Kerala PSC Staff Nurse (Insurance Medical Services) Solved Paper - Exam Held on 26-02-2016

Exam Held on 26-02-2016
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2016

1.Who was the founder of Vala Samudaya Parishkarini Sabha?
[A] Pandit Karuppan
[B] Ayyankali
[C] V.T.Bhattathirippadu
[D] Paalakkunnathu Abraham Malpan
Correct Answer; [A]

2.Gurudas Banerjee was the first Indian Vice.Chancellor in ______ University.
[A] Bombay University
[B] Banaras Hindu University
[C] Calcutta University
[D] Aligarh Muslim University
Correct Answer; [C]

3.Which Indian city is known as ‘The City of Demonstrations’?
[A] Amritsar
[B] Delhi
[C] Srinagar
[D] Bhubaneswar
Correct Answer; [B]

4.Roopa Bhadratha Vandam was related to
[A] Edasseri
[B] G.Sankara Kuruppu
[C] Changampuzha
[D] Mundasseri
Correct Answer; [D]

5.The legal advisor of constituent assembly
[A] B.N.Rao
[B] [B] R.Ambedkar
[C] Alladi Krishnaswami Ayer
[D] B.L.Mithar
Correct Answer; [A]

6.Name the first Chairman of Finance Commission
[A] Rangarajan
[B] K.C.Pant
[C] K.C. Niyogi
[D] John Mathai
Correct Answer; [C]

7.Bhasha Poshini Sabha was founded by
[A] Kumaranasan
[B] Kodungallur Kunjukkuttan Thampuran
[C] Kerala Varma Valiyakoyi Thampuran
[D] Changampuzha
Correct Answer; [B]

8.The author of ‘Najan Oru Puthiya Lokam Kandu’
[A] K.P.Vellon
[B] Makthi Thangal
[C] M.C Joseph
[D] A.K.Gopalan
Correct Answer; [D]

9.Jeeval Sahithya Prasthanam was the early name of
[A] Purogamana Sahithya Prasthanam
[B] Naadaka Prasthanam
[C] Library Movement
[D] Namboothiri Movement
Correct Answer; [A]

10.Dharma was a work of
[A] Dr.Ayyathan Gopalan
[B] Ayyankali
[C] Sree Narayana Guru
[D] T.K.Madhavan
Correct Answer; [C]

11.When did the magazine ‘Muslim’published?
[A] 1930
[B] 1915
[C] 1906
[D] 1920
Correct Answer; [C]

12.Who wrote the poem ‘Tagore Malayalam’?
[A] Sumangala
[B] Panthalam Kerala Varma
[C] Raja Ravi Varma
[D] Kumaranasan
Correct Answer; [D]

13.Which agency was secured Krupasakaya Award of UNESCO?
[B] Grandhasala Sangham
[D] Library Council
Correct Answer; [B]

14.The leader of Yachana Yathra
[A] V.T.Bhattathirippadu
[B] [A] K.Gopalan
[C] K.Kelappan
[D] P.Krishna Pillai
Correct Answer; [A]

15.Representation of Travancore in the constituent assembly
[A] 15
[B] 6
[C] 10
[D] 11
Correct Answer; [B]

16.In which year Poor Home Society was established?
[A] 1975
[B] 1919
[C] 1949
[D] 1937
Correct Answer; [D]

17.The editor of the magazine ‘Murali’
[A] T.Ammalu Amma
[B] Kadathanattu Madhavi Amma
[C] Kesavadev
[D] S.K.Pottakkadu
Correct Answer; [B]

18.The founder of ‘Society for the Promotion of Education of Women’
[A] O.Chanthu Menon
[B] Appu Nedungadi
[C] Akkama Cheriyan
[D] A.V. Kuttimalu Amma
Correct Answer; [B]

19.In which year Deena Bandhu was started?
[A] 1924
[B] 1929
[C] 1934
[D] 1914
Correct Answer; [D]

20.The capital of Andhra Pradesh
[A] Vijayawada
[B] Amaravathi
[C] Chittur
[D] Gundur
Correct Answer; [B]

21.The generally accepted term of community health nurse is
[A] Public health nurse
[B] Care giver of the community
[C] Private health nurse
[D] Sector nurse
Correct Answer; [A]

22.Water is primarily derived from
[A] Oceans
[B] Ice-caps
[C] Ground water
[D] Rivers
Correct Answer; [A]

