General Knowledge Questions - 50

1. In which year the National Commision for Women (NCW) is constituted?
Answer : 1992

2. The chairman of Constituent Assembly of India was:
Answer : Dr. Rajendra Prasad

3. Right to Information Act came in to existence in which year?
Answer : 2005

4. Marble is a form of _____?
Answer : Calcium carbonate

5. Where is the headquarters of Asian Development Bank located?
Answer : Manila

6. Who started the Bhoodan Movement?
Answer : Vinoba Bhave

7. What is the modern name of Formosa?
Answer : Taiwan

8. In which year was the British East India Company formed?
Answer : 1600

9. Badminton originated in which country?
Answer : India

10. Which river divides the Malwa and Deccan Plateaus?
Answer : Narmada

11. Which is the largest Bay in the world?
Answer : Bay of Bengal

12. The Calypso Deep is the deepest point of which sea?
Answer : Mediterranean Sea

13. International Women's Day is observed on:
Answer : March 8

14. Which Vitamin is an example for the synthetic steroid, hormone?
Answer : Vitamin D

15. What is known as the good cholesterol?
Answer : HDL

16. What is the length of the Earth's equator?
Answer : 40075 km

17. Which satellite launching station is situated near the equator?
Answer : Guiana Space Center, Kourou

18. National Botanical Institute is situated at:
Answer : Lucknow

19. Which is the only Asian country to be situated on the equator?
Answer : Indonesia

20. Branch of biology dealing with study of organism in outer space:
Answer : Exobiology

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