Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade II (NCA Recruitment) Solved Paper - Exam Held on 26-11-2014

Exam Held on 26-11-2014
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2014

1.Servants of India society founded by:
[A] G.K.Gokhale
[B] B.G.Tilak
[C] S.N.Banerjee
[D] M.G.Rande
Correct Answer: [A]

2.In Kerala, the district that has more forest:
[A] Wayanad
[B] Palakkad
[C] Idukki
[D] Alappuzha
Correct Answer: [C]

3.Netherland of Kerala:
[A] Kochi
[B] Kuttanad
[C] Paravur
[D] Kumarakom
Correct Answer: [B]

4.Name the state in which caste count took place in 1968:
[A] Gujarat
[B] Karnataka
[C] Kerala
[D] Bengal
Correct Answer: [C]

5.The boundary line between India and Pakistan have drawn by:
[A] Mountbatten
[B] Patel
[C] Radcliff
[D] Stafford Cripps
Correct Answer: [C]

6.Name the first foreign country that published Sree Narayana Guru’s stamp:
[A] Sree Lanka
[B] Myanmar
[C] Burma
[D] Singapore
Correct Answer: [A]

7.Name the association that founded by Vagbatananda:
[A] Prathyaksha Daiva Sabha
[C] Atmavidya Sangham
[D] Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam
Correct Answer: [C]

8.Nair Samudaya Brithyajanasangam was founded by:
[A] M.M.Paramupilla
[B] Mannathu Padmanabhan
[C] K.Kelappan
[D] Chattambi Swamikal
Correct Answer: [B]

9.Name the first Malayalam daily:
[A] Nasrani Deepika
[B] Malayala Manorama
[C] Kesari
[D] Deepika
Correct Answer: [A]

10.The book’Samadhi Sapthakam’ written by:
[A] Swami Sivayogi
[B] Ayya Vaikundar
[C] Dr.Palpu
[D] Pandit Karuppan
Correct Answer: [D]

11.The winner of 2014 Wimbledon men’s single:
[A] Novak Djokovic
[B] Roger Federer
[C] Andy Murray
[D] Grigor Dimitrov
Correct Answer: [A]

12.”Odakkuzhal” Award winner in 2013:
[A] Sethu
[B] K.R.Meera
[C] ONV Kuruppu
[D] Subhash Chandran
Correct Answer: [B]

13.Sixth BRICS summit was held in:
[A] Maracana
[B] Rio de Janeiro
[C] Fortaleza
[D] Gerardmer
Correct Answer: [C]

14.India’s first domestically built guided-missile destroyer:
[A] Kolkata
[B] Prithvi
[C] Rohini
[D] Mumbai
Correct Answer: [A]

15.The satellite used for launching “Mangalyan”
[A] PSLV-5
Correct Answer: [B]

16.The registrar general and commissioner of 2011 Indian census:
[A] C Chandra Rao
[B] A Sambat
[C] C Chandramauli
[D] Nandan Nilekani
Correct Answer: [C]

17.Central vigilance commission was set up in the year:
[A] 1964
[B] 1956
[C] 1972
[D] 1950
Correct Answer: [A]

18.The channel that separates the Andamans from the Nicobar Islands:
[A] Green Channel
[B] Ten-degree channel
[C] Zero degree channel
[D] Red channel
Correct Answer: [B]

19.Himalaya protects us from which frigid wind flowing down from central Asia:
[A] Elephanta
[B] Haley
[C] Kali Andhi
[D] Katabatic
Correct Answer: [D]

20.Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (HSRA)leader achieved martyrdom after a long epic fast:
[A] Baghat Singh
[B] Jatin Das
[C] Ajay Ghosh
[D] Surya Sen
Correct Answer: [B]

21.De salination of sea water is carried out by:
[A] Can't Hoff method
[B] Osmosis
[C] Arrhenius method
[D] Reverse osmosis
Correct Answer: [D]

22.Artificial rain is caused by:
[A] Peptisation
[B] Coagulation
[C] Scattering
[D] Electroosmosis
Correct Answer: [D]

23.Ziegler Natta catalyst is an organometallic compound of the metal:
[A] Iron
[B] Zirconium
[C] Titanium
[D] Rhodium
Correct Answer: [C]

24.Vulcanised rubber is a/an:
[A] Fibre
[B] Elastomer
[C] Thermoplastic
[D] Thermosetting plastic
Correct Answer: [A]

25.The foul smelling product formed when alcoholic KOH reacts with chloroform and aniline is:
[A] Phenyl acetamide
[B] Diazonium chloride
[C] Phenyl isocyanide
[D] Nitrobenzene
Correct Answer: [C]