23.Health assistant female may cover
[A] One sub centre
[B] One thousand population
[C] Three sub centre
[D] One PHC
Correct Answer; [D]

24.Summative evaluation means
[A] Done before the program
[B] Done in between the program
[C] 1 and 2
[D] Done at the end
Correct Answer; [D]

25.The study of physical and psychological changes which are incident to old age is called as:
[A] Geriatrics
[B] Gerontology
[C] Clinical gerontology
[D] Clinical geriatrics
Correct Answer; [B]

26.The head circumference in the year of 5 years will be
[A] 35 cm
[B] 45 cm
[C] 50 cm
[D] 55 cm
Correct Answer; [C]

27.The good size of the flash card is
[A] 10 x 12
[B] 15 x 20
[C] 22 x 28
[D] 26 x 28
Correct Answer; [C]

28.The bacteria grow in the baby intestine and prevent harmful bacteria such as E-coil from growing and causing diarrhea the bacteria called
[A] Lactoferrin
[B] Lysosomes
[C] Lactobacillus bifidus
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer; [C]

29.To develop creative thinking the best method of teaching is
[A] Group discussion
[B] Tutorial method
[C] Demonstration
[D] Brain storming
Correct Answer; [D]

30.International Red Cross Society is founded by
[A] Charles Dickson
[B] Charles Darwin
[C] Henry Dunant
[D] Von Pirguet
Correct Answer; [C]

31.The student studies first-hand objects and materials in their natural environment is known as:
[A] Demonstration
[B] Learning by doing
[C] Simulation
[D] Field trip
Correct Answer; [D]

32.ICDS programme started in
[A] 1975
[B] 1970
[C] 1978
[D] 1980
Correct Answer; [A]

33.The optimum period of storage of river water considered to be about
[A] 5-10 days
[B] 10-14 days
[C] 14-20 days
[D] 20-25 days
Correct Answer; [B]

34.PEP Should be initiated before
[A] 24 hours
[B] 72 hours
[C] 48 hours
[D] 36 hours
Correct Answer; [B]

35.MTP Act came into force in the year of:
[A] 1971
[B] 1972
[C] 1973
[D] 1975
Correct Answer; [B]

36.The albumin of the egg begins to coagulate at
[A] 60 degree Celsius
[B] 62 degree Celsius
[C] 64 degree Celsius
[D] 65 degree Celsius
Correct Answer; [A]

37.Prevention of food adulteration Act was enacted in
[A] 1944
[B] 1954
[C] 1964
[D] 1974
Correct Answer; [B]

38.NACO is the programme for
[A] TB
[D] All of the above
Correct Answer; [C]

39.Panel discussion involves
[A] 1 person
[B] 1-2 person
[C] 4 person
[D] 4-8 person
Correct Answer; [D]
40.Anti sterility vitamin is
[A] Vitamin A
[B] Vitamin E
[C] Vitamin K
[D] Vitamin D
Correct Answer; [B]

41.An expert committee for health manpower planning, production, and management is known as
[A] Shrivasthava committee
[B] Mehta committee
[C] Bajaj committee
[D] Bhore committee
Correct Answer; [C]

42.Erogtism occurs due to
[A] Aspergillus flavus
[B] Satius
[C] Claviceps fusiformis
[D] Argemone Mexicana
Correct Answer; [C]

43.The study of anthropoids which are of medical importance is known as
[A] Ecology
[B] Anthropology
[C] Epidemiology
[D] Medical entomology
Correct Answer; [D]

44.Angular stomatitis is caused by
[A] Riboflavin deficiency
[B] Thiamin deficiency
[C] Pyridoxine deficiency
[D] Iodine deficiency
Correct Answer; [A]

45.ESI Act was enforced by the Government in
[A] 1938
[B] 1948
[C] 1958
[D] 1968
Correct Answer; [B]

46.MMR vaccine given at the month of
[A] 12 months
[B] 15 months
[C] 18 months
[D] 20 months
Correct Answer; [B]

47.Slow sand or biological filtration of water is introduced in Scotland in
[A] 1804
[B] 1904
[C] 1704
[D] 1604
Correct Answer; [A]

48.Orthotolidine test was developed in:
[A] 1918
[B] 1920
[C] 1928
[D] 1938
Correct Answer; [A]

