General Knowledge Questions - 45

1. The unit of quantity of electricity is:
a) Watt hour
b) Coulomb
c) Ampere
d) Volt
Answer : b) Coulomb

2. Which tool is used to measure the size of the conductor?
a) Bevel Gauge
b) Vernier Caliper
c) Standard wire gauge
d) Depth gauge
Answer : c) Standard wire gauge

3. Which substance is diamagnetic?
a) Manganese
b) Nickel
c) Bismuth
d) Cobalt
Answer : c) Bismuth

4. Tesla is the unit of:
a) Flux density
b) Flux
c) Reluctance
d) Magnetic field strength
Answer : a) Flux density

5. _______ was responsible for the partition of Bengal.
a) Lord Wavell
b) Lord  Curzon
c) Lord Rippon
d) Lord Mountbatten
Answer : b) Lord  Curzon

6. Importance of the year 1942 is:
a) Civil Disobedience Movement
b) Non Co-operation Movement
c) Quit India Movement
d) None of these
Answer : c) Quit India Movement

7. The founder of Indian National Congress was:
a) WC Banarjee
b) Tilak
c) Gandhiji
d) AO Hume
Answer : d) AO Hume

8. The first martyr of 1857 revolt:
a) Nana Sahib
b) Mangal Pande
c) Rani Lakshmi Bai
d) Tantya Tope
Answer : b) Mangal Pande

9. In the Sangam period the hilly regions were called as:
a) Mullai
b) Kurinji
c) Marutham
d) Palai
Answer : b) Kurinji

10. The greatest mountain range come between northern and southern India:
a) Aravalli
b) Satpura
c) Vindhya
d) Ponmudi
Answer : c) Vindhya

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