Kerala PSC Vocational Instructor in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Solved Paper - Exam Held on 21-07-2016

1.A fan may be considered as a pump because it:
(A) Looks like most other kinds of pumps
(B) Circulate fluids, like other pumps
(C) Rotates
(D) All of these
Correct Answer :B

2.If N is the fan speed ,then power of a fan is directly proportional to:
(A) N
(B) N2
(C) N3
(D) N4
Correct Answer :C
3.For rectangular ducts, the aspect ratio is equal to:
(A) Sum of longer and shorter sides
(B) Difference between longer and shorter sides
(C) Product of longer and shorter sides
(D) Ratio of longer and shorter sides
Correct Answer :D
4.The alignment circle is marked on the psychrometric chart at:
(A) 200C DBT and 50% RH
(B) 260C DBT and 50% RH
(C) 200C DBT and 60% RH
(D) 260C DBT and 60% RH
Correct Answer :B
5.When the temperature of the surroundings is higher than the temperature of the body, then the heat loss by convection from the body to the surroundings will be:
(A) Positive
(B) Negative
(C) Zero
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :B
6.In order to cool and dehumidify a stream of moist air, it must be passed over the coil at a temperature
(A) Which lies between the dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of the incoming stream
(B) Which lies between the wet bulb and dew point temperature of the incoming stream
(C) Which is lower than the dew point temperature of the incoming stream
(D) Of adiabatic saturation of incoming stream
Correct Answer :C
7.The velocity of stream at the exit of the nozzle is:
(A) Supersonic
(B) Sonic
(C) Sub-sonic
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :
8.The pressure in a capillary tube decreases due to:
(A) Frictional resistance offered by the tube wall
(B) Acceleration of refrigerant in the tube
(C) Heat transfer from the tube
(D) Both A and B
Correct Answer :D
9.The Freon group of refrigerants are:
(A) Halo-Carbon refrigerants
(B) Azeotrope refrigerants
(C) Inorganic refrigerants
(D) Hydro-carbon refrigerants
Correct Answer :A
10.In Electrolux refrigerator:
(A) Ammonia is absorbed in hydrogen
(B) Ammonia is absorbed in water
(C) Ammonia evaporates in hydrogen
(D) Hydrogen evaporates in ammonia
Correct Answer :C
11.A boot-strap air cooling system has:
(A) One heat exchanger
(B) Two heat exchangers
(C) Three heat exchangers
(D) Four heat exchangers
Correct Answer :B
12.The subcooling is a process of cooling the refrigerant in vapour compression refrigeration system:
(A) Before compression
(B) After compression
(C) Before throtting
(D) After throtting
Correct Answer :C
13.Which of the following constituents of steel is softest and least strong?
(A) Austenite
(B) Pearlite
(C) Ferrite
(D) Cementite
Correct Answer :C
14.Which hardness method can be used to measure hardness of a single grain?
