Kerala PSC Welfare Organiser Solved Questions - Exam Held on 10-03-2016

1.Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
(A) Force
(B) Work
(C) Acceleration
(D) Velocity
Correct Answer: B

2.The colour in the outer arc of a primary rainbow is:
(A) Violet
(B) Blue
(C) Green
(D) Red
Correct Answer:D
3.SI Unit of electric current is:
(A) Newton
(B) Pascal
(C) Ampere
(D) Volt
Correct Answer:C
4.According to Ohm’s law,the relation between resistance(R),current(I)and potential difference(V)is
(A) R=V/I
(B) R=VI
(C) R=I/V
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: A
5.The statement of Newton’s second law is
(A) For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction
(B) The rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the external force acting on it.
(C) Everybody continues the state of rest or uniform motion in the absence of force
(D) Everybody in the universe attracts all other bodies with a force which is directly proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square  of the distance between them
Correct Answer: B
6.Which of the following device is used to reduce electric current in an ac circuit without reduction in power
(A) Capacitor
(B) Resistor
(C) Inductor
(D) AC generator
Correct Answer:C
7.If a radioactive  nucleus emits an alpha particle,
(A) Its atomic number increases by one and mass number decrease by One.
(B) Its atomic number increases by one and mass number remains the same
(C) Its atomic number decreases by two and mass number decreases by four
(D) Its atomic number decreases by four and mass number decreases by two
Correct Answer:C
8.The reason for the blue colour of the ocean is
(A) Scattering
(B) Interference
(C) Reflecting
(D) Diffraction
Correct Answer: A
9.Which of the following can be used to make rectifier
(A) p n p transistor
(B) n p n transistor
(C) Resistor
(D) p n junction diode
Correct Answer:D
10.The focal length of a convex lens is 25 cm.Then its power is
(A) 4D
(B) 3D
(C) 2D
(D) 1D
Correct Answer: A
11.The chemical formula of smelling salt is
(A) Sodium carbonate
(B) Ammonium carbonate
(C) Ammonium bicarbonate
(D) Sodium bicarbonate
Correct Answer: B
12.Which of the following element is most electronegative
(A) Oxygen
(B) Chlorine
(C) Fluorine
(D) Nitrogen
Correct Answer:C
13.The size of weather balloon becomes larger and larger as it ascends up into higher altitude which gas law is applicable here
(A) Boyles law
(B) Charles law
(C) Avogadrow law
(D) Gay Lussac’s law
Correct Answer:A
14.Which one of the following subshell is not possible
(A) 4d
(B) 5s
(C) 3f
(D) 2p
Correct Answer:C
15.Bauxite is the ore of
(A) Copper
(B) Zinc
(C) Iron
(D) Aluminium
Correct Answer:D
16.The gas liberate  when Hydrochloric Acid react with water
(A) Oxygen
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Nitrogen
(D)  Chlorine
Correct Answer:B
17.The pH of pure water
(A) 4
(B) 9
(C) 7
(D) 0
Correct Answer:C
18.The oxidation number of sulphur in sulphuric acid is
(A) 4
(B) 2
(C) 8
(D) 6
Correct Answer:D
19.What is meant by MSG
(A) Mono Sodium Glutamate
(B) Meta Sodium Glucose
(C) Mono Sodium Glucose
(D) Meta Sodium Glutamate
Correct Answer:A
20.Organic compounds contain triple bonds between carbon atoms are called
(A) Alkene
(B) Alkyne
(C) Alkane
(D) Benzene
Correct Answer:B
21.The geographical land Galapagos is connected with which of the following scientist
(A) Gregor Johann Mendel
(B) Charles Darwin
(C) Carolus Linnaeus
(D) Lamarck
Correct Answer:B
22.The cell organelle concerned with protein synthesis is
(A) Ribosome
(B) Lysosome
(C) Golgi body
(D) Plasma membrane
Correct Answer:A
23.The hormone that enable plants to bent towards the source of light is
(A) Cytokinin
(B) Auxin
(C) Ethylene
(D) Abscisic Acid
Correct Answer:B
24.The Fluid mosaic model on the structure of plasma membrane was given by
(A) Camillo Golgi
(B) Gregor Johann Mendel
(C) Watson and Crick
(D) Singer and Nicolson
Correct Answer:D
25.The crossing over during meiosis occur during which phase
(A) Leptotene
(B) Anaphase
(C) Pachytene
(D) Zygotene
Correct Answer:C
26.The Five Kingdom classification on living organisms was proposed by
(A) R.H.Whittaker
(B) Carolus Linnaeus
(C) Aristotle
(D) Theophrastus
Correct Answer:A
27.The proteinacious pigment that enable plants to light sensitive process like flowering and seed germination
(A) Chlorophyll
(B) Melanin
(C) Phytochrome
(D) Carotenoid
Correct Answer:C
28.The ozone umbrella is located on which layer of earth atmosphere
(A) Troposphere
(B) Stratosphere
(C) Ionosphere
(D) Biosphere
Correct Answer:B
29.The father of Green revolution in India is:
(A) JC Bose
(B) Norman E.Borlang
(C) Dr.M.S.Swaminathan
(D) Dr.Varghese Kurian
Correct Answer:C
30.The reticulate velnation in leaf is an identifying feature of which of the following plant group
(A) Mosses
(B) Monocotyledons
(C) Pteridophytes
(D) Dicotyledons
Correct Answer:D
31.Nervous tissue is made up of----------
(A) Nerves
(B) Neurons
(C) Myofibrils
(D) Myosins
Correct Answer:B
32.Name the pigment present in the cone cells of eye.
