General Knowledge Questions - 7

1. Process of removing moisture content of timber is called:
(a) Drying
(b) Seasoning
(c) Treating
(d) Drilling
Answer : (b) Seasoning

2. Size of the lathe is specified by:
(a) height of the centre above the lathe bed
(b) swing diameter over the bed
(c) swing diameter over the carriage
(d) All the above
Answer : (d) All the above

3. The operation to prevent leakage through the riveted joint:
(a) Welding
(b) Caulking and fullering
(c) Hammering
(d) Bending
Answer : (b) Caulking and fullering

4. ___________ is hanged to the tool head of a shaper.
(a) Saddle
(b) Cross rail
(c) Column
(d) Clapper box
Answer : (d) Clapper box

5. Maximum bending moment due to moving load on a simple supported beam occur:
(a) Under the load
(b) At mid span
(c) At support
(d) Any where on the beam
Answer : (a) Under the load

6. Value γ(gamma) for air.
(a) 4.1
(b) 1.4
(c) 1.44
(d) 4.11
Answer : (b) 1.4

7. Manometer is used to measure:
(a) Velocity
(b) Discharge
(c) Pressure
(d) Temperature
Answer : (c) Pressure

8. The size of cam depends uponthe size of it:
(a) Base circle
(b) Prime circle
(c) Trace point
(d) Pitch point
Answer : (a) Base circle

9. Co-efficient of discharge Cd=
(a) Cc x Cu
(b) Cu / Cc
(c) Cu + Cc
(d) Cu - Cc
Answer : (a) Cc x Cu

10. The most efficient cycle is:
(a) Diesel
(b) Carnot
(c) Joules
(d) Petrol
Answer : (b) Carnot

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