Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade II Solved Paper - Exam held on 11-01-2016

Exam Held on 11-01-2016
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2016

1.’Divide and rule’was the policy of
[A] The British
[B] The French
[C] The Dutch
[D] The Portuguese
Correct Answer: [A]

2.The winner of Coppa America Football 2015
[A] Argentina
[B] Brazil
[C] Chili
[D] Paraguay
Correct Answer: [C]

3.The place where the revolt of 1857 started
[A] Meerut
[B] Delhi
[C] Kanpur
[D] Lucknow
Correct Answer: [A]

4.International Yoga day celebrate on
[A] 5th June
[B] 20th June
[C] 22nd June
[D] 21st June
Correct Answer: [D]

5.Who among the following had welcomed Vasco-Da-Gama at Calicut?
[A] Almeda
[B] Zamorin
[C] Albuckerque
[D] Kabral
Correct Answer: [B]

6.According to latest lion census,what is the number of Gir lions in India?
[A] 486
[B] 601
[C] 523
[D] 556
Correct Answer: [C]

7.In which state is Silent Valley located?
[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Kerala
[C] Assam
[D] Arunachal Pradesh
Correct Answer: [B]

8.In which country economic crisis occurred –recently?
[A] France
[C] India
[D] Greece
Correct Answer: [D]

9.What is the meaning of Sangam in the Sangam age?
[A] Royal court
[B] Meeting of rivers
[C] Assembly of poet
[D] Assembly of religious leaders
Correct Answer: [C]

10.The first astronaut of India
[A] H.T.Bhabha
[B] Yuri Gagarin
[C] Rakesh Sharma
[D] Bhat Nagar
Correct Answer: [C]

11.The birthplace of Sree Narayana Guru:
[A] Chempazhanthi
[B] Varkala
[C] Arupippuram
[D] Sivagiri
Correct Answer: [A]

12.The founder of’Samatva Samajam’
[A] Kumara Guru
[B] Ayya Vaikundar
[C] Ayyankali
[D] Kumaranasan
Correct Answer: [B]

13.The person who was known as Bharat Kesari
[A] M.R.Nair
[B] Ramakrishna Pillai
[C] Balakrishna Pillai
[D] Mannath Padmanabhan
Correct Answer: [D]

14.Kolar mine of Karnataka is famous for:
[A] Gold
[B] Copper
[C] Iron
[D] Bronze
Correct Answer: [A]

15.In which of the following is related to Ayyankali?
[B] Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam
[C] Athmiya Sangam
[D] Sarvodaya Movement
Correct Answer: [B]

16.The largest zoo in India is at
[A] Delhi
[B] Mumbai
[C] Calcutta
[D] Nagpur
Correct Answer: [C]

17.’Safety value theory’is related to
[A] Indian National Congress
[B] Indian Association
[C] Quit India Movement
[D] Non-Co-operation Movement
Correct Answer: [A]

18.The Maharaja of Travancore who invited Thycaud Ayya to his palace and became his disciple
[A] Srimulam Thirunal
[B] Swathi Thirunal
[C] Uthram Thirunal
[D] Ayilyam Thirunal
Correct Answer: [B]

19.Which state has declared June 22 as Snake Bird Day?
[A] Maharashtra
[B] Tamil Nadu
[C] Karnataka
[D] Kerala
Correct Answer: [D]

20.The name of the boat Kumaranasan was traveling while he met an accident that caused his death
[A] Victoria
[B] Redeemer
[C] Kairali
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [B]

21.A semiconductor diode is used to
[A] Convert dc to ac
[B] Convert ac to dc
[C] Increase voltage
[D] Decrease voltage
Correct Answer: [B]

22.A steady current is flowing in a power line from west to east.The direction of the magnetic field at a point below the power line is towards.
[A] East
[B] West
[C] North
[D] South
Correct Answer: [C]

23.Polarization of light is a convincing evidence of it’s
[A] Longitudinal nature
[B] Transverse nature
[C] Dual nature
[D] Quantum nature
Correct Answer: [B]

