Kerala PSC Rehabilitation Technician Grade II (Medical Education) Solved Paper - Exam Held on 09-05-2016

1.Coale and Hoover studies on
(A) Indian population
(B) Indian society
(C) Indian Cinema
(D) Indian culture
Correct Answer: A

2.Reserve Bank of India was constituted on account ______ Ph.D. thesis.
(A) C.D. Deshmukh
(B) G.V.Joshi
(C) M.C Donald
(D) Ambedkar
Correct Answer: D

3.Who authored the book Gandhian Economic Thought?
(A) J.C. Kumarappa
(B) B.R.Nanda
(C) C.F.Andrews
(D) Amartya Sen
Correct Answer: A

4.Aryasidhanta Chandrika was published
(A) 1900
(B) 1893
(C) 1897
(D) 1916
Correct Answer: B

5.Meaning of the Spanish word, Elnino?
(A) Infant Jesus
(B) Wind
(C) Cyclone
(D) God
Correct Answer: A

6.Which grama panchayat of Kerala was awarded the Nari Sakthi award?
(A) Aryanadu
(B) Pulamanthole
(C) Angadipuram
(D) Perumatty
Correct Answer: C

7.Schiaparelli is an expedition mission on
(A) Moon
(B) Mars
(C) Venus
(D) Saturn
Correct Answer: B

8.Adhar bill was passed by Loksabha on
(A) March 3rd, 2016
(B) 1st March 2016
(C) 20th March 2015
(D) 3rd March 2015
Correct Answer: A

9.Which nation hosted the T20 World Cup Cricket 2016?
(A) England
(B) Bangladesh
(C) Australia
(D) India
Correct Answer: D

10.Name the author of the book History of Sanskrit in India
(A) C.Grant
(B) S.Poliock
(C) M.Muller
(D) Wilkins
Correct Answer: B

11.The leader of Yachana Yatra
(A) V.T.Bhattathiripadu
(B) AK.Gopalan
(C) K.Kelappan
(D) Sahodaran Ayyappan
Correct Answer: A

12.Pandit Karuppan started _______
(A) Karshaka Sangam
(B) Vidyaposhini Sabha
(C) Vala Samudaya Sabha
(D) Vidyarthi Sangam
Correct Answer: C

13.The publishing house Islamia was started
(A) Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi
(B) M.Abdurahiman
(C) E.Moidu Moulavi
(D) Adbul Kareem
Correct Answer: A

14.In which year Sahodara Prastanam was founded?
(A) 1924
(B) 1916
(C) 1927
(D) 1917
Correct Answer: D

15.The Monsoon which brings rain in Kerala during the period October-November is
(A) South-West
(B) North-West
(C) North-West
(D) South-East
Correct Answer: C

16.The chief editor of Swadeshabhimani was
(A) K.Ramakrishnapillai
(B) K.Damodaran
(C) Vakkom Abdul Khader Moulavi
(D) M.Abdurahiman
Correct Answer: A

17.B.P. Pal, famous scientist related to
(A) Chipko Movement
(B) Green Revolution
(C) Silver Revolution
Correct Answer: B

18.The theme of World Water Day,2016
(A) Water and jobs
(B) Waste water
(C) Nature-based solutions water
(D) Water and energy
Correct Answer: A

19.Who started Free India Centre in Germany?
(A) Madam Cama
(B) Subhash Chandra Bose
(C) Lala Hardayal
(D) Arabindo Ghosh
Correct Answer: B

20.Which mountain range is known as Sahyadri?
(A) Eastern Ghats
(B) Western Ghats
(C) Himalaya
(D) Vindya and Satpura
Correct Answer: B

21.PTB Prosthesis is indicated in
(A) Above knee amputation
(B) Below knee amputation
(C) Above elbow amputation
(D) Below elbow amputation
Correct Answer: B

