Kerala PSC Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior) Economics - Exam Held on 22-01-2018

Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior) Economics 
Kerala Higher Secondary Education
Exam Held on 22-01-2018
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2018

1. Which one is not related to Swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishnapillai?
[A] Kerala Pathrika
[B] Keralan
[C] Sarada
[D] Deshabhimani
Correct Answer: [D]

2. Former wrestling star Battulga Khaltmaa has won the Presidential election of _____ .
[A] Philippines
[B] Mangolia
[C] Indonesia
[D] Thailand
Correct Answer: [B]

3. ________ has been described India's first world heritage city.
[A] Ahmedabad 
[B] Mysore
[C] Delhi
[D] Jaipur
Correct Answer: [A]

4. Which one is the first important programme of "Sahodara Sangam" ?
[A] Misra Vivaham
[B] Eradication of superstition
[C] Negation of religion
[D] Misrabhojanam
Correct Answer: [D]

5. Who started the Malayalam newspaper "Paschima Tharaka" ?
[A] Devji Bheemji 
[B] Benjamin Baili
[C] Herman Gundert
[D] Kandathil Vargeese Mappila
Correct Answer: [A]

6. Which one is the first Malayalam drama ?
[A] Chandra Mukhee Vilasam
[B] Subadrarjanam
[C] Keraleeya Bhasha Shakunthalam
[D] Sadaraama
Correct Answer: [C]

7. ________ has historically been the gateway for invasions of the Indian subcontinent from the North West.
[A] Khyber pass 
[B] Shipkhila pass
[C] Nathoola pass
[D] Bara Lacha pass
Correct Answer: [A]

8. ________ has become the first country in the world to prohibit deforestation
[A] Lithuania
[B] Norway
[C] Denmark
[D] Latvia
Correct Answer: [B]

9. 'Lavani' is the most popular form of dance in the state of __
[A] Manipur
[B] Mizoram
[C] Maharashtra 
[D] Meghalaya
Correct Answer: [C]

10. Thiruvananthapuram Public Library was established during the reign of____
[A] Marthandavarma
[B] GowriLakshmi Bhai
[C] Swathi Thirunal
[D] Dharma Raja
Correct Answer: [C]

11. Real world situations and simulation can be effectively brought in to the classroom by
[A] charts
[B] models
[C] multimedia 
[D] graphic aids
Correct Answer: [C]

12. Project method is given more importance in effective learning as it
[A] develops interest towards learning
[B] teacher directs students in learning
[C] make the students learn by doing
[D] make the students involved in observation
Correct Answer: [C]

13. Bringing teacher to the virtual class room is through
[A] internet
[B] e-learning 
[C] website
[D] e-mail
Correct Answer: [B]

14. Process aspect of educational technology deals with
[A] theories
[B] practicals
[C] audio-visual aids 
[D] assignments
Correct Answer: [C]

15. One of the psychological principle related to programmed learning is
[A] motivation
[B] reinforcement
[C] feedback
[D] retention
Correct Answer: [B]

16. Performance assessment in teaching and learning can be done through
[A] inventories
[B] achievement tests
[C] awareness tests
[D] skill tests
Correct Answer: [D]

17. Among the following which is not included in longitudinal survey ?
[A] case study 
[B] panel study
[C] trend study
[D] cohort study
Correct Answer: [A]

18. Reasoning is one of the characteristics of
[A] activity method
[B] heuristic method
[C] historical method
[D] problem solving method
Correct Answer: [D]

19. Research design which enables the experimenter to evaluate or manipulate two or more variables simultaneously is
[A] parallel group design
[B] factorial design
[C] case study design
[D] counter balanced design
Correct Answer: [B]

20. Data represented through portion of a circle is called
[A] histogram
[B] pie diagram
[C] ogive
[D] frequency polyon
Correct Answer: [B]

21. In India the Planning Commission was set up in the year
[A] 1948
[B] 1949
[C] 1950 
[D] 1951
Correct Answer: [C]

22. The Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Public Interest Litigation
[A] 226 
[B] 300
[C] 360
[D] 370
Correct Answer: [A]

23. Which of the following taxes in India is collected by Panchayats ?
[A] Land Revenue
[C] Sales Tax
[D] Tax on Local Fairs
Correct Answer: [D]

24. A dispute relating to the election of the Vice-President in India is decided by the
[A] Parliament
[B] Supreme Court
[C] President
[D] High Court
Correct Answer: [B]

25. The Article of the Indian Constitution deals with Union Public Service Commission
[A] 280
[B] 300
[C] 311
[D] 315
Correct Answer: [D]

