Kerala PSC Tracer (Town and Country Planning) Solved Paper - Exam Held on 23-06-2016

1.The river Bharathapuzha joins with the Arabian sea at ______
(A) Malappuram
(B) Ponnani
(C) Coimbatore
(D) Kozhikode
Correct Answer: B

2.Which is the first mountain railway in India?
(A) Darjeeling
(B) Himachal
(C) Shiwalik
(D) Varanasi
Correct Answer: A

3.The largest plateau in India is the ______
(A) Chota Nagpur Plateau
(B) Southern Plateau
(C) Malwa Plateau
(D) Deccan Plateau
Correct Answer: D

4.Black soil is good for growing _____
(A) Sugarcane
(B) Maize
(C) Cotton
(D) Jute
Correct Answer: C

5.The Bake fort, the biggest one in Kerala was built by ______
(A) Ikkeri Nayak
(B) Portuguese
(C) Haider Ali
(D) British
Correct Answer: A

6.Who led the Revolt of 1857 in Bihar?
(A) Nana Sahib
(B) Baji Rao II
(C) Khan Bahadur
(D) Kunwar Singh
Correct Answer: D

7.The ‘Economic History of India’ was published by ______
(A) Dadabhai Naoroji
(B) R.C Dutt
(C) M.G.Ranade
(D) G.V.Joshi
Correct Answer: B

8.Who suggested that the Indian National Congress was a product of Lord Dufferin’s brain?
(A) Tilak
(B) Gokhale
(C) Bipin Chandra Pal
(D) Lata Lajpat Rai
Correct Answer: D

9. ______ Congress was significant for the famous Congress-League Pact?
(A) Lahore
(B) Lucknow
(C) Nagpur
(D) Bombay
Correct Answer: B

10.Who organized Abhinav Bharat as a secret Society in 1904?
(A) Bhagat Singh
(B) Prafulla Chaki
(C) Khudiram Bose
(D) V.D. Savarkar
Correct Answer: D

11.The Kochi Pulaya Mahasabha was founded under the leadership of ________
(A) Ayyankali
(B) C. Krishnan
(C) K.Kelappan
(D) K.P.Karuppan
Correct Answer: D

12.Who started the Sanskrit educational center called ‘Tatwa Prakasika Ashram in 1893?
(A) Thycaud Ayya
(B) Vagbhatananda
(C) Ayya Vaikundar
(D) V.T.Bhattathiripad
Correct Answer: B

13.In 1931 Vakkom Moulavi published a journal called-------
(A) The Muslim
(B) Deepika
(C) Al Islam
(D) Swadeshabhimani
Correct Answer: B

14.Vedadhikara Nirupanam was written by _______
(A) Kumaranasan
(B) Swami Sivayogi
(C) Chattampi Swamikal
(D) Kumara Guru
Correct Answer: C

15.In which year Sree Narayana Guru founded the Advaita Ashram at Aluva?
(A) 1912
(B) 1913
(C) 1914
(D) 1915
Correct Answer: B

16.Who is the richest person in the world?
(A) Carlos Slim
(B) Warren Buffett
(C) Bill Gates
(D) David Koch
Correct Answer: C

17.Who headed the Moon Mission?
(A) Manmohan Singh
(B) G.Madhavan Nair
(C) APJ Abdul Kalam
(D) K.S.Jayaraman
Correct Answer: B

18.The FIFA World Cup football tournament 2018 will be held in ______
(A) Russia
(B) Cuba
(C) China
(D) Pakistan
Correct Answer: A

19.Who is the first Indian to win two Oscars?
(A) Ilaiyaraja
(B) AR.Rahman
(C) S.P.Balasubrahmanyam
(D) Rasool Pookutty
Correct Answer: B

20.Who is the first Indian women to reach the summit of Mount Everest?
(A) Arunima Sinha
(B) Kalpana Chawla
(C) Bachendri Pal
(D) Samina Baig
Correct Answer: C

21.The rocks which are formed from molten magma are called
(A) Aqueous rocks
(B) Igneous rocks
(C) Metamorphic rocks
(D) Sedimentary rocks
Correct Answer: B

22.According to ISI the strength of concrete is achieved after
(A) 7 days
(B) 10 days
(C) 21 days
(D) 28 days
Correct Answer: D

23.The standard size of masonry brick is:
(A) 20 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
(B) 21 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm
(C) 19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm
(D) 22.5 cmx10 cm x8.5 cm
Correct Answer: C

