

14. Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare was also observed on:
29 April

15. International Jazz Day observed on:
30 April

16. Who won the World Welter weight Boxing title?
Floyd Mayweather

17. Who is the author of the novel Dances with Wolves?
Michael Blake

18. Which scientist discovered electromagnetic nature of light?

19. What are the primary poroducers of an echo system?

20. Who was the first lady governer of Independent India?
Sarojini Naidu

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