(A) Rockwell
(B) Knoop
(C) Vickers
(D) Shore
Correct Answer :C
15.The higher temperature of tempering:
(A) The softer will be the product
(B) The tougher will be the product
(C) The harder will be the product
(D) The stronger will be the product
Correct Answer :A
16.A key technique in the development of creative alternatives is the use of:
(A) Brain storming
(B) Morphological
(C) Synectics
(D) Systemization
Correct Answer :A
17.Reliability can be considered as:
(A) The same as the factor of safety
(B) The probability of survival of a component
(C) The probability that the component will function without any maintenance
(D) The ability of a component to take overload
Correct Answer :C
18.Group technology brings together and organizes:
(A) Parts and simulation analysis
(B) Automation and tool production
(C) Common parts,problems and tasks
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :C
19.Most of the large scale modem industry using automation adopt
(A) Process layout
(B) Product layout
(C) Group layout
(D) Fixed position layout
Correct Answer :A
20.If the demand for an item is doubled and the ordering cost halved,the economic order quantity
(A) Remains unchanged
(B) Increases by a factor of 4
(C) Is doubled
(D) Is halved
Correct Answer :A
21.Unity of command is violated under _______ organization
(A) Line
(B) Line and staff
(C) Functional
(D) Line as well as functional
Correct Answer :C
22.A device used for lifting or lowering objects suspended from a hook at the end of retractable chains or cables is called:
(A) Hoist
(B) Job crane
(C) Portable elevator
(D) Chain conveyor
Correct Answer :A
23.Bin cards are used in keeping record of:
(A) Man power
(B) Machine utilization
(C) Material storage
(D) Entry/exit time of workers
Correct Answer :C
24.Simple harmonic motion
(A) Is another name for periodic motion
(B) Is the motion of a point in a circle
(C) Is a projection of the circular motion of a particle
(D) Is a projection of the circular motion of a particle at constant speed on a diameter of the circle
Correct Answer :D
25.Routing decides
(A) Sequence in which order/work will be taken up
(B) Sequence of operations to be followed
(C) How the machines can be properly  loaded
(D) The stock control system
Correct Answer :B
26.The moment of inertia of an area is always least with respect to:
(A) Centroidal axis
(B) Vertical axis
(C) Radius of gyration
(D) Depends upon configuration of the area
Correct Answer :A
27.All of the following  statements are correct,except
(A) An event is a function of two or more activities
(B) An Activity of the project is represented by a circle
(C) Slack may be positive,zero or negative
(D) CPM technique is useful to minimize the direct and indirect expenses
Correct Answer :B
28.The standard length in a sine bar is measured:
(A) Between the centres of two rollers
(B) Between inner circumference of two rollers
(C) Between outer circumference of two rollers
(D) From edge to edge
Correct Answer :A
29.One atmospheric pressure is not equivalent to:
(A) 1.013 kg/cm2
(B) 104N/m2
(C) 760 mm of Hg
(D) 10.33 m of water column
Correct Answer :B
30. A pitot-static tube measure:
(A) Undisturbed fluid pressure
(B) Dynamic pressure of a moving stream
(C) Pressure difference  between two fluids
(D) Difference between the dynamic and static pressure
Correct Answer :D
31.Which one of the following is not a part of micrometer?
(A) Spindle
(B) Anvil
(C) Beam
(D) Sleeve
Correct Answer :C
32.Which of the following statements is not true?
(A) The coefficient of performance of a refrigerator is generally greater than one
(B) The coefficient of performance of a heat pump equals the reciprocal of thermal efficiency of an engine working with in the same temperature limits
(C) The horse power pen ton of refrigeration equals 4.75 times the coefficient of performance
(D) The refrigerating effect  corresponding to one ton of refrigeration is nearly equal to 210 kJ/mm
Correct Answer :C
33.Solar energy can be directly used in:
(A) Air refrigeration system
(B) Jet refrigeration system
(C) Vapour compression refrigeration system
(D) Vapour absorption refrigeration system
Correct Answer :D
34.Choose the false statement
(A) Thermal conductivity is always higher in the purest form of metal
(B) Heat treatment causes considerable variation in the thermal conductivity
(C) Thermal conductivity of adamp material is considerably higher than the thermal conductivity of the dry material and water has taken individually
(D) Thermal conductivity decreases with increase in the density of the substance
Correct Answer :D
35.Fins are usually provided to a heat exchanger surface in order to augment heat transfer by increasing the
(A) Heat transfer coefficient
(B) Surface area
(C) Turbulence level
(D) Temperature difference
Correct Answer :B
36.Transient conduction meCorrect Answer :
(A) Very little heat transfer
(B) Heat transfer for a short time
(C) Heat transfer with a very small temperature difference
(D) Conduction when the temperature at a point varies with time
Correct Answer :D
37.Isothermal efficiency of a compressor is defined as the ratio of
(A) Volume of free air delivered per stroke to the swept volume of the piston
(B) Indicated power to shaft power of the motor of engine required to drive the compressor
(C) Adiabatic power to the power required to drive the compressor
(D) Isothermal work to the actual work required to compress the air for the same pressure ratio
Correct Answer :D
38.Suggest the device commonly preferred for supercharging I.(C) Engines
(A) Piston compressor
(B) Roots blowers
(C) Axial flow compressor
(D) Sliding vane type compressor
Correct Answer :B
39.Critical pressure for steam is
(A) 185.85 kgf/cm2
(B) 212.55 kgf/cm2
(C) 225.65 kgf/cm2
(D) 245.55 kgf/cm2
Correct Answer :C
40.Vapour is a
(A) Pure substance
(B) Perfect gas
(C) Mixed phase of liquid and gas
(D) Substance homogeneous and invariable in chemical composition
Correct Answer :C
41.Which of the following statements is not true with respect  to Mbllier-diagram?
