Kerala PSC Technical Assistant (X-Ray Govt. Ayurveda College) Solved Paper - Exam Held on 22-08-2016

1.On the banks of which river the famous city of Kolata situated?
(A) Indus
(B) Hugely
(C) The Brahmaputra
(D) Tapti
Correct Answer: B

2.In which the state of India, the Kakrapara project is located?
(A) Rajasthan
(B) Punjab
(C) Gujarat
(D) Haryana
Correct Answer: C

3.Which mountain ranges separate North India from the Deccan?
(A) Vindhya-Satpura
(B) The Himalayas
(C) Anamudi
(D) Siwalik
Correct Answer: A

4.How many National Waterways are there in India?
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 9
Correct Answer: D

5.The Governor-General of India at the time of the foundation of Indian National Congress?
(A) Chelmsford
(B) Dalhousie
(C) Dufferin
(D) Ripon
Correct Answer: C

6.Which was the only session of Indian National Congress presided by Gandhi?
(A) Allahabad
(B) Guwahati
(C) Belgaum
(D) Kakinada
Correct Answer: C

7.Who was the first to describe the mutiny of 1857 as the first war of Indian Independence?
(A) Subhash Chandra Bose
(B) V.Savarkar
(C) Romila Taper
(D) Tharachand
Correct Answer: B

8.The founder of Satya Shodhak Samaj?
(A) Atmaram Pandurang
(B) Gopal Hari Deshmukh
(C) M.G.Ranade
(D) Jyothiba Phule
Correct Answer: D

9.Who was the president of the Indian National Congress in the Gaya Session of 1922?
(A) C.R.Das
(B) Motilal Nehru
(C) Gokhale
(D) Tilak
Correct Answer: A

10.When was the historic temple entry proclamation made?
(A) April 12,1936
(B) November 12,1936
(C) March 12,1936
(D) June 12,1936
Correct Answer: B

11.Who took initiative to form Anthar Jana Samajam at Chettupuzha?
(A) Sreedevi Kannampalli
(B) Uma Alampalli
(C) Kavumkara Bhargavi
(D) Parvathy Nenminimangalam
Correct Answer: D

12.Who is known as the father of Kerala Renaissance?
(A) Kumaran Asan
(B) Sree Narayana Guru
(C) Chattampi Swamikal
(D) V.T.Bhattathiripad
Correct Answer: B

13.Owner of ‘Swadeshabhimani’edited by K.Ramakrishna Pillai?
(A) (C) V.Kunjiraman
(B) K.Kelappan
(C) Dr.Palpu
(D) Vakkom Abdul Khadir Maulavi
Correct Answer: D

14.The Savarna Jatha to support the Vaikkom Satyagraha was organized by
(A) Mannath Padmanabhan
(B) T.K.Madhavan
(C) K.Kelappan
(D) Sahodaran Ayyappan
Correct Answer: A

15.The Malayalee women who attended the International Women’s Conference held at Copenhagen in 1949?
(A) Kamala Nambeesan
(B) Ammu Swaminathan
(C) Arya Pallam
(D) Priyadutta Mullamangalath
Correct Answer: B

16.Which day is observed as Human Rights Day?
(A) December 10
(B) January 10
(C) March 10
(D) May 10
Correct Answer: A

17.Operation Protective Edge is the name of which country’s controversial military action launched on its neighborhood?
(A) Syria
(B) Jordan
(C) Iran
(D) Israel
Correct Answer: D

18.Mutual Funds are regulated in India by which among the following ?
(C) Stock Exchange
Correct Answer: B

19.Who received the Golden Ball award for the best player of the FIFA World Cup 2014?
(A) Microslay Klose
(B) Karim Bensema
(C) Angel D’Maria
(D) Lionel Messy
Correct Answer: D

20.With which game is Davis Cup associated?
(A) Football
(B) Cricket
(C) Tennis
(D) Hockey
Correct Answer: C

21.Which of the following is not an x-ray interaction with the atoms of absorbing medium?
(A) Photo Electric Edffect
(B) Bremsstrahlung
(C) Pair Production
(D) Compton Effect
Correct Answer: B

22.The target material used in General purpose Radiography x-ray machine is
(A) Tungsten
(B) Copper
(C) Stainless Steel
(D) Aluminium
Correct Answer: A

23.The tilting of anode of a x-ray tube with respect to incident electron axis is
(A) Line Focus Principle
(B) Anode hell effect
(C) Duane Hunt Principle
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

