General Knowledge Questions - 55

1. What is known as 'Grain of Paradise'?
Ans : Pepper

2. Which country issued the world's first driving license?
Ans : France

3. Which is the only sport that women contest at the Olympics but men do not?
Ans : Softball

4. Where is United Nation's University for Peace situated?
Ans : Costa Rica

5. Which planet has the highest average surface temperature?
Ans : Venus

6. World wide system for time zones introduced in:
Ans : 1879

7. Which scientist proposed a world wide system for time zones introduced in 1879?
Ans : Sir Sandford Fleming

8. Who was the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
Ans : DS Senanayake

9. Solanine is a poison contained in the leaves of which planet?
Ans : Potato

10. The world mosquito day is observed on:
Ans : August 20

11. Which chemical is known as 'Epsom Salt'?
Ans : Magnesium Sulphate

12. The speed of a missile is mentioned in the unit of _____?
Ans : Mach

13. What is the name of medical condition in which the eyes fails to produce tears?
Ans : Xerophthalmia

14. Which acid is used for solidifying latex?
Ans : Formic acid

15. Asian Development Bank set up in:
Ans : 1966

16. Which was the first Indian communication satellite?

17. The Indian state with longest coastline is:
Ans : Gujarat

18. In which year was Rowlatt Act passed?
Ans : 1919

19. Who was the Prime Minister to initiate ICDS programme?
Ans : Indira Gandhi

20. In which year the Community Development Programme started?
Ans : 1952

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