(A) Iodopsin
(B) Photopsin
(C) Rhodopsin
(D) Thyropsin
Correct Answer:A
33.Name the male sex hormone in human beings
(A) Adrenaline
(B) Insulin
(C) Estrogen
(D) Testosterone
Correct Answer:D
34.Which is the most common test for identifying the presence of sugar in urine sample
(A) Bluret test
(B) Benedict’s test
(C) Nitric acid test
(D) Vidal test
Correct Answer:B
35.Which are the structural and functional units of human kidney
(A) Neurons
(B) Dendrons
(C) Axons
(D) Nephrons
Correct Answer:D
36.Name a disease which is spreading by direct contact
(A) Anaemia
(C) Ringworm
(D) Haemophilia
Correct Answer:C
37.Name the ion which is very essential for blood  clotting
(A) K
(B) Na
(C) Ca
(D) CI
Correct Answer:C
38.Who is considered as the father of Genetics?
(A) Gregor Mendel
(B) Charles Darwin
(C) Hugo de Vries
(D) Tchermack
Correct Answer:A
39.Which is the natural coating of our teeth surface?
(A) Dentine
(B) Enamel
(C) Pulp
(D) Gum
Correct Answer:B
40.Name the membranes which cover and protect our lungs
(A) Meninges
(B) Pericardium
(C) Skin
(D) Pleura
Correct Answer:D
41.Identify the next number in the series 1,5,10,16,23,31,--------
(A) 38
(B) 50
(C) 39
(D) 40
Correct Answer:D
42.Identify the missing term KPA,----,MRC,NSD,OTE
Correct Answer:B
43.Which of the following is not a leap year?
(A) 1600
(B) 1200
(C) 2000
(D) 1800
Correct Answer:D
44.How many times the hands of a clock will be in vertically opposite directions from 10 am to 10 pm?
(A) 24 times
(B) 10 times
(C) 12 times
(D) 36 times
Correct Answer:C
45.If the following series is written in the reverse order then which will be the 6th letter to the right of the 5th letter from your left?
(A) Q
(B) O
(C) N
(D) P
Correct Answer:D
46.If EGYPT is coded as 15789 and ALUR is coded as 2346.How is ALGUT coded?
(A) 23549
(B) 23540
(C) 23458
(D) 23550
Correct Answer:A
47.’Ancient’is related to ‘Modern’in the same way often is related to
(A) Frequent
(B) Always
(C) Seldom
(D) Never
Correct Answer:C
48.IF 53’division’31=2,45’division’27=1,69’division’32=3 then 97’division’26=?
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4
Correct Answer: B
49.Identify the odd man out
(A) July
(B) April
(C) June
(D) September
Correct Answer: A
50.A and B started from a fixed place.A moves 4 km to the North and turns right, then walks 6 km.B moves towards West and walks 6 km then turns to the right and walks 4 km.How far A is from B?
(A) 18 km
(B) 20 km
(C) 12 km
(D) 16 km
Correct Answer:C
51.Ratio of number of male and female workers in a factory is 5:2.If there are 115 male workers.Find the number of female workers.
(A) 44
(B) 46
(C) 48
(D) 47
Correct Answer:B
52.50 men can complete a piece of work in 30 days.Five men fell ill before the work was started and they never rejoined(D) Find the number of days in which remaining men can complete the work.