49.The instruments devised for measuring the cooling power of the air is:
[A] Kata thermometer
[B] Wet globe thermometer
[C] Silvered thermometer
[D] Globe thermometer
Correct Answer; [A]

50.Clark’s process is a method of removing
[A] Temporary hardness
[B] Permanent hardness
[C] 1 and 2
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer; [A]

51.CARE began its operation in India in
[A] 1945
[B] 1948
[C] 1950
[D] 1951
Correct Answer; [C]

52.Un International torts except
[A] Negligence
[B] Liability
[C] Defamation
[D] Damages
Correct Answer; [C]

53.AUGER is required in construction of
[A] Dug well latrine
[B] Water seal latrine
[C] RCA latrine
[D] Borehole latrine
Correct Answer; [D]

54.First feferral  unit for PHC is
[A] Regional hospital
[B] Specialist hospital
[C] Taluk hospital
Correct Answer; [D]

55.ORS contains all except
[A] Sodium chloride
[B] Calcium lactate
[C] Bicarbonate
[D] Glucose
Correct Answer; [B]

56.The headquarters of FAO
[A] Newyork
[B] Rome
[C] Switzerland
[D] Australia
Correct Answer; [B]

57.The following one is the trace elements of mineral
[A] Calcium
[B] Phosphorus
[C] Iodine
[D] Sodium
Correct Answer; [C]

58.The freshness of the eggs may be tested by
[A] Candling
[B] Floating in saline water
[C] 1 and 2
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer; [C]

59.The borehole latrine is introduced in India in
[A] 1930’s
[B] 1940’s
[C] 1950’s
[D] 1960’s
Correct Answer; [A]

60.In the hard ticks the dorsum of its body is covered by a hard shield is called
[A] Scutum
[B] Sebum
[C] Serum
[D] Shell shield
Correct Answer; [A]

61.The instrument used for measuring humidity
[A] Sling psychrometer
[B] Assman psychrometer
[C] Dry and wet bulb hygrometer
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer; [C]

62.Three gram of fat gives
[A] 30 calories
[B] 4 calories
[C] 9 calories
[D] 27 calories
Correct Answer; [D]

63.The process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve health is known as
[A] Specific protection
[B] Early diagnosis and treatment
[C] Health promotion
[D] Disability limitation
Correct Answer; [C]

64.Illicit drug traffic king is entwined with the
[A] Asian children
[B] African children
[C] Child labour
[D] Street children
Correct Answer; [D]

65.W.H.O.defines blindness as’Visual acuity of less than’
[A] 3/60
[B] 6/60
[C] 6/18
[D] 1/60
Correct Answer; [A]

66.Balwadi nutrition programme was started in
[A] 1971
[B] 1970
[C] 1972
[D] 1973
Correct Answer; [B]

67.The apparatus used to measure ,regulate and applying chlorine in correct dosage is:
[A] Chloronome
[B] Chloramine
[C] Filters
[D] Berkefeld filters
Correct Answer; [A]

68.The optimum level of fluoride in drinking water is between
[A] 0.5-0.8 mg/liter
[B] 0.2-0.4 mg/liter
[C] 0.3-0.7 mg/liter
[D] 0.6-0.9 mg/liter
Correct Answer; [A]

69.Recommended light intensity in operation theatre is
[A] 75-foot candles
[B] 76-foot candles
[C] 80-foot candles
[D] 85-foot candles
Correct Answer; [A]

70.Vitamin E is termed as
[A] Tocopherol
[B] Thiamine
[C] Retinol
[D] Pyridoxine
Correct Answer; [A]

71.The immunoglobulin can cross the human placenta is
[A] IgM
[B] IgG
[C] IgA
[D] IgE
Correct Answer; [B]

72.The polio vaccine should be preserved at
[A] 2 to 8 degree Celsius
[B] -2 to -8 degree Celsius
[C] 0 to 4 degree Celsius
[D] Below 0 degree Celsius
Correct Answer; [B]

73.Mantoux(tuberculin)test was developed in
[A] 1807
[B] 1907
[C] 1707
[D] 1910
Correct Answer; [B]

74.In India the first case of AIDS was reported in Tamilnadu in
[A] 1976
[B] 1986
[C] 1989
[D] 1996
Correct Answer; [B]

