General Knowledge Questions - 57

1. Which country's national flag is the Union Jack?
Ans : United Kingdom

2. 'The Oath of the Tennis Court' associated with which revolution?
Ans : French revolution

3. Which is the first country to conduct election through the internet?
Ans : Estonia (2005)

4. Where was the headquarters of the League of Nations?
Ans : Geneva

5. Who is regarded as the father of scientific socialism?
Ans : Karl Marx

6. Who is known as the father of cooperative movement?
Ans : Robert Owen

7. Which is the only city to be situated in two continents?
Ans : Istanbul (Turkey)

8. Which is the largest landlocked country in the world?
Ans : Kazhakhstan

9. Which French Emperor stated that 'I am tge State'?
Ans : Louis XIV

10. Who founded the Nazism of Germany?
Ans : Adolf Hitler

11. Which was the first country to pass legislation against the climate change?
Ans : Canada

12. Which European countries have leagalized the euthanasia (mercy killing)?
Ans : Netherlands and Belgium

13. Which was the first country in the world to grant voting right to the women?
Ans :Newzealand

14. Which civilization was the first to use potters wheel?
Ans : Mesopotamia

15. Which is the only south east Asian country that was never under the rule of European colonists?
Ans : Tajland

16. In December 2009, which country held the world's highest cabinet meeting on Mount Everest to raise awareness of the effects of climate change?
Ans : Nepal

17. At present, which country occupies the areas of ancient Mesopotamian civilization?
Ans : Iraq

18. Titanium is industrially produced through:
Ans : Kroll Process

19. The largest vaccine suppliers of the world is:

20. Which crop absorbs ammonia directly?
Ans : Paddy

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