22.Muenster Prosthesis
(A) Below knee amputation
(B) Above knee amputation
(C) Above elbow amputation
(D) Below elbow amputation
Correct Answer: D

23.Above knee prosthesis has a
(A) Oval socket
(B) Hexagonal socket
(C) Triangular socket
(D) Quadrailateral socket
Correct Answer: D

24.Craig Scott Orthosis is fitted with
(A) Offset knee joint
(B) Drop lock knee joint
(C) Klerizack joint
(D) Bail lock
Correct Answer: D

25.Metatarsal bar is fitted in
(A) Opponents splint
(B) Knucle bender splint
(C) Shoe modifications
(D) Lumbosacral coarset
Correct Answer: C

26.Genu recurvatum may get relief with
(B) Arch support
(C) Crooked and elongated heel
(D) Swedish knee cage
Correct Answer: D

27.Solid AFo is indicated in
(A) Mediolateral stability of foot
(B) Severe ankle clonus
(C) Flail foot
(D) Flat foot
Correct Answer: B

28.Othotic knee joint for Genu Recurvatum is
(A) Dial lock
(B) Bail lock
(C) Drop lock
(D) Offset joint
Correct Answer: D

29.Reciprocal gail orthoses may be indicated in patient with
(A) Quadriplegia
(B) Paraplegia
(C) Hemiplegia
(D) Bilateral foot drop
Correct Answer: B

30.Klenzack joint is
(A) Planter flexion assist
(B) Dorsi flexion assist
(C) Hydraulic joint
(D) Pneumatic joint
Correct Answer: B

31.Chariston Bending Brace is indicated in
(A) Scoliotic spine in children
(B) Kyphotic spine in children
(C) Kyphoscoliotic spine in children
(D) Paralytic spine in children
Correct Answer: A

32.MEralgia paresthetica is involvement of
(A) Obturator nerve
(B) Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh
(C) Femoral nerve
(D) Lateral popliteal nerve
Correct Answer: B

33.An example of three post collar is
(A) SOMI Brace
(B) Milwaukee Brace
(C) Taylor’s Brace
(D) Thomas Brace
Correct Answer: A

34.Chairback Orthosis
(A) Lumbosacral Flexion Extension Control Orthosis
(B) Thoraclumbosacral Flexion Extension Control Orthosis
(C) Lumbosacral Flexion Control Orthosis
(D) Thoraclumbosacral Flexion Extension Lateral Control Orthosis
Correct Answer: A

35.Knight Taylor’s Brace is
(A) Knee Orthosis
(B) .Hand Orthosis
(C) Spinal Orthosis
(D) Foot Orthosis
Correct Answer: C

36.SACH Foot is:
(A) Energy storing foot
(B) Modification in foot orthosis
(C) Prosthetic foot with ankle joint
(D) Prosthetic foot without ankle joint
Correct Answer: D

37.Boston Brace is
(A) Knee Orthosis
(B) Under Arm Orthosis
(C) Lumbosacral Orthosis
(D) Cervical Orthosis
Correct Answer: B

38.Minerva Orthosis
(A) Encircles the forehead
(B) Encircles the shoulders
(C) Encircles the cervical region
(D) Encircles the occipitoparietal area of skull
Correct Answer: A

39.Parpodium is useful for children suffering from
(A) Spina Bifida with Paraplegia
(B) Traumatic Paraplegia
(C) Traumatic Quadriplegia
(D) Cerebral Palsy
Correct Answer: A

40.Trilateral Orthosis is situated in
(A) Legg-Calve-Perthese disease
(B) Congential dislocation of hip
(C) Genu Valgum following ricket
(D) Genu Varum following ricket
Correct Answer: A

41.Pavlik Harness is indicated in
(A) Wrist drop
(B) Foot drop
(C) Anterior dislocation of shoulder
(D) Congential dislocation of hip
Correct Answer: D

