General Knowledge Questions - 5

1. What type of steam is generally used for power generation?
(a) high pressure steam with super heat
(b) dry saturated low pressure steam
(c) dry satureted low pressure steam
(d) wet steam with very high pressure
Answer : (a) high pressure steam with super heat

2. Profile of the gear tooth can be checked by:
(a) optical pyrometer
(b) sine bar
(c) bench micrometer
(d) optical projecter
Answer : (d) optical projecter

3. Aut-collimator is used for measurement of:
(a) small angular differences
(b) flatness
(c) concavity
(d) roghness of the surfac
Answer : (a) small angular differences

4. Which of the following is the most important characteristics of a measuring instrument?
(a) precision
(b) repeatability
(c) sensitivity
(d) accuracy
Answer : (b) repeatability

5. For a strain gauge, high gauge factor result in:
(a) zero drift
(b) linear response
(c) high sensitivity
(d) low hysteresis
Answer : (c) high sensitivity

6. The most preferred process for casting gas turbane blade is:
(a) die moulding
(b) shell moulding
(c) investment moulding
(d) sand casting
Answer : (c) investment moulding

7. By which one of the following methods gray cast iron is usually welded?
(a) TIG welding
(b) MIG welding
(c) Gas welding
(d) Arc welding
Answer : (c) Gas welding

8. Submerged arc welding takes place:
(a) Under water
(b) In a cloud of gas
(c) Between work surface
(d) Under a blamket of granular flux
Answer : Under a blamket of granular flux

9. Silicon is added to eletcrode coating as:
(a) a slipping agent
(b) a slag former
(c) a die-oxidant
(d) a colouring agent
Answer : (c) a die-oxidant

10. The preheating of parts to be welded and slow coooling of the welded structure will be reduce:
(a) Cracking and incomplete fusion
(b) Cracking and residual stress
(c) Residual stress and incomplete penetration
(d) Cracking and underfill
Answer : (c) Residual stress and incomplete penetration

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