24.The vertical plane passing longitudinally  through the human body,divides the body into right and left halves is termed as
(A) Transverse plane
(B) Coronal Plane
(C) Medial plane
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C

25.The SI unit of electric current is:
(A) Ampere
(B) Coulomb
(B) Farad
(D) Ohm
Correct Answer: A

26.The power loss in a transformer can occur due to
(A) Eddy current
(B) Core loss
(C) Leakage of flux
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

27.Anode of a rotating anode x-ray tube is rotating with the help of
(A) Induction motor
(B) DC Motor
(C) Battery
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

28.The base of an x-ray film is made of
(A) Gadolinium
(B) Gelatin
(C) Silver
(D) Polyester
Correct Answer: D

29.The active ingredient in emulsion of a Radiographic film is:
(A) Silver halide
(B) Cellulose triacetate
(C) Rare earth  materials
(D) Sodium Sulphate
Correct Answer: A

30.X-ray tube rating charts includes
(A) Radiographic rating chart
(B) Anode cooling chart
(C) Housing cooling chart
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

31.The Radiographic grid was first designed by
(A) Bucky
(B) Roentgen
(C) Coolidge
(D) Faraday
Correct Answer: A

32.Waters view is used for the examination of
(A) Ankle
(B) Skull
(C) Maxillary sinuses
(D) Foot
Correct Answer: C

33.The annual equivalent radiation dose limit for radiation workers in India is:
(A) 1 mSv
(B) 20 mSv
(C) 100 mSv
(D) 0.1 mSv
Correct Answer: B

34.The deposition of metallic silver in a radiographic film without exposure to radiation results
(A) Artifacts
(B) Fog
(C) Latitude
(D) Gamma
Correct Answer: B

35.Which of the following component is not connected to the secondary coil of high tension transformer of x-ray generator circuits?
(A) X-ray tube
(B) Rectifier
(C) mA meter
(D) KVp meter
Correct Answer: D

36.The relative ability of radiograph emulsion to respond to x-ray or light is:
(A) Speed
(B) Latitude
(C) Optical density
(D) Contrast
Correct Answer: A

37.Myelogram was the gold standard for the diagnosis of disease of
(A) Neutral canal
(B) Kidney
(C) Heart
(D) Orbit
Correct Answer: A

38.Which of the following is a common cause of x-ray tube failure?
(A) Extremely high voltage
(B) Burnt out filament
(C) Anode melting
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

39.The advantage of CT over MRI is
(A) Lack of artifacts from adjacent bones
(B) Multiplane capabilities
(C) Fine bone details
(D) Soft tissue contrast
Correct Answer: C

40.Molybdenum and rhodium targets are used in ________ x-ray tubes
(A) CT machines
(B) Angiography machines
(C) Mammography
(D) Dental x-rays
Correct Answer: C

41.Movement unsharpness in radiographs are due to
(A) Heart bet
(B) The pulse
(C) Peristalsis
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

42.Empty urinary Bladder require before
(A) Pelvic Ultrasound
(B) CT of Pelvis
(C) Hysterosalpingography
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: C

43.Computed Tomography(CT)machines with two x-ray tubes, two rows of detector, one gantry and one patient table is
(A) Multislice CT machines
(B) Electron Beam CT
(C) Spiral CT
(D) Dual Source CT
Correct Answer: D

44.The upper border sternum is
(A) Supra sterna notch
(B) Acromion
(C) Xiphi sternum
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

45.The blood flow in the circulatory system can be studied using
(A) Doppler techniques
(B) Nuclear magnetic resonance techniques
(C) Tomography techniques
(D) Scintigraphy
Correct Answer: A

46.The only movable bone in the skull is
(A) Frontal bone
(B) Nasal bone
(C) Mandible
(D) Temporal bone
Correct Answer: C

47.Most of the Limb Joints are
(A) Synovial joints
(B) Fibrous joints
(C) Cartilaginous joints
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

48.The lordotic AP projection of chest is use full for evaluating
(A) The carina
(B) Pleural effusion
(C) An apical lesion
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: C

49.The metacarpal bones are:
(A) Four in numbers
(B) Five in numbers
(C) Fourteen in numbers
(D) Two in numbers
Correct Answer: B

50.A normal red blood cell has a life span of:
(A) 365 days
(B) 1 day
(C) 24 days
(D) 120 days
Correct Answer: D

51.Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?
(A) Pituitary
(B) Adrenalls
(C) Pancreas
(D) Spleen
Correct Answer: D