26.Viral proteins called interferons helping innate immunity are classified under:
[A] Physical barriers
[B] Physiological barriers
[C] Cytokine barriers
[D] Cellular barriers
Correct Answer: [C]

27.Mapping of genes is possible only if there is a cross between:
[A] Dominant heterozygous alleles and dominant heterozygous alleles
[B] Dominant heterozygous and dominant homozygous alleles
[C] Dominant homozygous and dominant homozygous alleles
[D] Dominant heterozygous and recessive homozygous alleles
Correct Answer:

28.If a cross is made between hemophilic man and normal woman chance of the progeny in the subsequent generation is nil:
[A] Haemophilic male
[B] Haemophilic female
[C] Carrier female
[D] Normal male
Correct Answer: [D]

29.The ancestral man who uses hides to protect themselves and buried dead ones as per evolution studies:
[A] Neanderthal man
[B] Ramapithecus
[C] Homohabilis
[D] Austral opithecus
Correct Answer: [A]

30.If a double-stranded DNA Helix has 30% cytosine what will be the calculated percentage of thymine in the helix:
[A] 20%
[B] 30%
[C] 100%
[D] 40%
Correct Answer:

31.The ampere-second is a unit of:
[A] Current
[B] Charge
[C] Energy
[D] Power
Correct Answer: [A]

32.Which of the following is a scalar quantity?
[A] Electric current
[B] Electric field
[C] Acceleration
[D] Linear momentum
Correct Answer: [B]

33.If the mass of a body is M on the surface of earth then the mass of the same body on the moon surface is:
[A] M/6
[B] Zero
[C] M
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [A]

34.Electron microscope use electron for their which property:
[A] Wave nature
[B] Spin
[C] Negative charge of electron
[D] None
Correct Answer: [A]

35.The energy band gap is maximum in:
[A] Metals
[B] Superconductors
[C] Insulators
[D] Semiconductors
Correct Answer: [C]

36.In Bryophyllum plants, the units of vegetative propagation are:
[A] Flower
[B] Leaf
[C] Stem
[D] Roof
Correct Answer: [B]

37.The branch of Botany deals with the study of pollen grains is called:
[A] Palaeontology
[B] Pomology
[C] Palynology
[D] Spermology
Correct Answer: [C]

38.The father of biotechnology:
[A] Paul Berg
[B] Werner Arber
[C] Alec Jeffreys
[D] Carry Mullis
Correct Answer: [B]

39.Which day of the following is celebrated as world environment day?
[A] May 1
[B] September 5
[C] December 1
[D] June 5
Correct Answer: [D]

40.The maintenance of hives of honey bees for the production of honey is called:
[A] Sericulture
[B] Apiculture
[C] Aquaculture
[D] Pisciculture
Correct Answer: [B]

41.Which among the following disease is not due to Aedes mosquitoes?
[A] Filariasis
[B] Malaria
[C] Dengue fever
[D] Chikungunya fever
Correct Answer: [A]

42.First fetal movement felt by the mother is:
[A] Osiander’s sign
[B] Hegar’s sign
[C] Uterine soufflé
[D] Quickening
Correct Answer: [D]

43.World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on:
[A] July 11th
[B] December 25th
[C] December 1st
[D] June 5th
Correct Answer: [C]

44.The false harmful written report is called:
[A] Libel
[B] Slander
[C] Tort
[D] Felony
Correct Answer: [A]

45.Maternal, blood serum is examined for alpha-fetoprotein to detect:
[A] Inborn errors of metabolism
[B] Spina bifida
[C] Rh hemolytic disease
[D] Haemophilia
Correct Answer: [B]

46.What is the normal pH of blood?
[A] 6.65-6.45
[B] 5.35-6.0
[C] 7.35-7.45
[D] 6.35-7.0
Correct Answer: [C]

47.Population covered by an Anganwadi worker is:
[A] 2000
[B] 3000
[C] 1500
[D] 1000
Correct Answer: [D]

48.Hypokalemia is suspected when a client has serum potassium level falls below:
[A] 5.0 mEq/L
[B] 3.52m Eq/L
[C] 4.5m Eq/L
[D] 5.5m Eq/L
Correct Answer: [B]

49.Which patient is at risk for metabolic acidosis?
[A] Patient with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
[B] Patient with emphysema
[C] Patient with chronic bronchitis
[D] Elderly patient receiving IV therapy
Correct Answer: [A]

50.Which of the following is the function of sodium in the body?
[A] Formation of bones
[B] Functioning of skeletal muscle
[C] Functioning of cardiac muscle
[D] Maintenance of serum osmolarity
Correct Answer: [D]

51.Fear of high places is called:
[A] Agrophobia
[B] Algophobia
[C] Acrophobia
[D] Claustrophobia
Correct Answer: [A]