24.A hollow metal sphere of radius 2 cm is charged such that the potential on it’s surface is 5 volts.The potential at the centre of the sphere is
[A] 5 volts
[B] Zero
[C] Same as at a point 2 cm away from the surface
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [A]

25.An athlete completes one round of a circular track of radius R in 40 seconds.His displacement at the end of 2 minutes 20 seconds will be
[A] 2 R
[B] Zero
[C] 2 π R
[D] 4 R
Correct Answer: [B]

26.At high altitudes,the boiling point of water decreases because
[A] The atmospheric pressure is high
[B] The temperature is low
[C] The atmospheric pressure is low
[D] The temperature is high
Correct Answer: [C]

27.The monomer of natural rubber is:
[A] Isoprene
[B] 1,3-butadiene
[C] Chloroprene
[D] Ethylene
Correct Answer: [A]

28.Due to Frenkel-defect the density of the ionic solids
[A] Decreases
[B] Increases
[C] Does not change
[D] Change abnormally
Correct Answer: [C]

29.Anhydrous ZnCldissolved in Con:’HCL’is known as:
[A] Baeyer’s reagent
[B] Grignard reagent
[C] Victor Meyer’s reagent
[D] Lucas reagent
Correct Answer: [D]

30.Alkyl halides react with metallic sodium in either.The reaction is known as
[A] Sand Meyer’s reaction
[B] Wurtz reaction
[C] Wurtz-Fitting reaction
[D] Fittig’s reaction
Correct Answer: [B]

31.The kingdom of Mycoplasma is
[A] Plantae
[B] Animalia
[C] Monera
[D] Fungi
Correct Answer: [C]

32.The connecting link between glycolysis and Kreb's cycle in aerobic respiration is
[B] Acetyl COA
[C] Citric Acid
[D] Oxalo acetic acid
Correct Answer: [B]

33.The plant growth regulator largely present in coconut milk is
[A] Auxin
[C] Gibberellin
[D] Cytokinin
Correct Answer: [D]

34.The stain using to visualize separated DNA by gel electrophoresis is
[A] Ethidium bromide
[B] Haematoxylin
[C] Acetocarmine
[D] Feulgen dye
Correct Answer: [A]

35.The percentage of contribution of CFCs in total global warning is
[A] 6%
[B] 14%
[C] 60%
[D] 20%
Correct Answer: [B]

36.The animal which is popularly known as’Portuguese man of war’is
[A] Fasciola
[B] Physalia
[C] Obelia
[D] Aurelia
Correct Answer: [B]

37.Ringworm is caused by
[A] Protozoa
[B] Roundworm
[C] Bacteria
[D] Fungus
Correct Answer: [D]

38.Which of the following is not an example for ‘ ex-situ’ conservation of biodiversity?
[A] National park
[B] Seed bank
[C] Zoological park
[D] Botanical garden
Correct Answer: [A]

39.The cell organelle responsible for the formation of acrosome in sperm is
[A] Ribosome
[B] Mitochondria
[C] Golgi bodies
[D] Lysosome
Correct Answer: [C]

40.Ricuspid valve is present between
[A] Left atrium and left ventricle
[B] Right atrium and right ventricle
[C] Left atrium and right atrium
[D] Right ventricle and left ventricle
Correct Answer: [A]

41.Which one develops from endoderm?
[A] Nervous system, urinary bladder, and eye
[B] Liver, connective tissue, and heart
[C] Thymus, spinal cord, and brain
[D] Liver,pancreas and thymus/thyroid
Correct Answer: [D]

42.Contraindications for using oral contraceptives
[A] Thrombophlebitis
[B] Urinary tract infections
[C] Ulcerative colitis
[D] Menorrhagia
Correct Answer: [A]

43.Hormone responsible for ovulation and development of corpus luteum is
[B] LH
Correct Answer: [B]

44.What is the primary action of insulin in the body?
[A] Enhances the transport of glucose across cell walls
[B] Aids in the process of gluconeogenesis
[C] Stimulates the pancreatic beta cells
[D] Decrease the intestinal absorption of glucose
Correct Answer: [A]