52.Bending of knee joint is
(A) Flexion
(B) Extension
(C) Abduction
(D) Pronation
Correct Answer: A

53.The patella or knee cap is a
(A) Long bones
(B) Flat bones
(C) Sesamoid bone
(D) Irregular bones
Correct Answer: C

54.Length of adult human spinal cord is around
(A) 10 cm
(B) 15 cm
(C) 45 cm
(D) 75 cm
Correct Answer: C

55.Blood volume of average adult human being is
(A) 5 Litres
(B) 1 Litre
(C) 10 Litres
(D) 20 Litres
Correct Answer: A

56.Pleura is the membrane covering
(A) Lung
(B) Heart
(C) Brain
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

57.True statement regarding the radiography of cervical spine is
(A) No tube angulations required in the AP view
(B) The tube is angled 5 to 10 degree cephaled
(C) A short focus to film distance required for lateral projection
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B
58.Which of the following isotope is not used for permanent implant in brachytherapy?
(A) Gold 198
(B) Iodine 125
(C) Palladium 103
(D) Cesium 137
Correct Answer: D

59.Cobalt 60 radioactive isotope has a half life of
(A) 74 days
(B) 1620 years
(C) 30 years
(D) 5.6 years
Correct Answer: D

60.Which of the following is a beam modifying device used in Radiotherapy?
(A) Phantom
(B) Wedges
(C) Breast Board
(D) Thermoplastic masks
Correct Answer: B

61.Which of the following readiation detectors cannot be used in automatic exposure control(Photo timers)in an x-ray generator system?
(A) Thermolum inesent detector
(B) Photo multiplier detector
(C) Ionization detector
(D) Solid state detector
Correct Answer: A

62.CT number for air is
(A) 0
(B) -1000
(C) 1000
(D) 1
Correct Answer: B

63.The degree of blackening of Radiographic of film is described by
(A) Optical density
(B) Film sensitivity
(C) Film speed
(D) Gamma
Correct Answer: A

64.True statement regarding plain abdominal radiography is
(A) A short exposure time is unnecessary
(B) The lower border of cassette should be positioned at the level of pubis symphysis
(C) Injection of air via nasogastric tube helps in diagnosis of perforation
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: C

65.The Gadolinium-diethyltriamine pents acetic acid(Gd-DTPA)is a
(A) Contrast medium used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
(B) Contrast media used for CT imaging
(C) Contrast media used in Fluroscopy
(D) Emulsion used in x-ray films
Correct Answer: A

66.Which of the following is not a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Parameter?
(A) Spin Density
(B) Electron Density
(C) T2 Relaxation Time
(D) T1 Relaxation Time
Correct Answer: B

67.The inherent filtration in an x-ray tube ranges from
(A) 0.5 to 1 mm AL
(B) .001 to 0.01 mm lead
(C) .05 to 1 m lead
(D) 2 to 4 mm Al
Correct Answer: A

68.The added filter used for the radiography of body part of uneven thickness is
(A) Heavy metal filters
(B) Inherent filtration
(C) Wedge filter
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C

69.The magnitude of scattered radiation during radiography depends on
(A) Energy of x-ray
(B) Field size
(C) Thickness of patient
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

70.Grid ratio is the
(A) Ratio of the height of the lead strips to the width of the inter space material
(B) Number of lead strip lines per centimetre
(C) Ratio exposure with grid and without grid
(D) Raio of contrast with and without grid
Correct Answer: A

71.Which of the following is a method of scatter reduction in radiography other than using grid?
(A) Use of collimator
(B) Scanning slit
(C) Air gap method
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

72.In spiral CT scanners
(A) No ring  detectors
(B) Stationary x-ray tube
(C) Patient table stationary
(D) Patient table moving during scanning process
Correct Answer: D

73.A radiation detector not suitable for the use in CT scanner is
(A) Sodium Iodine Detector
(B) Bismuth Germanate Detector
(C) Fricke Detector
(D) Cadmium Tungstate
Correct Answer: C

74.Main advantage of fourth generation CT scanner is
(A) Less patient dose
(B) Elimination of ring artifact
(C) Less scattered radiation
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: B

75.Qunatum mottle is due to
(A) Statistical fluctuation in the number of x-rays emitted from x-ray tube
(B) Patient motion
(C) Absorption of radiation by high density material
(D) Heterogeneous x-ray spectrum
Correct Answer: A