26. Earth Day Observed on
[A] March 22
[B] March 28
[C] April 22
[D] April 28
Correct Answer: [C]

27. When was the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Scheme Launched ?
[A] Jan 2000
[B] May 2000
[C] July 2000
[D] Dec 2000
Correct Answer: [D]

28. The book ‘Half Earth: Our Plant's Fight for Life’ written by
[A] Edward O Wilson 
[B] Rachel Carson
[C] Peter Matthiessen
[D] Graham Matthews
Correct Answer: [A]

29. Tiger Survey related with the emblem of
[A] Agmark
[B] Pugmark
[C] Claw mark
[D] FPO mark
Correct Answer: [B]

30. Bill on Protection of Women on Domestic Violence was passed in the year
[A] 2006 
[B] 2008
[C] 2010
[D] 2012
Correct Answer: [A]

31. Who among the following economists emphasized the role of non-economic factors in explaining growth ?
[A] R.M. Solow
[B] Dusenberry
[C] N. Kaldor 
[D] Harrod
Correct Answer: [C]

32. For a linear demand curve, which of the following is true ?
[A] Elasticity of demand is unity at all points.
[B] Elasticity of demand is constant at all points.
[C] Elasticity increases as one slides down the demand curve.
[D] Elasticity declines as one slides down the demand curve.
Correct Answer: [D]

33. Hedging in the foreign exchange market refers to :
[A] An act of devaluation
[B] Not covering a risk of foreign exchange in future
[C] Covering a risk of foreign exchange in future
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [C]

34. New Trade Policy 2015-20 has introduced a new scheme which is called
[A] Merchandise Export from India Scheme
[B] Export from India Scheme
[C] Merchandise Trade from India Scheme
[D] Trade from India Scheme
Correct Answer: [A]

35. Inclusive growth objective was given for the first time in which Plan of India ?
[D] 9th Five Year Plan
[B] 10th Five Year Plan
[C] 11th Five Year Plan 
[D] 12th Five Year Plan
Correct Answer: [C]

36. Type-I error is defined as :
[A] Reject Null-hypothesis when it is false
[B] Reject Null-hypothesis when it is true
[C] Accept Null-hypothesis when it is true
[D] Accept Null-hypothesis when it is false
Correct Answer: [A]

37. Labour market reforms aim at :
[A] Job security
[B] Minimum wage
[C]Labour market flexibility 
[D] Employment insurance
Correct Answer: [C]

38. Which of the following is credited with introduction of LPG model of economic development in India
[A] Dr. C Rangarajan
[B] Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia
[C] Dr. Amartya Sen
[D] Dr. Manmohan Singh
Correct Answer: [D]

39. Philips curve sets up a relation between
[A] Taxes and inflation
[B] Inflation and unemployment
[C] Money Supply and aggregate demand
[D] Price and cost of production
Correct Answer: [B]

40. If Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) is equal to Average Propensity to consume (APC) for all levels of income, the correct corresponding consumption [C] function will be
[A] C=a+bY
[B] C=a+b/Y
[C] C=bY 
[D] C=bY2
Correct Answer: [C]

41. The relationship between aggregate saving and income is known as
[A] Saving function 
[B] Demand Function
[C] Supply function
[D] Consumption function
Correct Answer: [A]

42. The properties of General Equilibrium state are called
[A] Efficiency
[B] Pareto efficiency 
[C] Property efficiency
[D] Accuracy
Correct Answer: [B]

43. The negative of the slope of the PPC is called
[C] Negative productivity
[D] disinvestment
Correct Answer: [A]

44. The new share price Index of Mumbai Share Market is
Correct Answer: [C]

45. Who developed Kinked Demand Curve Model ?
[A] Samuelson
[B] Paul Sweezy
[C] Mahalanobis
[D] Marshall
Correct Answer: [B]

46. A market in which there is only one seller and only one buyer is called
[A] Duopoly
[B] bilateral monopoly 
[C] monopsony
[D] oligopoly
Correct Answer: [B]

47. A producer cannot cross the iso-cost line because of
[A] fixed outlay 
[B] entire outlay
[C] price
[D] none of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

48. Who is the founder of behaviouralistic theories ?
[A] Bain
[B] Cyert and March
[C] Modigliani
[D] Karl Marx
Correct Answer: [B]

49. Gilt edged market means
[A] bullion market
[B] market of government securities
[C] market of guns
[D] market of pure metals
Correct Answer: [B]

50. A mathematical expression showing the relationship between volume of output and its total cost of production is called
[A] cost-function 
[B] price-function
[C] demand function
[D] supply function
Correct Answer: [A]

51. In the Keynesian Model of aggregate expenditure, real GDP is determined by the
[A] Level of taxes
[B] Level of aggregate demand
[C] Price level
[D] Level of aggregate supply
Correct Answer: [B]

