General Knowledge Questions - 37

1. 'One vision, One Identity, One Community' is the motto of which of the following organisations?
d) NAM
Answer : b) ASEAN

2. What is the ordinal number of Ban Ki Moon as the Secretary General of UNO?
a) Seventh
b) Ninth
c) Tenth
d) Eighth
Answer : d) Eighth

3. Which year was declared as the International year of Family Farming?
a) 2013
b) 2014
c) 2015
d) 2016
Answer : b) 2014
4. Nobel Prize for Literature for 2013 was awarded to:
a) Alice Munro
b) Eleanor Carlon
c) Martin Karplus
d) James E Rothman
Answer : a) Alice Munro

5. Asian Games 2014 was held at:
a) Tokyo
b) Hanoy
c) Incheon
d) Colombo
Answer : c) Incheon

6. The Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act was enacted in:
a) 2008
b) 2009
c) 2010
d) 2012
Answer : b) 2009

7. The founder of Wiki Leaks is:
a) Bill Gates
b) Julian Assange
c) Gill Abramson
d) Jacob J Lew
Answer : c) Gill Abramson

8. The Seventeenth SAARC Submit was held at:
a) New Delhi
b) Colombo
c) Thimpu
d) Addu
Answer : d) Addu

9. Rajeev Awaas Yojana aims at:
a) Poverty Free India
b) Slum Free India
c) Rural Employment
d) Rural Road Development
Answer : b) Slum Free India

10. The new name of Planning Commission:
b) Bharat Ayog
c) NITI Ayog
d) NEET Ayog
Answer : c) NITI Ayog

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