Kerala PSC Junior Lecturer in Bharatanatyam Solved Paper - Exam held on 16-02-2017

Junior Lecturer in Bharatanatyam
Kerala Collegiate Education Music Colleges
Exam Held on 16-02-2017
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2017

1 . Name the socio-reformer associated to Mookuthi Samaram 
[A] K.P. Vallon
[B] Pandit Karuppan
[C] Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker 
[D] Ayyankali
Correct Answer: [C] 
2 . Which among the following film is made on the basis of Kayyur Riot? 
[A] Vasanthathinte Kanalvazhikal
[B] Meenamasathile Sooryan
[C] Laalsalam
[D] Kabaninadi Chuvannappol
Correct Answer: [B]

3 . Winner of China open Bad-Minton series trophy 2016
[A] Saina Nehwal
[B] K. Tulasi
[C] P.V. Sindhu
[D] Jwala Gutta
Correct Answer: [C]
4 . Who among the following is the First Editor of monthly 'Vivekodayam'? 
[A] N. Kumaran Asan
[B] Sahodaran Ayyappan 
[C] K.P. Kesava Menon 
[D] K. Madhavan
Correct Answer: [A]
5 . Which Amendment of Indian Constitution is known as 'Mini Constitution'? 
[A] 39th
[B] 42nd
[C] 41
[D] 43
Correct Answer: [B]
6 . The famous Nandadevi National Park is in 
[A] Utharkhand
[B] Assam
[C] Manipur
[D] Himachal Pradesh 
Correct Answer: [A]
7 . Which Five Year Plan of India is also known as 'Gadgil Yojana'? 
[A] Fourth Five Year Plan
[B] Second Five Year Plan
[C] Sixth Five Year Plan
[D] Third Five Year Plan
Correct Answer: [D]

8 . 'Mathrubhoomi', the National Malayalam Daily began publication in
[A] 1924
[B] 1925
[C] 1923
[D] 1921
Correct Answer: [C]
9 . Whose birthday is observed as 'National Education Day' in India?
[A] Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad
[B] Jawahar Lal Nehru 
[C] C. Radhakrishnan
[D] R. Rajendra Prasad 
Correct Answer: [A]
10 . Which is the biggest river of Indian subcontinent? 
[A] Brahmaputra
[B] Ganga
[C] Narmada
[D] Sindhu
Correct Answer: [D]
11 . 'Onnekal Kodi Malayalikal' is the book written by 
[A] E.M.S. Namboodirippad
[B] Cherukad
[C] N. Krishnapillai
[D] Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai
Correct Answer: [A]

12 . Which among the following programme was inaugurated on 1st July 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
[A] Make in India
[B] Digital India
[C] Jan Dhan Yojana 
[D] Atal Pension Yojana 
Correct Answer: [B]
13 . The first Sampoorna Wifi municipality in India 
[A] Angamali
[B] Shoranur
[C] Thalassery 
[D] Malappuram
Correct Answer: [D]
14 . The biggest indigenously built warship of India 
[A] INS Vikramaditya
[B] INS Arihind
[C] INS Virat
[D] INS Chennai
Correct Answer: [D]
15 . The founder of 'Thiruvithamkoor Cheramar Mahajana Sabha' 
[A] Pambadi John Joseph
[B] Arnos Pathiri
[C] Pandit Karuppan
[D] Kurumban Daivathan
Correct Answer: [A]

16 . Which among the following Bank of India introduced the programme, 'Pahalee Utan' for Children in 2016?
[A] Canara Bank
[C] Indian Bank
[D] Bank of Baroda 
Correct Answer: [B]
17 . Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader passes on 
[A] November 22, 2016
[B] November 23, 2016
[C] November 21, 2016
[D] November 25, 2016
Correct Answer: [D]