24.Ornamental molded course placed on the top of the wall is:
(A) Cornice
(B) Corbel
(C) Coping
(D) Lintel
Correct Answer: A

25.Lime mortar is made by
(A) Quick lime
(B) Fat lime
(C) Hydraulic lime
(D) While lime
Correct Answer: C

26.The common admixture used to accelerate the initial set of concrete is
(A) Gypsum
(B) Calcium chloride
(C) Mixture of bitumen and inert material
(D) By-product of bitumen
Correct Answer: B

27.The percentage of Alumina in a good brick earth lies between
(A) 5-10%
(B) 50-60%
(C) 20-30%
(D) 70-80%
Correct Answer: C

28.The maximum particle size of fine aggregate is
(A) 5.25 mm
(B) 4.75 mm
(C) 4.25 mm
(D) 3.75 mm
Correct Answer: B

29.When a brick cut off lengthwise the cut out bricks are called
(A) King closer
(B) Queen closer
(C) Brickbat
(D) Corbel
Correct Answer: B

30.Frogs made in the bricks are
(A) To reduce the weight of the brick
(B) To indicate year and name of manufacture
(C) To form a key for holding the mortar
(D) To indicate the top of the brick
Correct Answer: C

31.The type of bond in which  every course contains both headers and stretchers is called
(A) Flemish bond
(B) Double Flemish bond
(C) English bond
(D) Dutch bond
Correct Answer: B

32.The Angular or radiating steps which are provided for changing the direction of a stair are called
(A) Winders
(B) Scotia
(C) Baluster
(D) Soffit
Correct Answer: A

33.In a single day the maximum height of masonry to be raised should not be more than
(A) 0.5 m
(B) 1 m
(C) 1.5 m
(D) 2 m
Correct Answer: C

34.The type of masonry in which the stones are fine,chisel,dressed and the thickness of joint,does not exceed 3 mm is called
(A) Random rubble masonry
(B) Ashlar masonry
(C) First class rubble masonry
(D) Ashlar fine masonry
Correct Answer: D

35.In the Manufacture of brick pug mill is used for
(A) Burning
(B) Moulding
(C) Drying
(D) Kneading
Correct Answer: D

36.A badly mixed cement concrete results in
(A) Segregation
(B) Bleeding
(C) Honeycombing
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: C

37.A pointed arch which forms isosceles or equilateral triangle is generally known as
(A) Three centered arch
(B) Two centered arch
(C) Lancet arch
(D) Bull’s eye arch
Correct Answer: B

38.The member which is placed horizontally to support common rafter of a sloping roof,its
(A) Purlin
(B) Cleat
(C) Batten
(D) Strut
Correct Answer: A

39.The window which projects outside a room of a building for admitting more light and air is known as:
(A) Bay window
(B) Casement window
(C) Lantern window
(D) Dormer window
Correct Answer: A

40.The arrangement made to support an unsafe structure temporarily is known as
(A) Shoring
(B) Scaffolding
(C) Jacking
(D) Underpinning
Correct Answer: A

41.For 1 cu.m of finished concrete,the quantity of dry material required in their proportion is
(A) 1.00 m^3
(B) 1.40 m^3
(C) 1.10 m^3
(D) 1.54 m^3
Correct Answer: D

42.Contractors profit is usually
(A) 5%
(B) 10%
(C) 15%
(D) 20%
Correct Answer: B

43.One cubic m cement=______
(A) 10 bags
(B) 20 bags
(C) 30 bags
(D) 40 bags
Correct Answer: C

44.A carriageway in which cement concrete wearing surface is provided for the wheel tracks only
(A) Pavement
(B) Sub crust
(C) Create way
(D) Carpet
Correct Answer: C

45.The finished top width of earth work in fill or cut for receiving the road structure is
(A) Formation width
(B) Cutback
(C) Drive way
(D) Truck way
Correct Answer: A

46.A fund which is accumulated gradually by deposits for replacement of any construction at the end of its useful life is known as:
(A) Sinking fund
(B) Annuity
(C) Capital cost
(D) Salvage value
Correct Answer: A

47.Regular polygon having 10 equal sides is called
(A) Pentagon
(B) Hexagon
(C) Octagon
(D) Decagon
Correct Answer: D

48.The type of pile which is driven at an inclination to resist inclined force is known as
(A) Friction pile
(B) Sheet pile
(C) Batter pile
(D) Anchor pile
Correct Answer: C