45.The characteristic symptom of hypoglycemia which is an early symptom of insulin reaction?
[A] Severe thirst
[B] Drowsiness
[C] Diaphoresis
[D] Coma
Correct Answer: [C]

46.The typical findings on the assessment of a client with acute pancreatitis?
[A] Hypoactive bowel sounds, decreased amylase and lipase levels
[B] Fever, Hypoglycemia, DHN
[C] Melena, persistent vomiting, hyperactive bowel sounds
[D] Steatorrhea, abdominal pain, fever
Correct Answer: [D]

47.Chancroid is a sexually transmitted disease caused by
[A] Treponema
[B] Haemophilus
[C] Neisseria
[D] Trichomonas
Correct Answer: [B]

48.Symptom exhibit during icteric phase of viral hepatitis
[A] Tarry stools
[B] Shortness of breath
[C] Yellow colored sclera
[D] Light, Front urine
Correct Answer: [C]

49.Location and secretion of Leydig cells are
[A] Liver-cholesterol
[B] Ovary-estrogen
[C] Testis-testosterone
[D] Pancreas-glycogen
Correct Answer: [C]

50.Which of the following clinical finding indicates the patient is experiencing hypokalemia?
[A] Edema
[B] Muscle spasms
[C] Kussaumal breathing
[D] Abdominal distention
Correct Answer: [D]

51.Anaphylactic reaction after administering penicillin indicates
[A] An acquired atopic sensitization
[B] Passive immunity to penicillin allergen
[C] Antibodies to penicillin developed after earlier use of the drug
[D] Developed potent bivalent antibodies when the IV administration was started
Correct Answer: [C]

52.”Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to health and illness”.This definition was given by
[A] American Nurses Association(ANA),1995
[B] International Council of Nurses
[C] Florence Nightingale,1858
[D] Indian Nursing Council,1948
Correct Answer: [A]

53.Which of the following disorder is caused by excessive producing of somatotropin?
[A] Adrenogential syndrome
[B] Cretinism
[C] Acromegaly
[D] Dwarfism
Correct Answer: [C]

54.The digestion of protein is facilitated by
[A] Trypsin
[B] Amylase
[C] Secretin
[D] Lipase
Correct Answer: [A]

55.A condition characterized by inflammation of thyroid gland, resulting in hypothyroidism
[A] Addison’s disease
[B] Hashimoto's disease
[C] Grave’s disease
[D] Cushing’s disease
Correct Answer: [B]

56.Which of the following is an indicator of AIDS?
[A] CD4 count lower than 200/ml
[B] CD4 count more than 400/ml
[C] CD4 count lower than 600/ml
[D] CD4 count lower than 1000/ml
Correct Answer: [B]

57.Which microorganism is associated with cervical cancer?
[A] Human papillomavirus
[B] Cytomegalovirus
[C] Mycobacterium avium
[D] Pneumocystis carinii
Correct Answer: [D]

58.Which of the following conditions is known to have the best response to Electro Convulsive Therapy(ECT)?
[A] Depression with suicidal tendency
[B] Simple schizophrenia
[C] Paranoid schizophrenia
[D] Obsessive compulsive disorder
Correct Answer: [A]

59.A condition characterized by a prolonged PR interval more than 0.2 secs in ECG is called
[A] Second degree AV block
[B] Mobiztype II AV block
[C] First degree AV block
[D] Complete block
Correct Answer: [C]

60.Intra-aortic balloon pump therapy is most often used in the management of
[A] Congestive cardiac failure
[B] Cardiogenic shock
[C] Pulmonary edema
[D] Aortic insufficiency
Correct Answer: [B]

61.Koplik’s spots are seen in
[A] Rubella
[B] Rubeola
[C] Typhoid
[D] Chickenpox
Correct Answer: [B]

62.An early indication for development of hypocalcemia
[A] Tingling sensation in the fingers
[B] Depressed reflexes
[C] Ventricular dysrhythmias
[D] Memory changes
Correct Answer: [A]