18 . Which socio-reformer is known as 'Kerala Lincoln'?
[A] C. Kesavan
[B] T.K. Madhavan 
[C] Pandit Karuppan 
[D] Dr. Velukutty Arayan
Correct Answer: [C]
19 . Which Indian state is known as T State?
[A] Tripura
[B] Assam
[C] Manipur
[D] Meghalaya
Correct Answer: [B]
20 . The venue of 8th BRICS summit was at
[A] Delhi
[B] Beijng
[C] Goa
[D] Johannesberg
Correct Answer: [C]
21 . Name the author of Natyasasthra
[A] Nandhikeshwarar
[B] Bharatha munivar
[C] Thandu munivar
[D] Agasthiyar
Correct Answer: [D]
22 . Eleven types of dance
[A] Pavai dance
[B] Marakkal koothu 
[C] Kaavadi
[D] Karagam
Correct Answer: [B]
23 . Which one is Manmadha's Bhana?
[A] Varuna Bhana
[B] Agni Bhana
[C] Pushpa Bhana 
[D] Mathsya Bhana
Correct Answer: [C]
24 . In which city Velliyambalam is located?
[A] Madhurai
[B] Kuttralam
[C] Chidambaram
[D] Thiruvalangadu
Correct Answer: [A]
25 . What kind of metals are used by Kinkini?
[A] Copper (or) silver
[B] Gold
[C] Plastic
[D] Brass
Correct Answer: [A]
26 . Pathra prana lakshana
[A] Outer life of the danseuse
[B] Inner life of the danseuse
[C] Attributes for the teacher
[D] Lives of an actor or a dancer 
Correct Answer: [D]
27 . Muthra of Saraswathi river
[A] The Tamrachuda
[B] The Chathura
[C] The Pathaka and the Chathura 
[D] The Arthachandra and the Hamsasya
Correct Answer: [C]
28 . State dance of Uttar Pradesh
[A] Manipuri
[B] Kathakali
[C] Kuchipudi
[D] Kathak
Correct Answer: [D]

29 . Which one of these is a heroin?
[A] Pragalpa
[B] Prasarana
[C] Prahambitha
[D] Parivarthana
Correct Answer: [A]
30 . Saneeshwara's Hastha
[A] Right hand Sikhara left-hand thrisoola
[B] Left-hand Sikhara right-hand thrisoola 
[C] Right-hand soochi left-hand pasa
[D] Right hand Hamsasiya left-hand chathura
Correct Answer: [B]
31 . Kunchitha Bhedha's usage
[A] In a gooseflesh produced by touch, cold, fear, fever 
[B] In natural conditions
[C] In tremors due to sudden excitement
[D] In enthusiasm arrogance
Correct Answer: [A]
32 . Abhisarika Nayaki's Activities
[A] She is sleepless, emaciated, prostrate, inactive and pines for her husband and counts the days to his return
[B] She is disappointed, anxious, sorrowful, depressed tearful and sighs and faints
[C] She is anxious and feels harassed according to the circumstances
[D] She breathes deeply is indifferent, fearful, sorrowful, restless and speaks of abuse
Correct Answer: [C]
33 . Features of characters sensation
[A] Pura koothu
[B] Aga koothu
[C] Shanthi koothu
[D] Vinodha koothu
Correct Answer: [B]
34 . Silapathigaram states that the stadium length and breadth must be located at which dimension [A] 5 col width, 7 col length, 1 col height
[B] 8 col width, 7 col length, 2 col height
[C] 7 col width, 7 col length, 1 col height
[D] 5 col width, 8 col length, 2 col height
Correct Answer: [C]

35 . Devotional period of in the history of Tamil literature
[A] Pallava's period
[B] Pandiya's period 
[C] Chola's period
[D] Chera's period
Correct Answer: [A]
36 . Lord Nataraja danced to change the leg for which king?
[A] Raja Raja Cholan
[B] Mahendra Varman
[C] King Pandiya
[D] King Pallava
Correct Answer: [C]
37 . In which period, inscription said from art get most sophisticated
[A] Mahendra Varman
[B] Chola
[C] Chera
[D] Pandiya
Correct Answer: [A]

38 . The Pankrithya
[A] God's five names
[B] God's five instruments
[C] God's five elements
[D] God's five profession
Correct Answer: [D]

