General Knowledge Questions - 56

1. Who was the first musician to receive Bharat Ratna?
Ans : MS Subbulakshmi

2. Which was the first Indian state to introduce the Panchayat Raj system?
Ans : Rajasthan

3. Who was the first Space Tourist?
Ans : Dennis Tito

4. Which is the venue of the Nehru Trophy Boat race?
Ans : Punnamada Lake

5. Which element is present in all acids?
Ans : Hydrogen

6. Which Indian king was known as the 'Second Ashoka'?
Ans : Kanishka

7. The energy from the Sun is received by Earth through:
Ans : Radiation

8. What is the source of energy in an artificial satellite?
Ans : Solar cells

9. Where is the Atlas bone in the human body situated?
Ans : Neck

10. Which crop's scientific name is Allium sativum?
Ans : Garlic

11. The Prime Minister of Britain received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953?
Ans : Winston Churchill

12. In which year Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa?
Ans : 1994 May

13. The Berlin Wall was opened in the year ______?
Ans : 1989

14. Who is the only person to be awarded Nobel Prize and win an Olympic Medal?
Ans : Philip Noel Baker

15. Which countries other than India celebrates August 15 as independence day?
South Korea and Republic of Congo

16. Which countries fought in the Opium Wars also known as Arrow Wars?
Ans : Britain and China

17. Which country is known as the native place of the coconut tree?

18. Which is the only Asian country situated in the Equator?
Ans : Indonesia

19. What was the name of Hitler's secret police?
Ans : Gestapo

20. What is the current membership of NATO?
Ans : 28

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