(A) The inclination of constant pressure lines equals the absolute temperature
(B) The constant pressure lines bend slightly downward in the super heated region
(C) The expansion process through a turbine is represented by a vertical line parallel to the ordinate
(D) The diagram helps to readily find out the total heat content of a steam of specified pressure and quality
Correct Answer :C
42.During ________ a solid changes directly to the gaseous form without ever being a liquid
(A) Condensation
(B) Evaporation
(C) Sublimation
(D) Crystallisation
Correct Answer :C
43.Highest useful compression ratio is the compression ratio at which the engine
(A) Gives maximum power output
(B) Can operate without detonation
(C) Consumes minimum fuel of a particular power output
(D) Maintains operating pressures and temperatures within prescribed limits
Correct Answer :B
44.Scavenging air meCorrect Answer :
(A) Air sent under compression
(B) Air used for forcing the burnt gases out of the cylinder during the exhaust period
(C) Forced air for cooling the engine cylinder
(D) Burnt air containing combustion products
Correct Answer :B
45.Which pair of gears usually has high friction lossess?
(A) Spur gears
(B) Bevel gears
(C) Helical gears
(D) Worm and worm wheels
Correct Answer :D
46.Which is not the effect of detonation?
(A) High operating temperature
(B) Loss in efficiency and power output
(C) Loud and pulsating noise
(D) High local stresses
Correct Answer :C
47.A thermodynamic system refers to:
(A) Any defined region in space
(B) A  specified mass in fluid flow
(C) A specified region of constant volume
(D) A prescribed and identifiable quantity of matter
Correct Answer :D
48.Identify the wrong statement:
(A) The laws of thermodynamics cannot be derived mathematically
(B) The quantity  of matter constituting a system remains constant
(C) The kinetic and potential energies possessed by a system can be converted into heat
(D) The system and its surroundings taken together constitute an isolated system
Correct Answer :B
49.Poise is the unit of:
(A) Density
(B) Velocity gradient
(C) Kinematic viscosity
(D) Dynamic viscosity
Correct Answer :D
50.Capillary action is due to:
(A) Adhesion of liquid particles to a surface
(B) Cohesion of liquid particles
(C) Cohesion and adhesion
(D) Surface tension
Correct Answer :D
51.Bernoulli’s equation is applicable between any two points in:
(A) Rotational flow of an incompressible fluid
(B) Irrotational flow of compressible or incompressible fluid
(C) Steady rotational flow of an incompressible fluid
(D) Steady,Irrotational flow of an incompressible fluid
Correct Answer :D
52.A Pelton wheel is ideally suited for:
(A) High head and low discharge
(B) High head and high discharge
(C) Low head and low discharge
(D) Medium head and medium discharge
Correct Answer :B
53.With compression of closed coiled helical spring,the wire gets subjected to:
(A) Tension
(B) Compression
(C) Shear
(D) A combination of shear and tension
Correct Answer :C
54.Size of the gear is generally specified by:
(A) Pitch circle diameter
(B) Working depth
(C) Module
(D) Tooth thickness
Correct Answer :A
55.Which is closest to the purest form of iron?