42.The Thoracic band of Chairback Orthosis is placed
(A) Over body of Sternum
(B) Level of Xiphisternum
(C) Level of spine of Scapula
(D) Just below Scapula
Correct Answer: D

43.Talipes shoe
(A) Has inner straight border only
(B) Raised inner border
(C) Has both inner and outer border straight
(D) Has outer straight border only
Correct Answer: A

44.Denis Brown Splint is indicated in
(A) Calcaneal Spur
(B) Hallux Valgus
(C) Hammer Toe
(D) Talipes
Correct Answer: D

45.Syme’s Prosthes is
(A) A suction socket prosthesis
(B) A transfemoral prosthesis
(C) A hemipelvectomy prosthesis
(D) A below knee prosthesis
Correct Answer: D

46.Chopart’s amputation is
(A) Forearm amputation
(B) Translumbar amputation
(C) Partial hand amputation
(D) Partial foot amputation
Correct Answer: D

47.Forequarter amputation is
(A) Above the level of elbow joint
(B) Above the level of shoulder joint
(C) Just below the level of shoulder joint
(D) Just below the level of elbow joint
Correct Answer: B

48.Whip during stance phase is
(A) Sudden abrupt rotation
(B)  Sudden locking of prosthetic foot
(C) Uneven rise of hip on amputee gait
(D) Abducted gait of amputee limb
Correct Answer: A

49.Risser’s sign is to be seen while prescribing
(A) Chairback Brace
(B) Milwaukee Brace
(C) SOMI Brace
(D) Thomas Brace
Correct Answer: B

50.Energy expenditure in BK amputee compared to AK Amputee is always
(A) Greater
(B) Lesser
(C) Depends on length of the stump
(D) Equal
Correct Answer: B

51.Suction Socket Prothesis may be given in
(A) Above elbow prosthesis
(B) Below elbow prosthesis
(C) Above knee prosthesis
(D) Below knee prosthesis
Correct Answer: C

52.Reciprocating Gait Orthosis is a
(A) Hip knee guided orthosis
(B) Hip guided orthosis
(C) Hip knee ankle guided orthosis
(D) Hip ankle guided orthosis
Correct Answer: B

53.The Medial wall of Quadrilateral Socket is
(A) Straight
(B) Inclined
(C) Triangular
(D) Oval
Correct Answer: A

54.Jewett Brace is
(A) Flexion Control Thoracolumbosacral Orthoses
(B) Flexion-Extension Control Lumbosacral Orthoses
(C) Flexion-Extension Control Thoracolumbosacral Orthoses
(D) Flexion-Extension Lateral Control Lumbosacral Orthoses
Correct Answer: A

55.A kyphosis is best treated by
(A) Boston Brace
(B) Milwaukee Brace
(C) Jewett Brace
(D) Chairback Brace
Correct Answer: C

56.Milwaukee Brace is
(A) Knee Orthosis
(B) Ankle Foot Orthosis
(C) Spinal Orthosis
(D) Wrist Hand Orthosis
Correct Answer: C

57.In-Floor Reaction Orthosis, the footplate of AFO is
(A) Set in Slight Plantarflexion
(B) Set in Slight Dorsiflexion
(C) Set in Slight Eversion
(D) Set in Slight Inversion
Correct Answer: A

58.Knee joint is a
(A) Syndesmosis
(B) Fibrous joint
(C) Synovial joint
(D) Cartilaginous joint
Correct Answer: C

59.Toe Raising device is indicated in
(A) Hallux Valgus
(B) Morton’s Metatarsalgia
(C) Foot Drop
(D) Talipes Equinus
Correct Answer: C

60.Phantom pain is observed following
(A) Clostridium botulinum injection
(B) Amputation
(C) Phenol block
(D) Tenotomy procedure
Correct Answer: B

61.Translumbar Amputee needs
(A) Stubbies
(B) Computer processed knee joints
(C) Energy storing prosthetic foot
(D) Colostomy +Distal sigmoid colon for urinary diversion
Correct Answer: D