49.In chain surveying perpendicular to chain, lines are set out by
(A) Theodolite
(B) A prismatic compass
(C) A dumpy level
(D) An optical square
Correct Answer: D

50.The international nautical mile is same as
(A) 18.52 km/hr
(B) 1.609 km/hr
(C) 1.852 km/hr
(D) 16.09 km/hr
Correct Answer: C

51.The measuring or recording wheel of a Planimeter is divided into _______ parts
(A) 10
(B) 100
(C) 1000
(D) 50
Correct Answer: B

52.The smallest division of metric leveling staff is
(A) 0.5 m
(B) 1.0 m
(C) 0.05 m
(D) 0.005m
Correct Answer: D

53.The head quarter of Indian road congress is at
(A) Mumbai
(B) Kolkata
(C) Madras
(D) New Delhi
Correct Answer: D

54.A relatively fixed point of known elevation is called
(A) Benchmark
(B) Datum point
(C) Reduced level
(D) Reference point
Correct Answer: A

55.The portion of roadway designed and constructed for vehicular traffic
(A) Right-of way
(B) Road way
(C) Carriage way
(D) Highway
Correct Answer: C

56.The initial lead for earthwork is
(A) 50 m
(B) 10 m
(C) 15 m
(D) 100 m
Correct Answer: A

57.In prismatic compass the magnetic needle used is
(A) Edge bar needle
(B) Broad form
(C) Prismatic needle
(D) Straight needle
Correct Answer: B

58.When a canal and river happen to meet at the same level then
(A) A level crossing is used
(B) A super passage is used
(C) An aqueduct is used
(D) A regulator is used
Correct Answer: A

59.Projectors are_______to each other in orthographic projection
(A) Parallel
(B) Perpendicular
(C) Inclined
(D) Conical to each other
Correct Answer: A

60.The development of surface of a cube consist of ______ equal squares.
(A) 4
(B) 6
(C) 8
(D) 12
Correct Answer: B

61.The development of a curved surface of a cone is a______of a circle
(A) Diameter
(B) Sector
(C) Circumference
(D) Chord
Correct Answer: C

62.The solid which has 4 equal faces each an equilateral triangle is
(A) Hexahedron
(B) Tetrahedron
(C) Octahedron
(D) Decahedron
Correct Answer: B

63.Right solid is a solid whose axis is _______to its base
(A) Horizontal
(B) Parallel
(C) Inclined
(D) Perpendicular
Correct Answer: D

64.The concrete slump recommended for beams and slab is
(A) 75 to 125 mm
(B) 50 to 100 mm
(C) 30 to 125 mm
(D) 25 to 50 mm
Correct Answer: C

65.The horizontal angle between the meridian and the survey line measured in clockwise direction is called
(A) Latitude
(B) Bearing
(C) Departure
(D) Dip
Correct Answer: B

66.The whole circle bearing of a line is 230°, its quadrantal bearing is
(A) S50° w
(B) w40° s
(C) S30° w
(D) S40° w
Correct Answer: A

67.While constructing scales, the length of scale required is
(A) R.F x Distance on drawing
(B) R.F x Length to be measured
(C) R.F x Distance on object
(D) R.F x Distance on diagonal scale
Correct Answer: B

68.The height of telescopic metric staff
(A) 3 m
(B) 4 m
(C) 5 m
(D) 3.5 m
Correct Answer: B

69.The reading first entered the field book of leveling
(A) Back sight
(B) Fore sight
(C) Intermediate size
(D) Change point
Correct Answer: A

70.The main principle of surveying
(A) Part to the whole
(B) Lower surface to the higher surface
(C) Whole to the part
(D) Traversing
Correct Answer: C

71.If ‘h’ is the difference is height between and point of chain length ‘I’ the required slope correction is
(A) h/l
(B) h/2l
(C) h²/l
(D) h²/2l
Correct Answer: D

72.The size of field book is
(A) 20 x 20 cm
(B) 40 x 20 cm
(C) 20 x 12 cm
(D) 40 x 12 cm
Correct Answer: C

73.1 hector is equal to how many acres?
(A) 24.70
(B) 2.47
(C) 0.247
(D) 247
Correct Answer: B

74.The part of a circle bounded by an arc and its chord is known as
(A) Semi circle
(B) Chord
(C) Segment
(D) Sector
Correct Answer: C