(A) 40
(B) 50
(C) 60
(D) 70
Correct Answer:C
53.Speed of A is three times of B and speed of B is double of (C) If C covers a distance of 24 minutes then find the time taken by A to travel the same distance.
(A) 4 minutes
(B) 6 minutes
(C) 8 minutes
(D) 2 minutes
Correct Answer:A
54.A train is running at 36 km/hr.If it crosses a tree in 25 seconds,find its length
(A) 250 metres
(B) 200 metres
(C) 260 metres
(D) 240 metres
Correct Answer:A
55.The average age of 20 children in a class is 9 years.If the teachers age is included,the average age becomes 10 years.Find the teachers age.
(A) 40
(B) 20
(C) 30
(D) 50
Correct Answer:C
56.The sum of money that will give Rs.1 as interest per day at 5% per annum simple interest is:
(A) Rs.3650
(B) Rs.6400
(C) Rs.8200
(D) Rs.7300
Correct Answer:D
57.The loss incurred on selling an article for Rs.360 is as much as the profit made after selling it at 10%
Profit.The cost price of the article is:
(A) 460
(B) 450
(C) 420
(D) 400
Correct Answer:D
58.Which of the following fractions is the greatest?
(A) ’7/8’
(B) ’6/7’
(C) ’4/5’
(D) ’5/6’
Correct Answer:A
59.The LCM of two numbers is 2310 and their H.(C) 30.IF one number is 330,the other is:
(A) 161
(B) 220
(C) 210
(D) 147
Correct Answer:C
60.If the length of diagonal of a square is 12 cm the side if the square is:
(A) ’6sqrt(3)’
(B) ’6sqrt(2)’
(C) ’2sqrt(6)’
(D) ’3sqrt(6)’
Correct Answer:B
61.Which of the words given below can be used as suffix to form a compound word,Tear------
(A) Heart
(B) Side
(C) Hand
(D) Filled
Correct Answer:D
62.Who is creating this mess?Change the sentence into passive voice.
(A) This mess is being created by whom
(B) By whom is this mess being created
(C) By whom mess is being created
(D) By who this mess is being created
Correct Answer:B
63.Fill in the blanks with suitable tenses.
When we reached the theatre, the film +(start)
(A) Started
(B) Had started
(C) Have started
(D) Has started
Correct Answer: B
64.Identify the antonym of capitalized wor(D)
Unsettled conditions of the land led to the EXODUS of hundreds of its citizens
(A) Expulsion
(B) Immigration
(C) Invasion
(D) Entry
Correct Answer:D
65.What does the Latin word ad lib mean?
(A) ExtemporeK
(B) Planned
(C) Consistence
(D) Concerned
Correct Answer: A
66.Question tag
Let’s meet him,----------?
(A) Shall we
(B) Will we
(C) Don’t we
(D) Do we
Correct Answer:A
67.Fill in the blanks with suitable word
Each of the players--------given a prize.
(A) Were
(B) Was
(C) Has
(D) Have
Correct Answer:B
68.Find the correctly spelt wor(D)
(A) Bouquette
(B) Bouquet
(C) Bouquet
(D) Bouquett
Correct Answer:C
69.Use the correct form of the word given in bracket.
Sita is the (old)girl in the family
(A) Eldest
(B) Older
(C) Oldest
(D) Elder
Correct Answer:A
70.Use suitable article
The cloth is sold by ______ meter.
(A) A
(B) An
(C) The
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer:C
71.Identify the synonym of the capitalized wor(D)
The problem is TEDIOUS to tackle
(A) Easy
(B) Difficult
(C) Troublesome
(D) Tiring
Correct Answer:D
72.Use the suitable adverb form.
She is-----------dressed(pretty)
(A) Pretty
(B) Prettier
(C) Prettily
(D) Pretty fully
Correct Answer:C
73.Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
Take your hands----------my books
(A) Off
(B) From
(C) On
(D) Away
Correct Answer:A
74.Replace the capitalized word with the right phrase given below.Gardening and beekeeping OCCUPY a lot of my time
(A) Turn up
(B) Give up
(C) Look up
(D) Take up
Correct Answer:D
75.Correct  the sentence:
The mother lifted the child by his hands
(A) The mother lifted the child by hand
(B) The mother lifted the child by its hand
(C) The mother lifted the child by the hand
(D) The mother lifts the child by his hand
Correct Answer:B
76.Change the sentence into indirect speech.
He said to his father,”Please increase my pocket money”
(A) He requested his father to increase his pocket money
(B) He said to his father to increase his pocket money
(C) He asked his father to increase his pocket money
(D) He asked his father to please increase his pocket money
Correct Answer:A
77.Combine the sentence using’ing’form
Leena is a good teacher All respect her.