52.Which among the following vaccines is stored in the freezer?
[A] Measles
[B] Typhoid
[D] TT
Correct Answer:

53.The constant presence of a disease within a geographic area:
[A] Epidemic
[B] Endemic
[C] Sporadic
[D] Pandemic
Correct Answer: [B]

54.Which among the following medicines is used for the pharmacologic closure of patent ductus arteriosus?
[A] Methoxamine
[B] Ecospirin
[C] Indomethacin
[D] Prostaglandin
Correct Answer: [C]

55.The suture line between two parietal bones is called:
[A] Coronal
[B] Lambdoidal
[C] Frontal
[D] Sagittal
Correct Answer: [D]

56.Wilms tumor is associated with:
[A] Polycystic kidney
[B] Renal dysplasia
[C] Renal Hypoplasia
[D] Horse-shoe kidney
Correct Answer: [B]

57.The most common complication of Tuberculous meningitis is:
[A] Encephalitis
[B] Subdural empyema
[C] Hydrocephalus
[D] Brain abscess
Correct Answer: [C]

58.A person who is kind, quiet, submissive, sympathetic and gloomy has:
[A] Melancholic personality
[B] Narcissitic personality
[C] Cyclothymic personality
[D] Histrionic personality
Correct Answer: [A]

59.Guillain-barre’syndrome is manifested with:
[A] Muscle atrophy and persistent reflexes
[B] Symmetric muscle weakness, diminished reflexes and paresthesia
[C] Muscle atrophy, convulsions, and behavioral problems
[D] Symmetric muscle weakness, increased tone and persistent reflexes
Correct Answer: [B]

60.Bryant’s traction is indicated in:
[A] Fractures of femur
[B] Fractures of humerus
[C] Spinal fractures
[D] Fractures of radius
Correct Answer: [A]

61.Which of the following methods in health communication helps to perform a skill?
[A] Lecture
[B] Demonstration
[C] Seminar
[D] Symposium
Correct Answer: [B]

62.Salk vaccine is given for the prevention of:
[A] Measles
[B] Mumps
[C] Polio
[D] Rabies
Correct Answer: [C]

63.Which is the most common cancer associated with AIDS?
[A] Lukemia
[B] Adeno carcinoma
[C] Osteo sarcoma
[D] Kaposi’s sarcoma
Correct Answer: [D]

64.Bleeding due to the premature separation of a normally situated placenta is called:
[A] Placenta praevia
[B] Incidental haemorrhage
[C] Post partum haemorrhage
[D] Abruptio placentae
Correct Answer: [D]

65.A patient can become toxic on a normal dose of digitalis when ______ is present.
[A] Hyperkalemia
[B] Hypertention
[C] Hypokalemia
[D] Hypotention
Correct Answer: [C]

66.If the activities done by the people are repeated by a patient,it is called?
[A] Ecolalia
[B] Hyperactivity
[C] Compulsion
[D] Echopraxia
Correct Answer: [D]

67.The most important cause of diarrhea in infants and children is:
[A] Escherichia coli
[B] Rota virus
[C] Salmonella
[D] Vibrio cholera
Correct Answer: [D]

68.Bagassosis is caused by inhalation of:
[A] Sugar-cane dust
[B] Cotton dust
[C] Coal dust
[D] Silica dust
Correct Answer: [A]

69.Normal PR interval in ECG is:
[A] 0.20-0.35 sec
[B] 0.30-0.45 sec
[C] 0.35-0.40 sec
[D] 0.12-0.20 sec
Correct Answer: [D]

70.The antidote to warfarin is:
[A] Heparin
[B] Vitamin K
[C] Vitamin B12
[D] Iron
Correct Answer: [B]

71.What is the normal CSF pressure when the individual is lying on his side?
[A] 15cm H2O
[B] 20cmH2O
[C] 10cmH2O
[D] 25cmH2O
Correct Answer: [A]

72.Immunization of DPT should be administered by:
[A] Intradermal
[B] Intramuscular
[C] Subcutanious
[D] Intravenous
Correct Answer: [B]

73.Which among the following drugs is used in the treatment of alcohol dependence?
[A] Disulfiram
[B] Lithium
[C] Carbamazepine
[D] Verapamil
Correct Answer: [A]

74.Insertion of a needle into the pleural cavity is:
[A] Endoscopy
[B] Paracentesis
[C] Thoracentesis
[D] Evisceration
Correct Answer: [C]

75.Lack of oxygen in the blood stream is:
[A] Apnoea
[B] Cyanosis
[C] Anoxia
[D] Anoxaemia
Correct Answer: [D]