75.The slope of the road pavement in the longitudinal direction is called
(A) Alignment
(B) Length of summit
(C) Superelevation
(D) Gradient
Correct Answer: D

76.The surface area of ‘A_(0)’size drawing sheet is
(A) 2 Sq.m
(B) 1 Sq.m
(C) 1.5 Sq.m
(D) 3 Sq.m
Correct Answer: B

77.Which of the following one is best suitable for accurate measurement of distance?
(A) Steel tape
(B) Steel band
(C) Invar tape
(D) Metallic tape
Correct Answer: C

78.At magnetic pole the amount if dip is
(A) 60°
(B) 90°
(C) 45°
(D) 0°
Correct Answer: B

79.In steep and broken ground the most suitable method of contouring is
(A) By cross section
(B) By squares
(C) By spot leveling
(D) By tachometer
Correct Answer: D

80._______ method is used for plotting the distance and inaccessible objects
(A) Radiation
(B) Resection
(C) Two point problem
(D) Intersection
Correct Answer: D

81.The overlapping distance recommended for asbestos cement sheet roofing, along the length of the sheet is
(A) 15 cm
(B) 30 cm
(C) 50 cm
(D) 40 cm
Correct Answer: A

82.Area of a circle whose radius is ‘r’ is given by
(A) 4/3 pi r^3
(B) 3/4 pi r^3
(C) 2 pi r
(D) pi r(2)
Correct Answer: D

83.Sin 90°=?
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) √ 3/2
(D) 1/2
Correct Answer: B

84.Area is expressed in _____ units
(A) Square units
(B) Cubic Units
(C) Liters
(D) Gallon
Correct Answer: A

85.Volume of bucket is given by
(A) 4/3 pir3
(B) pir²h
(C) pir(R²-r²)
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: C

86.Area of equilateral triangle is
(A) Square root of ¾ S²
(B) b/4 Square root of’4a²-b²
(C) 1/2 (a+b)
(D) h/2(n_(1)+b_(2))
Correct Answer: A

87.A channel which is designed to irrigate all the year round is called
(A) Non perennial canal
(B) Ghat-fed canal
(C) perennial canal
(D) Inundation canal
Correct Answer: C

88.The rocks which are deposited in layers and can be easily split along such layers is known as
(A) Aqueous rocks
(B) Basalt
(C) Metamorphic rocks
(D) Sedimentary rocks
Correct Answer: D

89.The specific gravity of water is taken as
(A) 0.001
(B) 0.01
(C) 0.1
(D) 1
Correct Answer: D

90.A manometer is used to measure
(A) Atmospheric pressure
(B) Pressure in pipes and channels
(C) Pressure in venturi meter
(D) Difference of pressures between two points in a pipe
Correct Answer: B

91.The product of mass and acceleration of flowing liquid is called
(A) Inertia force
(B) Viscous force
(C) Gravity force
(D) Pressure force
Correct Answer: A

92.The relation between duty(D)in hectares/cumec delta in meters and base period B in days is
(A) delta=8.64 B/D
(B) delta=86.4 B/D
(C) 864 B/D
(D) delta=8640 B/D
Correct Answer: B

93.When the drain is over the canal the structure provided is known as
(A) Aqueduct
(B) Syphon aqueduct
(C) Canal siphon
(D) Super passage
Correct Answer: D

94.The fall of moisture from the atmosphere to the earth surface in any form is called
(A) Evaporation
(B) Transpiration
(C) Precipitation
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: C

95.The Indian Road Congress(I.R.C)was set up in
(A) 1930
(B) 1934
(C) 1948
(D) 1956
Correct Answer: B

96.The top of the ground on which the foundation of road rests is called
(A) Subgrade
(B) Soling
(C) Base
(D) Wearing layer
Correct Answer: A

97.In a flat arch, the skewback is made to rest in an inclined position so as to make an angle of ______ with springing line
(A) 30 °
(B) 40 °
(C) 50 °
(D) 60 °
Correct Answer: D

98.The lowest part of a structure which transmits the load to the soil is known as
(A) Superstructure
(B) Plinth
(C) Foundation
(D) Basement
Correct Answer: C

99.The most important tool used for brick masonry is
(A) Brick hammer
(B) Trowel
(C) Spirit level
(D) Line and pin
Correct Answer: B

100.The under surface of an arch is called
(A) Soffit
(B) Back
(C) Haunch
(D) Intrados
Correct Answer: D

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