(A) Cast iron
(B) Wrought iron
(C) Grey iron
(D) Mild steel
Correct Answer :B
56.A universal joint is an example of:
(A) Lower pair
(B) Higher pair
(C) Rolling pair
(D) Sliding pair
Correct Answer :A
57.Bulk modulus is measured in terms of:
(A) N/m
(B) N/m2
(C) Nm/s
(D) Ns/m2
Correct Answer :B
58.Percentage elongation during tensile test is indicative of:
(A) Creep
(B) Malleability
(C) Ductility
(D) Elasticity of the metal
Correct Answer :C
59.The charpy test is conducted to measure:
(A) Toughness
(B) Creep strength
(C) Fatigue strength
(D) Elastic strength of a material
Correct Answer :A
60.A twist drill is a:
(A) Front cutting tool
(B) Side cutting tool
(C) End cutting tool
(D) Front and side cutting tool
Correct Answer :C
61.Large and heavy castings are made by:
(A) Green sand moulding
(B) Dry sand moulding
(C) Pressure moulding
(D) Machine moulding
Correct Answer :A
62.Which of the following is not a casting defect?
(A) Hot tear
(B) Blow hole
(C) Scab
(D) Decarburization
Correct Answer :D
63.Grey cast iron is best welded by:
(B) Arc welding
(C) Oxy-acetylene welding
(D) Submerged arc welding
Correct Answer :C
64.Value of coefficient of friction in hot forming is:
(A) 0.4
(B) 0.5
(C) 0.6
(D) 0.7
Correct Answer :C
65.Slag inclusion in casting is a:
(A) Surface defects
(B) Internal defect
(C) Crack
(D) Notch
Correct Answer :A
66.Wax pattern is used in:
(A) Die casting
(B) Shell moulding
(C) Investment casting
(D) Plaster boards
Correct Answer :C
67.In drawing operation,the metal flows due to:
(A) Ductility
(B) Work hardening
(C) Plasticity
(D) Shearing
Correct Answer :C
68.In compound dies:
(A) Two or more cutting operations can be performed simultaneously
(B) Cutting and formation operations are combined and carried out in single operation
(C) Work piece moves from one station to other with separate operation performed at each section
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer :A
69.The usual ratio of forward and return stroke in shaper is:
(A) 2:1
(B) 1:2
(C) 2:3
(D) 3:2
Correct Answer :D
70.Chip breakers are provided on cutting tools:
(A) For safety of operator
(B) To minimize heat generation
(C) Permit short segmented chips
(D) Increase tool life
Correct Answer :C
71.The power factor of a purely inductive circuit is:
(A) Lagging
(B) Leading
(C) Zero
(D) Unity
Correct Answer :C
72.When the supply voltage for an induction motor is reduced,which of the following will increase?
(A) Full load current
(B) Percentage of slip
(C) Maximu temperature rise on full load
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer :A
73.Transformer ratings are usually expressed in terms of:
(A) kWh
(B) kVA
(C) volts
(D) kW
Correct Answer :B
74.The rotor of the alternator has:
(A) Two slip rings
(B) No slip rings
(C) Four slip rings
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :A
75.A single phase capacitor start motor will take starting current nearly:
(A) Twice the full load current
(B) Same as full load current
(C) Three times the  full load current
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :A
76.Dielectric is must in:
(A) EDM process
(B) ECM process
(C) Ultrasonic machining
(D) Ion beam machining
Correct Answer :A
77.Which of the following doping will produce p-type semiconductors:
(A) Germanium with phosphorous
(B) Germanium with indium
(C) Silicon with indium
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :
78.A thermionic cathode is heated to:
(A) Attract electrons
(B) Emit electrons
(C) Remain electrons
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :B
79.A Zener diode is operated with:
(A) Forward bias
(B) Reverse bias
(C) Both a and b
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :B
80.An oscillator circuit is mainly:
(A) AC to DC Converter
(B) DC to DC Converter
(C) DC to AC converter
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer :C
81.Nana Sahib led the 1st War of Indian Independence(1857)from:
(A) Jhansi
(B) Lucknow
(C) Meerut
(D) Kanpur
Correct Answer :D
82.Amrita Bazar Patrika that played an important role in the national freedom struggle movement was published in:
(A) Hindi
(B) Assamese
(C) English
(D) Urdu
Correct Answer :C
83.What is the proportion of Hindus and Muslims in the Indian population as per the Socio Economic and Caste Census findings released in 2015?