63.Signs of meningeal irritation include all the following EXCEPT
[A] Neck stiffness
[B] Brudzinski’s sign
[C] Kernig’s sign
[D] Kehr’s sign
Correct Answer: [D]

64.The antidote for heparin is
[A] Vitamin K
[B] Warfarin(Coumadin)
[C] Thrombin
[D] Protamine sulphate
Correct Answer: [D]

65.Red man syndrome is associated with:
[A] Vancomycin
[B] Chloramphenicol
[C] Tetracycline
[D] erythromycin
Correct Answer: [A]

66.Shick test is done in
[A] Meningitis
[B] Diphtheria
[C] Pertussis
[D] Poliomyelitis
Correct Answer: [B]

67.Premature ventricular contractions are characterized by
[A] Premature beats followed by a compensatory pause
[B] QRS complexes,which are short and narrow
[C] Converted P waves before the QRS complexes
[D] A P-wave preceding every QRS complexes
Correct Answer: [A]

68.What is the priority nursing intervention for a patient during the immediate post-operative period?
[A] Observing for hemorrhage
[B] Maintaining a patent airway
[C] Recording the intake and output
[D] Checking the vital signs every 15 minutes
Correct Answer: [B]

69.Which of the following condition has an increased risk for developing Hyperkalemia?
[A] Crohn’s disease
[B] Cushing’s disease
[C] Chronic heart failure
[D] End-stage renal disease
Correct Answer: [D]

70.The normal left arterial pressure is
[A] 8 mmHg
[B] 15 mmHg
[C] 25 mmHg
[D] 32 mmHg
Correct Answer: [A]

71.Neural tube defects can be prevented by
[A] Supplemenation with Vitamin B complex
[B] Supplementation with hydantoin
[C] Maternal folate supplementation
[D] Prophylaxis with valproic acid
Correct Answer: [C]

72.Which of the following manifestations is associated with a raised level of cortisone and ACTH?
[A] Confusion
[B] Affective disturbances
[C] Schizophrenia
[D] Demantia
Correct Answer: [C]

73.What is the likely cause of blood urea nitrogen concentration elevated in acute renal failure?
[A] Fluid retention
[B] Hemolysis of red blood cells
[C] Below normal metabolic rate
[D] Reduced cranial nerve is
Correct Answer: [D]

74.Fourth cranial nerve is
[A] Trigeminal
[B] Abducens
[C] Trochlear
[D] Facial
Correct Answer: [C]

75.Which of the following neurotransmitter is known to be associated with sleep, mood and appetite?
[A] Acetylcholine
[B] Dopamine
[C] Serotonin
Correct Answer: [C]

76.Digitalis toxicity is indicated by
[A] Increased appetite
[B] Elevated blood pressure
[C] Skin rash over the chest and back
[D] Visual disturbances such as seeing yellow spots
Correct Answer: [D]

77.The most important indicator of hypovolemic shock after 15% blood loss is
[A] Systolic blood pressure less than 90 mm of Hg
[B] Pupil unequally dilated
[C] Respiratory rate of  4 breath/mt
[D] Pulse rate less than 60 b/mt
Correct Answer: [A]

78.An adaptation that indicates major complication after gastroscopy would be
[A] Nausea and vomiting
[B] Abdominal distention
[C] Increased GI motility
[D] Difficulty in swallowing
Correct Answer: [B]

79.Which of the following anti-tuberculosis drug can damage the 8th cranial nerve?
[A] Isoniazid
[B] Para Amino Salicyclid Acid(PAS)
[C] Ethambutol hydrochloride(Myambutol)
[D] Streptomycin
Correct Answer: [D]

80.The positive diagnosis of HIV infection is made based on
[A] A history of high-risk sexual behaviors
[B] Positive ELISHA and Western blot tests
[C] Identification of an associated opportunistic infection
[D] Evidence of extreme weight loss and high fever
Correct Answer: [B]

81.A client with mitral stenosis would demonstrate symptoms associated with congestion in the
[A] Right atrium
[B] Superior vena cava
[C] Aorta
[D] Pulmonary
Correct Answer: [D]

