General Knowledge Questions - 51

1. Which is the largest ocean?
Answer : Pacific Ocean

2. Who coined the name 'Pacific' to the Pacific Ocean?
Answer : Ferdinand Magellan

3. Which ocean has the shape of a triangle?
Answer : Pacific Ocean

4. Which ocean has the shape of a triangle?
Answer : Pacific Ocean

5. Which is the second largest ocean?
Answer : Atlantic Ocean

6. Which ocean has the shape of the letter 'S'?
Answer : Atlantic Ocean

7. Which canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans?
Answer : Panama Canal

8. Which ocean's part is the notorious Bermuda Triangle?
Answer : Atlantic Ocean

9. Which ocean's part is the Sargasso Sea?
Answer : Atlantic Ocean

10. Which ocean's powerful, warm ocean current is the Gulf Stream?
Answer : Atlantic Ocean

11. Which is the oldest mountain range of India?
Answer : Aravalli

12. Bhangra is the folk dance of:
Answer : Punjab

13. The famous Sun Temple is located in which India state?
Answer : Odisha

14. Vijayawada is situated on the bank of the river?
Answer : Krishna

15. Kolar was famous goldmines in:
Answer : Karnataka

16. The Uri Hydroelectric Project is located in:
Answer : Kashmir

17. What is the previous name of Sohra?
Answer : Cherrapunji

18. Which state declared Blue Mormon species as its official state butterfly?
Answer : Maharashtra

19. What is the name of the forests grow near the equatorial regions?
Answer : Tropical rain forests

20. Name the volcanic island that belongs to the Andaman group of Island?
Answer : Barren Island

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