(A) All respecting Leena as a good teacher
(B) Being a good teacher Leena is respected
(C) Leena is being respected as a good teacher
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer:B
78.Choose the correct meaning of the idiom.
To end in smoke
(A) To make completely understand
(B) To excite great applause
(C) To overcome someone
(D) To ruin oneself
Correct Answer:D
79.Fill in the blanks with suitable word given below.
Power shortage was _________ by drought conditions
(A) Exaggerated
(B) Extended
(C) Exacerbated
(D) Excruciated
Correct Answer:C
80.Replace the underlined words with single wor(D)
The civil war caused absence of government in the country
(A) Monarchy
(B) Hierarchy
(C) Anarchy
(D) Autocracy
Correct Answer:C
81.The Indian state that does not share the boundary with Nepal?
(A) Uttarakhand
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Assam
(D) Sikkim
Correct Answer:C
82.The number of districts in Telangana?
(A) 08
(B) 09
(C) 11
(D) 10
Correct Answer:D
83.Hirakud Dam is built across the River---------?
(A) Mahanadi
(B) The Yamuna
(C) Godawari
(D) Ganga
Correct Answer:A
84.Who is the union minister of state for Environment & forest?
(A) Manohar Parker
(B) Prakash Javedekar
(C) Abhishek Singhvi
(D) Menaka Gandhi
Correct Answer:B
85.Which among the following is a National Park in Jammu & Kashmir
(A) Dachigam National Park
(B) Manas National Park
(C) Kanha National Park
(D) Rajai National Park
Correct Answer:A
86.Who among the following was not hanged in the famous Kakori conspiracy case?
(A) Ramaprasad Bismil
(B) Roshan Singh
(C) Ashfaqulla Khan
(D) Surya Sen
Correct Answer:D
87.Khudal Khidmatgars,a band of  non-violent revolutionaries was associated with
(A) (C) Rajagopalachari
(B) Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan
(C) Chittaranjan Das
(D) SardarVallabhai Patel
Correct Answer:B
88.Who among the following was elected as the President of Indian National Congress in 1938?
(A) Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) Subhash Chandra Bose
(C) Rajendra Prasad
(D) V.(D) Savarkar
Correct Answer:B
89.The National Song Vande Mataram was composed in which language?
(A) Marati
(B) Bengali
(C) Sanskrit
(D) Hindi
Correct Answer:C
90.In 1934,Congress Socialist party was formed at?
(A) Lucknow
(B) Calcutta
(C) Kanpur
(D) Bombay
Correct Answer:D
91.Vaikkam Satyagraha was started in the year?
(A) 1925
(B) 1922
(C) 1923
(D) 1924
Correct Answer:D
92.Sahodara Sangham was founded at?
(A) Cherai
(B) Thrissur
(C) Kottayam
(D) Kodungallur
Correct Answer:A
93.Abhinava Keralam was a Journal of
(A) Ayyanthan Gopalan
(B) Vagbhatananda
(C) Ananda Thirtha
(D) T K Madhavan
Correct Answer:B
94.The place where Narayana Guru consecrated a mirror representing the fact that God is present in the self?
(A) Karamukku
(B) Murukkam Puzha
(C) Kalavancode
(D) Aruvipuram
Correct Answer:C
95.Which one of the following is not a work of Chattambi Swamikal?
(A) Vivekodayam
(B) Prachina  Malayalam
(C) Vedadhikara Nirupanam
(D) Adwaita Chintha padhathi
Correct Answer:A
96.The ancient city of Palmyra belongs to
(A) Iraq
(B) Syria
(C) Iran
(D) Afghanistan
Correct Answer:B
97.Who is the author of the novel,The Tin Drum?
(A) T S Eliot
(B) Salman Rushdie
(C) Gunter Grass
(D) Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Correct Answer:C
98.The venue of the 2015 summit of The Americas in which both the Presidents of the U.S.A & Cuba made  a formal dialogue?
(A) Washington
(B) New York
(C) Florida
(D) Panama City
Correct Answer:D
99.Who was the partner of Sania Mirza in the 2015 Wimbledon women’s doubles Tennis tournament?
(A) Martina Hingis
(B) Maria Sharapova
(C) Elena Vesnina
(D) Raquel Kops
Correct Answer:A
100.International Day of Yogrwas observed on?
(A) 20 June 2015
(B) 18 June 2015
(C) 21 June 2015
(D) 19 June 2015
Correct Answer:C

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