General Knowledge Questions - 36

1. Which of the following is not a viral disease?
a) Avion flue
b) Malaria
c) Sars
d) Dengue fever
Answer : b) Malaria

2. Richard Stallman is in connection with:
a) Internet
b) Free operating system
c) Computer virus
d) Search Engine
Answer : b) Free operating system

3. Who among the following in India was the first winner of Nobel prize in Physics?
a) S. Chandrasekharan
b) C.V. Raman
c) V. Ramakrishnan
d) Hargovind Khorane
Answer : b) C.V. Raman

4. Over production of which hormone leads to exophthalmic goiture?
a) Iodine
b) Insulin
c) Thyroxine
d) ADH
Answer : c) Thyroxine

5. A liquid having pH value more than 7 is:
a) Citric acid
b) Lime water
c) Soda water
d) Vinagiri
Answer : b) Lime water

6. Which among the following is not correctly paired?
a) Dynamo - Alfred Nobel
b) Television - JL Baird
c) Computer - Charles Babbage
d) DDT - Pole Muller
Answer : a) Dynamo - Alfred Nobel

7. The instrument used to measure the growth of the planet is:
a) Durometer
b) Auxanometer
c) Potometer
d) Cryometer
Answer : b) Auxanometer

8. Which among the following is a molecular scissor?
a) Ligas
b) Restriction endonuclease
c) Super bugs
d) Endrophyl
Answer : b) Restriction endonuclease

9. The first nuclear reactor in India, is:
a) Saras
b) Param 9000
c) Apsara
d) Durga
Answer : c) Apsara

10. Which element is in chlorophyll?
a) Na
b) K
c) Mg
c) Ca
Answer : c) Mg

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