General Knowledge Questions - 52

1. Electric battery was invented by:
Ans : Alessandro Volta

2. Which country shares the shortest international boundary with India?
Ans : Afghanistan

3. Where is 'JalMahal' situated?
Ans : Jaipur

4. Noutanki is the dance form of which Indian state?
Ans : Uttar Pradesh

5. Where is Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management located?
Ans : Shillong

6. Who established Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan?
Ans : KM Munshi

6. Where is India's first cyber forensic laboratory located?
Ans : Tripura

7. Who was the first Indian to receive Magsaysay award?
Ans : Kiran Bedi

8. Who is the author of the book 'Swaraj'?
Ans : Aravind Kejriwal

9. Which country hosts World Men Hockey Tournament in 2018?
Ans : India

10. Which is the river flowing between Vindya and Satpura Ranges?
Ans : Narmada

11. Which is the first film released through internet?
Ans : Vivah

12. Integrated Child Development Services was started in the year:
Ans : 1975

13. Who is known as the father of vaccination?
Ans : Edward Jenner

14. Who discovered pencillin?
Ans : Alexander Fleming

15. Who discovered the Rabies Vaccine?
Ans : Louis Pasteur

16. The sugar that contains in blood is:
Ans : Lactose

17. Which is the longest river in Kerala state?
Ans : Periyar

18. Silver revolution is related to:
Ans : Egg

19. Noise is measured in units known as:
Ans : Decibels

20. What is the unit of energy?
Ans : Calorie

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