General Knowledge Questions - 48

1. Which day is observed as Anti Dowry Day?
Answer : November 26

2. National Hepatitis-B Eradication Day observed on :
Answer : July 28

3. Where was the first Medical College of India established?
Answer : Kolkata

4. Which was the first organized revolt against the British in Kerala?
Answer : Attingal Revolt

5. Who invented the antiseptic surgery?
Answer : Joseph Linter

6. Electromyograph is a diagnostic test of _____?
Answer : Muscles

7. Which disease was known as 'the black death'?
Answer : Plague

8. Who is the founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan?
Answer : Kailash Sathyarthi

9. Which cricketer scored double century twice in the ODI cricket?
Answer : Rohit Sharma

10. Who is the author of the book A Passage to China?
Answer : JK Galbraith

11. Glucose test is conducted by using the solution:
Answer : Benedict solution

12. Ethanol mixed with methanol as the poisonous substance is called:
Answer : Methylated spirit

13. Microfarad is the commonly used unit of:
Answer : Capacitance

14. Mars orbiter mission launched earth's orbit on:
Answer : 5th November 2013

15. Who is the first sports person in India had got Bharatharathna, the highest civilian award?
Answer : Sachin Tendulkar

16. Simlipal Biosphere reserve situated in:
Answer : Orissa

17. In which year National Planning Committe was setup in India?
Answer : 1950

18. Right to Education is included in which Article of the Indian Constitution?
Answer : Article 21A

19. A person who knows many languages is a:
Answer : Polyglot

20. Which is the first railway station in India having wi-fi facility?
Answer : Bangalore City Railway Station

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