75.Lathyrism present in the human it is referred as
[A] Osteo lathyrism
[B] Nephrolathyrism
[C] Neurolathyrism
[D] Genuvalgum
Correct Answer; [C]

76.Health survey and planning committee is known as
[A] Bhore committee
[B] Chadah committee
[C] Mudaliar committee
[D] Mukerjee committee
Correct Answer; [C]

77.Trachoma control programme was merged with the national programme for the control of blindness in
[A] 1963
[B] 1966
[C] 1976
[D] 1986
Correct Answer; [C]

78.Dryness of the eye is known as
[A] Xerophthalmia
[B] Bitots spots
[C] Keratomalacia
[D] Night blindness
Correct Answer; [A]

79.Milk is a good source of all vitamins except
[A] Vitamin A
[B] Vitamin C
[C] Vitamin E
[D] Vitamin D
Correct Answer; [B]

80.Mosquito may fly up to
[A] 2 miles
[B] 3 miles
[C] 4 miles
[D] 5 miles
Correct Answer; [B]

81.The Government of India has announced the National Health Policy in the year of
[A] 1978
[B] 1981
[C] 1983
[D] 1982
Correct Answer; [D]

82.The major causes of MMR in India
[A] Anemia
[B] Toxemia of pregnancy
[C] Eclampsia
[D] Hemorrhage
Correct Answer; [D]

83.The mosquito which transmits yellow fever is
[A] Aedes Aegypti
[B] Anopheles mosquitoes
[C] Culex
[D] Mansonoides
Correct Answer; [A]

84.Barbecue it is also called
[A] Grilling
[B] Roasting
[C] Baking
[D] Frying
Correct Answer; [B]

85.Schick test can be done in case of
[A] German measles
[B] Diphtheria
[C] Measles
[D] Meningitis
Correct Answer; [B]

86.The best method  of refuse disposal is
[A] Burning
[B] Composting
[C] Dumping
[D] Controlled tipping
Correct Answer; [A]

87.CROUP can be seen in the case of
[A] Whooping cough
[B] Acute respiratory infections
[C] Tuberculosis
[D] Meningitis
Correct Answer; [B]

88.The recommended noise level is
[A] 85 decibels
[B] 90 decibels
[C] 95 decibels
[D] 100 decibels
Correct Answer; [A]

89.If the first stage of labour is  prolonged IV glucose is given to prevent
[A] Foetal distress
[B] Hemorrhage
[C] Maternal distress
[D] 1 and 3
Correct Answer; [C]

90.Television and sound films are the example of
[A] Auditory aids
[B] Visual aids
[C] Combined audio visual aids
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer; [C]

91.The multipurpose worker scheme launched in
[A] 1964
[B] 1984
[C] 1974
[D] 1994
Correct Answer; [C]

92.Radiation sickness is other wise known as
[A] Shortening of life
[B] Leukemia
[C] Acute radiation syndrome
[D] Radiation poisoning
Correct Answer; [D]

93.Harpendens calipers is used to measure
[A] Foot length
[B] Height
[C] Head circumference
[D] Skin fold thickness
Correct Answer; [D]

94.A brief description of an observed behavior or incident is known as
[A] Clinical record
[B] Cumulative record
[C] Family record
[D] Anecdotal record
Correct Answer; [D]

95.Backbone of public health nursing is
[A] Environmental  sanitation
[B] Health problems
[C] Home visiting
[D] Planning and evaluation
Correct Answer; [C]

96.The aldehyde test of Napier is a simple test widely used in India for the diagnosis of
[A] Yellow fever
[B] Dengue fever
[C] Yaws
[D] Kala-azar
Correct Answer; [D]

97.What is the concept of vision 2020?
[A] The right to healthy eye
[B] Right to reduce blindness
[C] Right to donate
[D] Right to sight
Correct Answer; [D]

98.Minimum need programme was introduced in
[A] 4th five year plan
[B] 3rd five year plan
[C] 2nd five year plan
[D] 1st five year plan
Correct Answer; [D]

99.The process of restriction of movement of persons who come  in contact of diseased person is called as
[A] Active surveillance
[B] Passive surveillance
[C] Isolation
[D] Quarantine
Correct Answer; [D]

100.Vitamin A supplementation gives to children from the age of 1 to 6 years should by every
[A] 3 months
[B] 8 months
[C] Yearly
[D] 6 months
Correct Answer; [D]

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