52. An increase in expected future income
[A] shifts the saving function upward
[B] decreases consumption expenditure
[C] increases saving
[D] shifts the consumption function upward
Correct Answer: [D]

53. If the marginal propensity to save is 0.6, then the Marginal Propensity to consume Is
[A] 1.0
[B] 0.4
[C] 0.6
[D] not determinable
Correct Answer: [B]

54. When the consumption function becomes steeper,
[A] the saving function also become steeper
[B] the MPC falls
[C] the MPC rises
[D] loss of every dollar is consumed
Correct Answer: [C]

55. The only way to increase the output of one good is to reduce the output of another. This allocation of inputs is said to be :
[A] Consumption efficient 
[B] Production efficient
[C] Economic efficient
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

56. A good for which consumption falls as an individual's income rises
[A] inferior good 
[B] consumption good
[C] durable good
[D] non-durable good
Correct Answer: [A]

57. The increase in consumption brought about by a increase in income, when the prices of goods are held constant
[A] substitution effect
[B] income effect
[C] price effect
[D] none of the above
Correct Answer: [B]

58. A curve that describes the relationship between the quantity of a good consumed and income
[A] Kinked curve
[B] Engel curve
[C] Demand curve
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [B]

59. A form of implicit collusion, where one firm in the market sets the price and other firms follow suit
[A] cartel
[B] giffen good
[C] price leadership 
[D] price taker
Correct Answer: [C]

60. A form of intertemporal price discrimination in which peak users pay more than off-peak users because marginal cost is higher during peak periods
[A] Peak-load pricing 
[B] peak-load effect
[C] peak-load consumption
[D] none of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

61. Segmented labour markets imply :
[A] labour discrimination
[B] Labour paid wage less than MRP
[C] MP theory of wage fails to determine market outcomes
[D] Equality of wages of different types of labour
Which of the above is incorrect ?
Correct Answer: [D]

62. In India those farmers are called 'Marginal Farmers' who hold land upto :
[A] 1 hectare  
[B] 2 hectares 
[C] 3 hectares
[D] 4 hectares
Correct Answer: [A]

63. Which of the following is not related to 'empowerment of women' ?
[A] Gender Development Index
[B] Gender Empowerment Measure
[C] Gender Budgeting
[D] Gender discrimination
Correct Answer: [D]

64. The agricultural census is done at which one of the following intervals ?
[A] once in five years 
[B] every year
[C] once in ten years
[D] twice
Correct Answer: [A]

65. The maximum amount that a customer is willing to pay for a good
[A] real price
[B] reservation price 
[C] marginal price
[D] absolute price
Correct Answer: [B]

66. Tobin tax is a tax on :
[A] transactions in the share market
[B] transactions in the money market
[C] transactions in the commodity market
[D] transactions in the foreign exchange market
Correct Answer: [D]

67. The discriminating monopolist will charge a higher price in the market in which the price elasticity of :
[A] demand is smaller 
[B] supply is smaller
[C] demand is greater
[D] supply is greater
Correct Answer: [A]

68. A model of oligopoly in which one firm sets output before the other firms do
[A] strategic model
[B] stackelberg model
[C] suspense model
[D] duopoly
Correct Answer: [B]

69. An expenditure that has already been made and cannot be recovered
[A] fixed cost
[B] sunk cost
[C] variable cost
[D] real cost
Correct Answer: [B]

70. Dividing consumers into two or more groups with different demands for a product in order to charge different prices to each group
[A] first degree price discrimination
[B] second degree price discrimination
[C] third degree price discrimination
[D] none of the above
Correct Answer: [C]

71. A market with few producers in the Industry
[A] Oligopoly 
[B] Monopsony
[C] Duopoly
[D] Cartel
Correct Answer: [A]

72. In case of deficit budget, when the deficits are covered through taxes, that budget is called :
[A] surplus budget
[B] balanced budget
[C] unbalanced budget
[D] none of these
Correct Answer: [B]

73. The WTO was founded in
[A] 1995
[B] 1998
[C] 2000
[D] 1996
Correct Answer: [A]

74. Privatisation of the public sector enterprises by selling off part of the equity of PSEs to the public is known as
[A] disinvestment 
[B] equity share
[C] profit
[D] dividend
Correct Answer: [A]

75. Which have been removed to increase the competitive position of Indian goods in the international markets ?
[A] Import duties
[B] Export duties 
[C] Tariffs
[D] Quota
Correct Answer: [B]

76. Which is the term used to refer the relationship between human beings and their physical environment ?
[A] Human physiology
[B] Human ecology
[C] Human environment
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [A]

77. The standard of living is often measured by
[A] Real GDP per capita 
[B] Real GDP
[C] Real GDP population
[D] Real GDP plus depreciation
Correct Answer: [A]

