General Knowledge Questions - 47

1. What do we call programs with free trial period or reduced functionality, before payment?
a) Shareware
b) Licensed software
c) Freeware
d) Operating system
Answer : b) Licensed software

2. The safe and proper removing the existing software from the computer is:
a) Removing
b) Disabling
c) Deleting
d) Uninstalling
Answer : d) Uninstalling

3. In MS-Word file, the short cut key used to save the document is:
a) Ctrl+A
b) Ctrl+S
c) Ctrl+V
d) Ctrl+X
Answer : b) Ctrl+S

4. Which of the following is the Multilateral  Bank operated by BRICS states?
a) Development Credit Bank
b) National Development Bank
c) New Development Bank
d) Asian Development Bank
Answer : c) New Development Bank

5. The highest peak of Himalaya:
a) Gangothri
b) Mount Everest
c) Anamudi
d) Dhaulagiri
Answer : b) Mount Everest

6. Sky is blue colour because:
a) Reflection
b) Dispersion
c) Scattering
b) None of these
Answer : c) Scattering

7. Hydrogen has high calorific value. But it is not used as domestic fuel:
a) It is rare in atmosphere
b) It is light in weight
c) It has explosive nature
d) Hydrogen cumbust to give harmful products
Answer : c) It has explosive nature

8. When lime juice is added to pure water it's pH?
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Remains same
d) Increases and then decreases
Answer : b) Decreases

9. The planet which gives highest weight for substance:
a) Mars
b) Saturn
c) Jupiter
d) Venus
Answer : c) Jupiter

10. The polymer found in crustacean shell:
a) Calcium carbonate
b) Starch
c) Cellulose
d) Chitosan
Answer : d) Chitosan

11. Dry ice is:
a) Solid CO2
b) Solid NO2
c) Solid SO2
d) Solid CO
Answer : a) Solid CO2

12. Acid used to wash eyes:
a) Lactic acid
b) Acetic acid
c) Boric acid
d) Citric acid
Answer : c) Boric acid

13. Most commonly used bleaching agent is:
a) Alcohol
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Chlorine
d) Sodium chloride
Answer : c) Chlorine

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