General Knowledge Questions - 42

1. Which of the following branch of physics deals with the study of low temperature?
a) Acoustics
b) Biophysics
c) Cryogenics
d) Mechanics
Answer : c) Cryogenics

2. The instrument used for measuring speed of wind is:
a) Dosimeter
b) Barometer
c) Chronometer
d) Anemometer
Answer : d) Anemometer

3. Optical fibers used in modern communication systems are based on the phenomenon:
a) Toatal internal reflection
b) Dispersion
c) Diffraction
d) Interference
Answer : a) Toatal internal reflection

4. The largest mangrove forest in the world is:
a) CanGio
b) Bhitarkanika
c) Sundarbans
d) Pichavaram
Answer : c) Sundarbans

5. Which of the following is the most abundant element in the universe?
a) Helium
b) Hydrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Nitrogen
Answer : b) Hydrogen

6. The components of bleaching powder are:
a) Chlorine and Sodium
b) Chlorine and Carbon
c) Chlorine and Calcium
d) Chlorine and Hydrogen
Answer : c) Chlorine and Calcium

7. Which of the following is the nature of the ore in mineral Dolomite?
a) Sulphides
b) Oxides
c) Carbonates
d) Sulphates
Answer : c) Carbonates

8. The atmosphere of the earth is divided into two different layers. How many layers are there?
a) Four
b) Five
c) Six
d) Eight
Answer : b) Five

9. What is the distance between the extreme latitude points of East and West of India?
a) 3210 km
b) 2933 km
c) 1860 km
d) 2480 km
Answer : b) 2933 km

10. In the 12th Plan the Government intends to reduce poverty by:
a) 8%
b) 9%
c) 10%
d) 7%
Answer : c) 10%

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