76.Fracture occurs at the distal end of the fibula:
[A] Colles fracture
[B] Oblique fracture
[C] Spiral fracture
[D] Pott’s fracture
Correct Answer: [D]

77.The most preferred intramuscular injection site for children is:
[A] Deltoid
[B] Dorsoglutcal
[C] Vastus lateralis
[D] Ventrogluteal
Correct Answer: [C]

78.The characteristic hormone of the placenta is:
[A] Oestrogen
[B] Chorionic gonadotrophin
[C] Corticotrophin
[D] Oxytocin
Correct Answer: [B]

79.Positive Chvostek’s and Trousseau’s signs are early indications of:
[A] Rickets
[B] Addison’s disease
[C] Tetany
[D] Cusing’s syndrome
Correct Answer: [C]

80.The sudden return to a normal temperature from a very high temperature within a few hours:
[A] Crisis
[B] Lysis
[C] Remittent fever
[D] Continuous fever
Correct Answer: [A]

81.Which of the following symptoms is most commonly associated with Vitamin C deficiency?
[A] Photophobia
[B] Bleeding gums
[C] Muscular hypoxia
[D] Conjunctival xerosis
Correct Answer: [B]

82.Which among the malarial parasite is responsible for cerebral malaria?
[A] P.Vivax
[B] P.Ovale
[C] P.Falciparum
[D] P.Quartan
Correct Answer: [C]

83.One of the major causes of left sided heart failure is:
[A] Septal defect
[B] Congenital heart disease
[C] Pulmonary valve stenosis
[D] Hypertention
Correct Answer: [C]

84.Secretion of parathyroid hormone is stimulated by:
[A] Hypokalemia
[B] Hypercalcemia
[C] Hyperkalemia
[D] Hypocalcemia
Correct Answer: [D]

85.Which of the following hormone is called a”Stress”hormor?
[A] Calcitonin
[B] Vasopressin
[C] Cortisol
[D] Prolactin
Correct Answer: [C]

86.Which meal plan is best for the patient with reactive hypoglycemia?
[A] Avoidance of fats and proteins
[B] Small frequent meals
[C] Low fiber,high carbohydrate diet
[D] Avoid fats,complex carbohydrates and proteins
Correct Answer: [B]

87.What is the recommended maximum noise level?
[A] 85 decibel
[B] 90 decibel
[C] 80 decibel
[D] 75 decibel
Correct Answer: [A]

88.Angiotensin 11 inereases which of the following?
[A] Vasodilation and ADH secretion
[B] Vasoconstriction and aldosterone secretion
[C] Venous flow from the extremity
[D] Arterial flow to the extremity
Correct Answer: [B]

89.The cells involved in inflammatory reactions are called:
[A] Neutrophils
[B] Eosinophils
[C] Basophils
[D] Lymphocytes
Correct Answer: [D]

90.The muscle covers the shoulder and the back of the neck is:
[A] Trapezius
[B] Masseter
[C] Biceps
[D] Temporalis
Correct Answer: [A]

91.In which part of the brain,respiratory  centre is located?
[A] Cerebral cortex
[B] Hypothalamus
[C] Midbrain
[D] Medulla oblongata
Correct Answer: [D]

92.What is the common complication of varicocele?
[A] Phimosis
[B] Erectile dysfunction
[C] Infertility
[D] Cancer
Correct Answer: [C]

93.Which among the following conditions come under Cyanotic heart disease?
[A] Ventricular septal defect
[B] Atrial septal defect
[C] Tetralogy of fallot
[D] Patent ductus arteriousus
Correct Answer: [C]

94.The most common site of bleeding in children with hemophilia is:
[A] Joints
[B] Stomach
[C] Gum
[D] Nose
Correct Answer: [A]

95.A client receiving morphine sulfate should be observed for:
[A] Respiratory depression
[B] Blood dyscrasias
[C] Gastritis
[D] Jaundice
Correct Answer: [A]

96.Which of the following is the 5th cranial nerve?
[A] Trochlear
[B] Trigeminal
[C] Abducent
[D] Facial
Correct Answer: [B]

97.Deficiency  of vitamin B1 causes:
[A] Beriberi
[B] Rickets
[C] Pellagra
[D] Xerophthalmia
Correct Answer: [A]

98.Growth hormone is secreted by:
[A] Neurohypophysis
[B] Adrenal cortex
[C] Adenohypophysis
[D] Adrenal medulla
Correct Answer: [C]

99.Incubation Period of Chikungunya fever is:
[A] 10-13 days
[B] 1-2 days
[C] 14-16 days
[D] 4-7 days
Correct Answer: [D]

100.Mc Burney’s point is associated with:
[A] Appendix
[B] Stomach
[C] Spleen
[D] Larynx
Correct Answer: [A]

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