82.An early manifestation of laryngeal cancer is
[A] Stomatitis
[B] Airway  obstructions
[C] Hoarseness
[D] Dysphagia
Correct Answer: [C]

83.An assessment specific to safe administration of IV mannitol is
[A] Vital sign q4h
[B] Weighting daily
[C] Urine output hourly
[D] Level of consciousness q4h
Correct Answer: [C]

84.An early sign of Hodgkin’disease is
[A] Difficulty in breathing
[B] Swollen cervical lymph nodes
[C] Difficulty in Swallowing
[D] Feeling of fullness over the liver
Correct Answer: [B]

85.Which of the following stage the carcinogen is irreversible?
[A] Progression stage
[B] Initiation stage
[C] Regression stage
[D] Promotion stage
Correct Answer: [A]

86.The complication associated with tracheostomy tube is
[A] Increased cardiac output
[B] Acute respiratory distress syndrome
[C] Increased blood pressure
[D] Damage to laryngeal nerves
Correct Answer: [D]

87.Which finding should be most indicative sign of increasing intracranial pressure?
[A] Intermittent tachycardia
[B] Polydipsia
[C] Tachycardia
[D] Increased restlessness
Correct Answer: [D]

88.A client is given oxytocin for induction of labour.The side effect of oxytocin is
[A] Vomiting
[B] Increased urine outflow
[C] Hypertension
[D] Bradicardia
Correct Answer: [A]

89.Physiological changes in  pregnancy include which of the following:
[A] Increase in blood volume by 100%
[B] Decrease in Hb
[C] Peripheral resistance 50% increases
[D] Cardiac output 40% decreases
Correct Answer: [B]

90.Common cause of ante partum hemorrhage
[A] Vasa praevia
[B] Placenta praevia
[C] Uterine rupture
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [B]

91.Which of the following intervention is contraindicated in a patient with deep vein thrombosis of the right leg?
[A] Elevation of the limb
[B] Application of moist heat to the right leg
[C] Ambulation in the hall every 4 hour
[D] Administration of analgesics
Correct Answer: [C]

92.Peptic ulcer of the esophagus is also called as
[A] Barrett’s ulcer
[B] Reiter’s syndrome
[C] Reflux esophagitis
[D] Achalasis
Correct Answer: [A]

93.Down’s syndrome is due to
[A] A missing chromosome
[B] An extra chromosome
[C] A dominant gene
[D] A recessive gene
Correct Answer: [B]

94.A person having Klinfelter’s syndrome is characterized by
[A] Male with some secondary sexual characters of female
[B] Female with some sexual characters of male
[C] Having both male and female sex organs
[D] Female internal sex organs and male external sex organs
Correct Answer: [A]

95.Glasgow Coma Scale(GCS)is a measure of
[A] Intra Cranial Pressure(ICP)
[B] Memory
[C] Level of Consciousness(LOC)
[D] Fluid volume
Correct Answer: [C]

96.Korsakoff’s psychosis is due to intake of
[A] Cannabis
[B] Opium
[C] Amphetamine
[D] Alcohol
Correct Answer: [D]

97.Which of the following drug is contraindicated in a patient with glaucoma who is scheduled for surgery?
[A] Domerol(meperidine)50 mg IM
[B] Atropin sulfate 0.4 mg IM
[C] Valium(diazepam)2 mg IM
[D] Phenergan(Promethazine)25 mg IM
Correct Answer: [B]

98.The Indian Lunacy Act was passed in
[A] 1987
[B] 1989
[C] 1912
[D] 1921
Correct Answer: [C]

99.Most commonly used laboratory technique used to identify tubercle bacilli in sputum
[A] Acid-fast staining
[B] Sensitivity testing
[C] Agglutination testing
[D] Dark-field illumination
Correct Answer: [A]

100.Filling up of memory spaces with a detailed false description of an event is termed as
[A] Tangentiality
[B] Neologism
[C] Circumstantialities
[D] Confabulation
Correct Answer: [D]

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