General Knowledge Questions - 8

1. 50 Mega Pascal:
(a) 50 N/mm^2
(b) 50 N/m^2
(c) 500 N/mm^2
(d) 50 N/cm^2
Answer : (a) 50 N/mm^2

2. Specific gravity of Mercury is:
(a) 16.3
(b) 12.9
(c) 1.36
(d) 13.6
Answer : (d) 13.6

3. The process of generating a gear:
(a) Peripheral milling
(b) Reaming
(c) Hobbing
(d) Angular milling
Answer : (c) Hobbing

4. The operation of cutting of flat sheet to desired shape:
(a) Pasrting
(b) Blanking
(c) Slitting
(d) Lancing
Answer : (b) Blanking

5. In which turbane the rummer vanes are adjustable?
(a) Francis
(b) Pelton wheel
(c) Caplan
(d) Deriaz turbine
Answer : (c) Caplan

6. The operation of machining several surfaces of a work piece simultaneously be feeding the table against a numbers of cutters having same or different diameters mounted on the arbour of the machine:
(a) Mount milling
(b) Gang milling
(c) Group milling
(d) Form milling
Answer : (b) Gang milling

7. Ability of material to deform under tensile load is called:
(a) Malleability
(b) Ductility
(c) Brittleness
(d) Toughness
Answer : (b) Ductility

8. A device which holds and locates a work piece for a manufacturing operation:
(a) fixture
(b) jig
(c) V block
(d) G-Clamp
Answer : (a) fixture

9. Venturimeter is used to measure the ________ of the liquid flowing in a pipe.
(a) Velocity
(b) Pressure
(c) Colour
(d) Discharge
Answer : (d) Discharge

10. _______ is the turning effect of force:
(a) Rotory motion
(b) Acceleration
(c) Torque
(d) Velocity
Answer : (c) Torque

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