General Knowledge Questions - 6

1. Automotive crankshafts are made by:
(a) Casting process
(b) Welding process
(c) Machining from rolled stock
(d) Drop forging process
Answer : (d) Drop forging process

2. An imaginary circle which by pure rolling action, gives the same motion as the actual gear and is called:
(a) addendum circle
(b) pitch circle
(c) dedendum circle
(d) base circle
Answer : (b) pitch circle

3. An engine produces 10kW brake power by working with a brake thermal efficiency of 30%. If the calorific value of fuel used is 40,000 kJ/kg, then what is the mass fuel consumption?
(a) 0.5 kg/hr
(b) 3 kg/hr
(c) 0.3 kg/hr
(d) 1 kg/hr
Answer : (b) 3 kg/hr

4. Reference fuels for knock rating of SI engine fuels would include:
(a) iso-octane and a - methyl naphthalene
(b) normal octane and analine
(c) iso-octane and n-hexane
(d) n-heptane and iso-octane
Answer : (d) n-heptane and iso-octane

5. Morese test is used to find out:
(a) Indicates horse power for multi-cylinder engines
(b) Shaft horse power
(c) Mean effective pressure
(d) Temperature of exhaust gas
Answer : (a) Indicates horse power for multi-cylinder engines

6. By supercharging the petrol engine, the chance of detonation:
(a) decrease
(b) increase
(c) remains constant
(d) none of the above
Answer : (b) increase

7. If the initial tension in the belt is increased, the power transmission capacity:
(a) is increased
(b) is decreased
(c) remains same
(d) V threads
Answer : (a) is increased

8. Which of the following screw thread is stronger than other threads?
(a) square threads
(b) buttress threads
(c) trapezoidal threads
(d) V threads
Answer : (b) buttress threads

9. The thickness of thin cylinder is determined on the basis of:
(a) radial stress
(b) longitudinal stress
(c) circumferential stress
(d) principal shear stress
Answer : (c) circumferential stress

10. While designing a flange couoling care is taken so that:
(a) shaft is the weakest component
(b) bolt is the weakest component
(c) flange is the weakest component
(d) key is the weakest component
Answer : (d) key is the weakest component

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