78. The Gini Coefficient measures
[A] Income inequality
[B] Inflation
[C] Unemployment
[D] Economic growth
Correct Answer: [A]

79. The year in which Burgress and Park developed their theory of urban ecology
[A] 1925  
[B] 1935
[C] 1915
[D] none of these
Correct Answer: [A]

80. The movement of people from central cities to smaller communities in the surrounding areas is known as
[A] Reverse migration
[B] Under urbanization
[C] Suburbanisation 
[D] Over-urbanisation
Correct Answer: [C]

81. The gendering of World Politics is seen in which areas ?
[A] Prostitution and human trafficking
[B] Civil wars and refugee flows
[C] Trade and development
[D] All the options given above are correct
Correct Answer: [D]

82. The period of the business cycle in which real GDP is increasing is called the :
[A] expansion 
[B] peak
[C] recession
[D] depression
Correct Answer: [A]

83. A type of unemployment in which workers are in between jobs or are searching for new and better jobs is called
[A] Frictional unemployment 
[B] Cyclical unemployment
[C] Structural unemployment
[D] Turnover
Correct Answer: [A]

84. Which of the following is a "loser" from unexpected inflation ?
[A] Workers with COLAs
[B] people who own treasury Bills
[C] the middle class
[D] people who own homes and have fixed rate martgages
Correct Answer: [B]

85. The largest transfer in the federal budget is :
[A] defense
[B] education
[C] Social security
[D] Welfare
Correct Answer: [C]

86. The Philips curve describes the relationship between :
[A] the federal budget deficit and the trade deficit
[B] savings and investment
[C] the unemployment rate and the inflation rate
[D] marginal taxes rates and tax revenues
Correct Answer: [C]

87. According to the monetarists, in the long-run, the Phillips curve is
[A] vertical
[B] horizontal
[C] downward sloping
[D] upward-sloping
Correct Answer: [B]

88. Who has given the concept of urban fringe ?
[A] M.N. Srinivas 
[B] K.M. Kapadia
[C] S.C. Dube
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [A]

89. Who introduced the concept of Gesellschalt ?
[A] George Simmel
[B] Durkheim
[C] Tonnies 
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [C]

90. What is "double burden" ?
[A] It refers to the disproportionate share of housework done by women
[B] It dates to the 17th century
[C] It is rooted in gendered conceptions of the distinction between public and private life
[D] All of the options given above are correct
Correct Answer: [D]

91. What is the gendered division of labour ?
[A] It is based on gender-structured conceptions of appropriate work
[B] It has led to an increase in women's consumption worldwide.
[C] It negates the 'double burden'
[D] none of the answers given are correct
Correct Answer: [A]

92. What is the impact of globalization ?
[A] It has created new areas of women's advancement
[B] It has led to new challenges and dangers for women
[C] It has not changed the fundamental inequality of gender-relationships in the world enough
[D] All of the opyions give above are correct
Correct Answer: [D]

93. Who developed concentric-zone theory of city ?
[A] Louis Wirth 
[B] E. Burgess  
[C] M.N. Srinivas
[D] M.S.A. Rao
Correct Answer: [B]

94. Which of the following is a stage within the 'product life cycle' ?
[A] Maturity 
[B] Profitability
[C] Abandonment
[D] Regeneration
Correct Answer: [A]

95. An organisation's equal opportunities policy should be concerned with which of the following ?
[A] Age discrimination 
[B] Opportunity cost
[B] Globalisation of supply
[D] the balanced scorecard
Correct Answer: [A]

96. Which of following describes an economic market that is controlled by two main suppliers ?
[A] Monopoly
[B] Price discrimination
[C] Duopoly 
[D] Perfect competition
Correct Answer: [C]

97. Which of the following explains how a Public sector organization obtains its Funds ?
[A] from direct and indirect taxes
[B] from money invested by shareholders
[C] from donations made by the public
[D] from sales in overseas markets
Correct Answer: [A]

98. 'Dynamic inefficiency' in the context of a model of economic growth means
[A] the economy's output per unit labour is below its steady-state value 
[B] the economy's unemployment rate is too high
[C] the economy's steady state is not at the golden-rule steady-state
[D] none of the answers are correct
Correct Answer: [A]

99. 'Capital Widening' refers to that part of investment needed to
[A] increase the capital per unit effective labour ratio
[B] replace capital that has depreciate
[C] equip new units of effective workers at the same capital per unit effective labour ratio
[D] all of the above
Correct Answer: [D]

100. A 'PEST' analysis is conducted on which of the following of an organisation's environments ?
[A] Internal environment
[B] Market environment
[C] Historical environment
[D] Macro environment
Correct Answer: [D]

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