(A) 80:14
(B) 82:13
(C) 81:14
(D) 78:13
Correct Answer :A
84.Who was the Prime Minister of England when India attained independence in 1947?
(A) Harold Wilson
(B) Winston Churchil
(C) Clement Attlee
(D) Neville Chamberlain
Correct Answer :C
85.Ganbi Hatao was a slogan of:
(A) Vinobha Bhave
(B) Indira Gandhi
(C) Morarji Desai
(D) Anna Hazare
Correct Answer :B
86.One of the following is not Nobel laureate.Identify the person:
(A) Kailash Satyarthi
(B) Mother Teresa
(C) Jayaprakash Narayan
(D) Rabindranath Tagore
Correct Answer :C
87.Name the Kerala based bank that completed 70 years of operation in 2015?
(A) Federal Bank
(B) Catholic Syrian Bank
(C) South Indian Bank
(D) State Bank of Travancore
Correct Answer :D
88.Name the Leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha:
(A) Mallikarjun Kharge
(B) Sonia Gandhi
(C) Rahul Gandhi
(D) Gulam Nabi Azad
Correct Answer :
89.Which of the following city will host 2020 Olympic Games?
(A) Jakarta
(B) Tokyo
(C) Seoul
(D) Singapore
Correct Answer :B
90.Santhara is a religious practice among the:
(A) Parsis
(B) Bohra Muslims
(C) Konkani Christians
(D) Jains
Correct Answer :D
91.Who was the first president of Sree Dharma Paripalana Yogam  founded in 1903?
(A) Kumaran Asan
(B) Dr.P.Palpu
(C) R.Sankar
(D) Narayana Guru
Correct Answer :D
92.Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham was founded by:
(A) Ayyankali
(B) Pandit Karuppan
(C) Sahodaran Ayyappan
(D) Nataraja Guru
Correct Answer :A
93.Who among the following tried to organize Dalit Christian communities?
(A) Kumara Guru
(B) Chavara Kuriakose
(C) Joseph Parakkat
(D) Mar Evanios
Correct Answer :A
94.Who was the founder and publisher of Swadeshabhimani?
(A) A Balakrishna Pillai
(B) Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi
(C) K.Ramakrishna Pillai
(D) Murkkoth Kumaran
Correct Answer :B
95.Kanneerum Kinavum is a book authored by:
(B) Lalithambika Antharjanam
(C) V.K.Bhattathiripad
(D) Dr.Palpu
Correct Answer :C
96.The Last Mughal is a book written by:
(A) K.Sachidanandan
(B) William Dairymple
(C) Robin Jeffrey
(D) Larry Collins and Dominique LaPierre
Correct Answer :B
97.NITI Aayog replaced:
(A) Planning Commission
(B) National Integration Council
(C) Law Commission of India
(D) State Reorganisation Commission
Correct Answer :A
98.Telangana became ________ State of India
(A) 27
(B) 28
(C) 29
(D) 30
Correct Answer :C
99.Irom Sharmila who has been fasting since 2000 demanding the withdrawal of the Armed Forces(Special Powers)Act hails from:
(A) Manipur
(B) Nagaland
(C) Meghalaya
(D) Mizoram
Correct Answer :A
100.Name the social activist and former Vice-Chancellor of Kannada University who was shot dead in 2015 in Karnataka for promoting rational thinking:
(A) Narendra Dabholkar
(B) Prabhir Ghosh
(C) Govind Pansare
(D) M.M.Kulbarghi
Correct Answer :D

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