39 . 14 Atchara which tala
[A] Misra Jambai
[B] Kanda Jambai
[C] Thisra Jambai
[D] Kanda Ada
Correct Answer: [D]
40 . The Kriya's
[A] Tempo
[B] Way
[C] Affair
[D] Parts
Correct Answer: [C]
41 . Thakathiku `bar" Kidathaka tharikida thom, its number
[A] 14
[B] 7
[C] 10
[D] 8
Correct Answer: [C]
42 . Structure of Peepiligayathi
[A] Equally
[B] Its look Damaru
[C] Its look mirudhangam
[D] Its look like cow tail
Correct Answer: [A]
43 . The Vaivarnya
[A] Voice in change
[B] Shivering
[C] Swelling
[D] Colour change
Correct Answer: [D]
44 . The Smitha
[A] Light smile
[B] Laugh
[C] Smile
[D] Tears of joy
Correct Answer: [C]
45 . Character of Mathima heroin
[A] She is good or bad to rejoinder 
[B] Forget good and doing bad
[C] She got evil but do good
[D] She only doing good
Correct Answer: [A]

46 . Which one is a messenger?
[A] Thakshinan
[B] Anukulan
[C] Thristan
[D] Pheedamarthan 
Correct Answer: [D]
47 . Lotus Bhana
[A] Death or death end will be get
[B] Get memories of last 
[C] Dejection sadness
[D] Food aversion
Correct Answer: [B]
48 . Manmadha's perigee (Drum)
[A] Breezy
[B] Cuckoo
[C] Ocean wave
[D] Flower
Correct Answer: [C]
49 . Who is the greatest text scholiast of Bharathar's from book?
[A] Uragar
[B] Abinava gupthar 
[C] Anthiyar
[D] Apsarar
Correct Answer: [B]
50 . State that Bharatha sasthras fourth chapter
[A] From manufacturing, Indian festival
[B] About the stadium and its selected place
[C] About Lord Shiva thandavas
[D] About 4 types of Abinaya, about Siro Bhetha
Correct Answer: [C]

51 . Who is the eldest of Tanjore brother
[A] Chinnaiya
[B] Ponnaiya
[C] Sivanandham
[D] Vadivelu
Correct Answer: [A]
52 . Which one is Thanjai K. Ponnaiya written Pathavarna
[A] Samiyai Azaithu Vadi Sahiye Enthan
[B] Samiyai Vara Solladi Sahiye Kumara
[C] Sami Naan Unthan Adima
[D] Sami Manam Irangi Arul tha
Correct Answer: [A]

53 . Birth year of Rukmini Devi
[A] 1902
[B] 1890
[C] 1910
[D] 1904
Correct Answer: [D]
54 . Who is write Panchamoorthy Kavuthuvam's?
[A] Gangai Muthu Nattuvanar
[B] Meenatchi Sundaram Pillai
[C] Thanjai Nalvar
[D] Kandhappa Nattuvanar
Correct Answer: [A]

55 . Who is the father of Natya Kalanidhi Panthanai Nalloor Meenatchi Sundaram Pillai?
[A] Nellaiyappa Nattuvanar
[B] Soorya Moorthy 
[C] Kandhappa Nattuvanar
[D] Mahadeva Nattuvanar
Correct Answer: [B]
56 . Which award given by the government of India to Bala Saraswathi honours?
[A] Padma Bhushan
[B] Abinaya Saraswathi
[C] Padma Shri
[D] Sangeetha Kalanithi
Correct Answer: [A]
57 . Kshathriya hastha
[A] Left hand Hamsasiya Right hand Kadagamukha
[B] Left hand Sikhara Right hand Soochi
[C] Left hand Sikhara Right hand Pathaka
[D] Both hands Sikhara
Correct Answer: [C]
58 . Krithigai Nakshathra Hastha
[A] The little finger and the thumb in 'Sukathunda Hastha'
[B] If Thripathaka is Shaken, then it indicates the star 
[C] Show the mudra of Thamrachuda
[D] Show the mudra of 'Kangula'
Correct Answer: [B]
59 . When the face is long drawn and bent it is called
[A] Bhugna
[B] Udvahi
[C] Vyabhugna
[D] Vidhuta
Correct Answer: [C]
60 . Sikhara in left hand Mrugasirsha in the right hand
[A] Brother sister
[B] Mother-in-law and son
[C] Married couple 
[D] Brother-sister-in-law
Correct Answer: [C]
61 . Who invented Azhagar Kuravanji?
[A] Thirikooda Rasappa Kavirayar
[B] Kavikunjara Bharathi
[C] K.N. Dhandayutha Pani Pillai
[D] Sarabhendhirar
Correct Answer: [B]