62.Stubbies are indicated in
(A) Bilateral Above Elbow Amputation
(B) Bilateral Below Elbow Amputation
(C) Bilateral Below Knee Amputation
(D) Bilateral Above Knee Amputation
Correct Answer: D

63.Siris Silver Ring is indicated in
(A) Mallet Finger
(B) Boutonniere’s deformity
(C) Trigger Finger
(D) Z deformity of Thumb
Correct Answer: B

64.Boutonnier’s deformity may be seen in
(A) Ankylosing Spondylitis
(B) Psoriatic Arthritis
(C) Rheumatoid Arthritis
(D) Scleroderma
Correct Answer: C

65.Mallet Finger is
(A) Flexed MP Joint
(B) Flexed PIP Joint
(C) Flexed DIP Joint
(D) Extended MP Joint
Correct Answer: C

66.Knuckle bender splint is indicated in
(A) Wrist drop deformity
(B) Foot drop deformity
(C) Claw hand deformity
(D) Intrinsic plus hand deformity
Correct Answer: C

67.Frejka Pillow is indicated in
(A) Contenital dislocation of hip
(B) Anterior dislocation of shoulder
(C) Subluxated knee
(D) Cervical spondylosis
Correct Answer: A

68.In Myo-Electric Prothesis surface electrode is placed in
(A) Prosthetic joint
(B) Terminal device
(C) Socket
(D) Cable
Correct Answer: C

69.Krukenberg amputation is
(A) Partial foot amputation
(B) Forearm amputation
(C) Partial hand  amputation
(D) Transtibial amputation
Correct Answer: B

70.The site for commonest limb amputation is
(A) Above elbow
(B) Below elbow
(C) Below knee
(D) Above knee
Correct Answer: C

71.Dorrance Hook is
(A) Voluntary opening hand prosthesis
(B) Voluntary closing  hand prosthesis
(C) Battery operated closing hand prosthesis
(D) Battery operated opening hand prosthesis
Correct Answer: B

72.Cerebral palsy is
(A) Lower motor neurone lesion
(B) Upper motor neurone lesion
(C) Acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
(D) Autoimmune disease
Correct Answer: B

73.Poliomyelitis is
(A) Acute inflammatory polyradiculopathy
(B) Upper motor neurone disease
(C) Lower motor neurone disease
(D) Autoimmune disease
Correct Answer: C

74.Angle in Scoliotic Curve is best measured by
(A) Perkin’s line
(B) Hilgenriener’s line
(C) Cobb’s angle
(D) Shenton’s line
Correct Answer: C

75.Vannini-Rizzoli Stabilizing Boots has anterior strap
(A) Located just above the knee
(B) Located just above the ankle
(C) Located just below the ankle
(D) Located just below the knee
Correct Answer: D

76.In Stump Bandaging,the maximum pressure is at the
(A) Inner side
(B) Outer side
(C) Proximal end
(D) Terminal end
Correct Answer: D

77.Boots with raised heel is indicated in
(A) Genu Varum
(B) Genu Recurvatum
(C) Genu Valgum
(D) Flexion Contracture Knee
Correct Answer: B

78.Lisfranc’s Amputation is through
(A) Tarsometatarsal level
(B) Midtarsal level
(C) Calcaneal level
(D) Tibial supramalleolar level
Correct Answer: A

79.Abduction gait while walking with lower limb bracing is
(A) Due to pressure in perineum
(B) Due to too short brace
(C) Due to loose fitting shoe
(D) Due to quadriceps weakness
Correct Answer: A

80.Energy storing foot
(A) Is orthotic device
(B) Is electric operated device
(C) Is prosthetic cum orthotic device
(D) Is prosthetic device
Correct Answer: D

81.A large toe box is given in
(A) Pes Planus
(B) Pes Cavus
(C) Hammer Toe
(D) Planter Fascitis
Correct Answer: C