76.CT number of dense bone is
(A) +100
(B) +1000
(C) +55
(D) +35
Correct Answer: B

77.Ring of stationary detectors were introduced in
(A) First generation CT scanners
(B) Second generation CT scanners
(C) Third generation CT scanners
(D) Fourth generation CT scanners
Correct Answer: D

78.Auto transformer works on the principle of
(A) Self induction
(B) Mutual induction
(C) Ohm’s law
(D) Joules law
Correct Answer: A

79.Radioactivity first discovered by
(A) William Conrad Roentgen
(B) Madam Curie
(C) Henry Becquerel
(D) Charles Rutherford
Correct Answer: C

80.X-rays were discovered  in the year
(A) 1985
(B) 1895
(C) 1589
(D) 1986
Correct Answer: B

81.Use of intensifying screen results
(A) Lower patient dose
(B) Increase radiographic contrast
(C) All of the above
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C

82.In a rotating anode x-ray tube the anode having an Area “A”is tilted to an angle of 10 degree
Then the effective focal area will be
(A) A sin 10
(B) A x 20
(C) A-20
(D) A cos20
Correct Answer: A

83._______is a double emulsion film?
(A) Mammographic film
(B) Duplicating film
(C) Subtraction film
(D) Dental film
Correct Answer: D

84.Which of the following is not used as a phosphor in the intensifying screens used for radiography?
(A) Calcium tungstate
(B) Zinc sulphide
(C) Gadolinium
(D) Aluminium
Correct Answer: D

85.The speed of intensifying screen is affected by
(A) Phosphor composition
(B) Crystal size
(C) Presence of reflective layer
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

86._______is not an ingredient of developing solution
(A) Hydroquinone
(B) Sodium Carbonate
(C) Potassium bromide
(D) Hypo
Correct Answer: D

87.Chrome alum is used as a______in fixer solution
(A) Fixing agent
(B) Preservative
(C) Hardener
(D) Acid medium
Correct Answer: C

88.Which of the following is not a reason for the fog formation in x-ray films?
(A) Exposure to light
(B) Exposure to x-rays or radionuclide
(C) Outdated film
(D) Static electricity due to friction between film and other objects
Correct Answer: D

89.Streaking in x-ray film caused by the following
(A) Bending of film
(B) Failure to agitate the film in developer
(C) Water droplets on the surface of film
(D) Formation of air bubbles in the developer
Correct Answer: B

90.For female patients of reproductive age non urgent abdomen and pelvic radiographs should be taken
(A) Within 10 days following menstrual period
(B) 10 to 20 days interval following menstrual period
(C) 20 to 30 days interval following menstrual period
(D) There is no such restriction
Correct Answer: A

91.Reason for unsharpness in a radiographic image is
(A) Movement
(B) Focal spot size
(C) Use of screen
(D) All of the above
Correct Answer: D

92.Unequal magnification of different portions of same object in a radiograph is called
(A) Crossover
(B) Distortion
(C) Unsharpness
(D) Fog
Correct Answer: B

93.Most important factor for radiographic contrast is
(A) KVp
(B) mA
(C) mAs
(D) Focus to film distance
Correct Answer: A

94.Anal atresia in Neonates can be diagnosed by
(A) Lateral decubitus view
(B) AP supine
(C) Invertogram
(D) Abdomen AP erect
Correct Answer: C

95.Delineation of contour and cavity of uterus and tubal potency and can be established by
(A) Nephrotomography
(B) Hysteriosalpingography(HSG)
(C) KUB examination
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B

96.Small lesions and mucosal lining are more clearly visible in _______ radiography
(A) Single contrast method
(B) Double contrast method
(C) No contrast
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B

97.The radiographic examination of choice to demonstrate the whole of the small bowel from duodenal flexture to ileocaceal valve is
(A) Barium Meal Follow through
(B) Hyptonic Dudenography
(C) Conventional barium meal
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A

98.The radiographic investigation of lacrimal system is
(A) Arthography
(B) Cholangiography
(C) Stalography
(D) Dacryocystography
Correct Answer: D

99.The photo cpnductor used in Xeroradiography is
(A) Amorphous Selenium
(B) Sodium Iodine
(C) Calcium Tungstate
(D) Molybdenum
Correct Answer: A

100.Which of the following substance produces Piezo Electric Effect?
(A) Quartz
(B) Gadolium Oxy Sulphide
(C) Sodium Iodide(Thalium Activated Crystals)
(D) Sodium Chloride
Correct Answer: A

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