62 . Which is Kshethrayya Mudra?
[A] Thiyagaraja
[B] Bala Krishnan
[C] Moovagopalu 
[D] Jeyadeva
Correct Answer: [C]
63 . Creation of Muthuthandava
[A] Aadi Kondar
[B] Nanamadinar
[C] Anandha nadam
[D] Nadanam Seiyum
Correct Answer: [A]
64 . Nee Mattale Mayanura - Javali created by
[A] K. Ponnaiya
[B] Pattabiramaiya 
[C] Swathi thirunal
[D] Subramaiya
Correct Answer: [B]
65 . Ashtapathi invented by
[A] Kshethrayya
[B] Thiyagaraja
[C] Sri Jayadeva
[D] E. Krishnaiyer
Correct Answer: [C]
66 . Famous dance of Birju Maharaja
[A] Odissi
[B] Manipuri
[C] Kathak
[D] Kathakali
Correct Answer: [C]
67 . The character of Kathakali's green colour
[A] Villain
[B] Demon
[C] Antihero
[D] Divine
Correct Answer: [C]
68 . Old name of Odissi dance
[A] Odra Nritya
[B] Orrisa dance
[C] Odissi
[D] Oriya dance
Correct Answer: [A]
69 . Which land granted to dancers?
[A] Nattuva Kani
[B] Devaradiyar Kani
[C] Koothu Kani
[D] Nirutha Kani
Correct Answer: [C]
70 . Debute (Arangetra Kadhai) Kadhai of Silapathigara's screen is called
[A] Colour screen
[B] Screen cloth
[C] Stage screen
[D] Ezhini
Correct Answer: [D]
71 . Structure of Pravese tharu
[A] Started of dance drama introduced member song 
[B] Arguments between two member in the song
[C] Speak with same person
[D] Devotion jocker music
Correct Answer: [A]
72 . Natya Sastra State that Nirutham used hastha have how many types?
[A] 28
[B] 30
[C] 24
[D] 22
Correct Answer: [B]
73 . Element (Anga) of Dhruva thala
[A] 101
[B] 01
[C] 1011
[D] 100
Correct Answer: [C]
74 . Nava Vidha Bhakthi (9 types Bhakthi) says about 'Smaranam'
[A] Accent
[B] Listen
[C] Thought
[D] Divine
Correct Answer: [C]
75 . What is Madhura Bhakthi?
[A] Friendship with god
[B] Love with god
[C] Thinking about god
[D] Work for god
Correct Answer: [B]

76 . By taking Aalakala Poison while Lord Shiva saving three universe with dancing thandava
[A] Sandhiya thandava 
[B] Samhara thandava
[C] Gowri thandava
[D] Kaaliga thandava
Correct Answer: [A]
77 . Birth year of Chinnaiya
[A] 1804
[B] 1802 
[C] 1808
[D] 1810
Correct Answer: [B]
78 . Excellence of Bhagavathamela drama
[A] Uniser drama
[B] Songs are singing in Tamil
[C] Telugu dialogues
[D] Telugu songs, Tamil dialogues 
Correct Answer: [D]
79 . Famous city of Yakshagana
[A] North side of Andhra
[B] East side of Kerala
[C] South side of Bangalore 
[D] Border side of Tamil Nadu
Correct Answer: [C]
80 . Which age is correct for training the Bale dance?
[A] 3 years old
[B] 5 years old
[C] 10 years old
[D] 7 years old
Correct Answer: [B]
81 . Brahma Santhi Kavuthuvam is which Raha
[A] Kurjari
[B] Mathyamavathi 
[C] Sankaraparanam
[D] Malahari
Correct Answer: [B]
82 . Thillana is which one of the item
[A] Nirutham
[B] Niruthiyam
[C] Natyam
[D] Drama
Correct Answer: [A]
83 . Who invent the 'Villinaiyotha Puruvam' Kavadi Chindhu?
[A] Annamalai Reddiyar
[B] Periyasami Thooran
[C] Bharathiyar
[D] Kunnakudi Vaithyanathan
Correct Answer: [C]