82.The part of shoe absent in CTEV boot is
(A) Counter
(B) Heel
(C) Throat
(D) Lace stay
Correct Answer: B

83.The Orthosis given in De-Quervain’s disease is
(A) Thumb Spica Splint
(B) Static Cockup Splint
(C) Dynamic Cockup Splint
(D) Wrist Hand Orthosis
Correct Answer: A

84.Hyper extension of MCP joints and flexion of IP joints is referred as:
(A) Wrist drop deformity
(B) Ape thumb deformity
(C) Claw hand deformity
(D) Intrinsic plus deformity
Correct Answer: C

85.An aeroplane splint keeps shoulder
(A) Abducted
(B) Adducted
(C) Extended
(D) Internally rotated
Correct Answer: A

86.Swivel Orthosis is indicated in
(A) Bilateral congenital dislocation of hip joint
(B) Spina bifida with paraplegia
(C) Residual polio with paraplegia
(D) Bilateral perthes disease
Correct Answer: B

87.An airplane splint is
(A) Hip Orthosis
(B) Wrist orthosis
(C) Shoulder Orthosis
(D) Elbow Orthosis
Correct Answer: C

88.Which Spinal Brace is useful in Scoliosis?
(A) Milwaukee Brace
(B) Taylor’s Brace
(C) ASH Brace
(D) Lumbosacral Corset
Correct Answer: A

89.Which Brace is given to restrict cervical spinal movement?
(A) SOMI Brace
(B) Hard Cervical Collar
(C) Taylor’s Brace
(D) Thomas Brace
Correct Answer: A

90.Full Name of SACH Foot is
(A) Straight Ankle Cushion Heel
(B) Solid Ankle Cavus Heel
(C) Straight Ankle Cavus Heel
(D) Solid Ankle Cushion Heel
Correct Answer: D

91.A Brace is prescribed in which stage of Polio?
(A) Acute stage
(B) Recovery stage
(C) Residual stage
(D) All of above
Correct Answer: D

92.Posterior stop in AFO limits
(A) Planterflexion
(B) Dorsiflexion
(C) Inversion
(D) Eversion
Correct Answer: A

93.In Legg-Calve-Perthes disease,the hip is kept in
(A) Abduction with support of orthosis
(B) Flexion with support of orthosis
(C) Hyperabduction with support or orthosis
(D) Extension with support of orthosis
Correct Answer: C

94.Klenzack joint should not be used
(A) In presence of flaccidity
(B) In presence of prosthetic foot
(C) In presence of sensory loss
(D) In presence of spasticity
Correct Answer: D

95.Bowderl Control Cable is seen in
(A) Suction socket prosthesis
(B) Below elbow prosthesis
(C) Above elbow prosthesis
(D) Muenster prosthesis
Correct Answer: B

96.Above elbow prosthesis is fitted with
(A) Single control cable
(B) Dual control cable
(C) Multi-channel control cable
(D) Automatic control cable
Correct Answer: B

97.Reciprocating Galt Orthosis provides
(A) Ipsilateral hip extension and knee flexion
(B) Ipsilateral hip extension and knee extension
(C) Contralateral knee extension ipsilateral knee flexion
(D) Contralateral hip extension and ipsilateral hip flexion
Correct Answer: D

98.The stump should be bandaged for
(A) 6-8 weeks before prosthetic fitting
(B) Stump bandaging is not necessary
(C) 2-4 weeks before prosthetic fitting
(D) 1-2 weeks before prosthetic fitting
Correct Answer: A

99.Common prosthetic gait deviations in amputee are all except
(A) Lateral trunk bend
(B) Whips
(C) Narrow walking base
(D) Circumducted gait
Correct Answer: C

100.Flexible below elbow hinges are best suited in
(A) Very short below elbow stump
(B) Short below elbow stump
(C) Long below elbow stump
(D) Kurkenberg Amputation
Correct Answer: C

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