General Knowledge Questions - 53

1. The most populated country in the world is:
Ans : China

2. The vitamin contained in the UV rays is:
Ans : Vitamin D

3. What is the old name of Myanmar?
Ans : Burma

4. Which is the mineral necessary for cloting of blood?
Ans : Calcium

5. The first Five Year Plan was started in the year:
Ans : 1951

6. Blood grouping was discovered by:
Ans : Landsteiner

7. Where was India's first green police station inaugurated?
Ans : Maurice Nagar, New Delhi

8. Where is headquarters of FIFA located?
Ans : Zurich

9. Army day is observed in India on:
Ans : January 15

10. Which phenomenon causes the splitting of light in to different colours in a prism?
Ans : Dispersion

11. National malaria control programme started in India:
Ans : 1953

12. Malaria is caused by:
Ans : Protozoa

13. Where is headquarters of southern railway located?
Ans : Chennai

14. ______ is the smallest particle of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction.
Ans : Atom

15. In which year Chadwick discovered neutron?
Ans : 1932

16. Which molecule contains two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen?
Ans : Water

17. Percentage of oxygen in the composition of air is:
Ans : 20.29%

18. Gram atomic mass of oxygen is:
Ans : 16 g

19. Where is India's information technology capital is located?
Ans : Bangalore

20. Which is morning star in solar system?
Ans : Venus

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