84 . Dhathreyi is a
[A] Flower decorater
[B] House slaver
[C] Love helper to lovers
[D] Heroine's step mother's daughter 
Correct Answer: [D]
85 . Raghunatha Nayakkar is a __________ Artist.
[A] Pidil
[B] Veena
[C] Violin
[D] Yaazh
Correct Answer: [B]
86 . Thrikala Jathi is which item
[A] Keerthanai
[B] Thana varnam
[C] Patha varnam 
[D] Saptham
Correct Answer: [C]
87 . Javali are mostly formulated for which language?
[A] Kannada
[B] Telugu 
[C] Malayalam
[D] Sanskrit
Correct Answer: [B]

88 . (Sabtham) any percussion handle thala is
[A] Misra Chapu 
[B] Roobagam
[C] Aadhi
[D] Kanda Chapu
Correct Answer: [A]
89 . Kudhithu mettadavu sorkattu (Tha tha karam)
[A] Thai ya thai yi
[B] Thai ya thai he
[C] Thai hath thai hi 
[D] Thath thai tha ha
Correct Answer: [C]
90 . Who is heroine of Arangetra Kadhai?
[A] Mathavi
[B] Kannagi
[C] Aadal Magalir
[D] Nadana Madhar
Correct Answer: [A]
91 . Workers of Saiva temple dancers called by
[A] Thalichery Pendir
[B] Sri Vaishnava Manicham
[C] Pathiyilar
[D] Rishaba thaliyilar 
Correct Answer: [D]
92 . Who is called by Abinaya Saraswathi?
[A] Rukmini Devi
[B] Mirunalini
[C] Bala Saraswathi 
[D] Vaijeyanthi Mala
Correct Answer: [C]
93 . Which Prabhandham is used to dance?
[A] Dhivya Prabhandham
[B] Kaivara Prabhandham
[C] Desi Prabhandham
[D] Prabhandham
Correct Answer: [B]

94 . What is Chinna mela?
[A] Nattu, muttu
[B] Thattu, muttu
[C] Thavil, nagaswaram
[D] Song, nattuvangam
Correct Answer: [A]
95 . Vamana Hastha
[A] Right-hand pathaga left-hand mushti
[B] Both hands mirugasirsha
[C] Both hands mushti
[D] Right-hand pathaga left-hand thripathaga
Correct Answer: [C]
96 . What is Bhahdhi?
[A] Rig vedha
[B] Yajur vedha
[C] Sama vedha
[D] Adharvana vedha
Correct Answer: [A]
97 . Lord Shiva's favourite Ragha
[A] Bilahari
[B] Nattai
[C] Sankara Bharanam
[D] Shanmuga Priya
Correct Answer: [C]

98 . Direction of Brahma Santhi
[A] North East
[B] Centre
[C] East
[D] North
Correct Answer: [B]
99 . Which god is sung instead of Somaskantha's Panchamoorthy Kavuthuvam?
[A] Umai Parvathi
[B] Natarajar
[C] Murugar
[D] Vinayagar
Correct Answer: [B]
100 . When it came to dance Malappu Nirutham?
[A] God's wakeup
[B] God's come promenading
[C] God going to sacred bathing 
[D] Dheebharathanai for god
Correct Answer: [C] 

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