Kerala PSC Tradesman (Civil, Technical Education) Solved Paper - Exam Held on 09-08-2016

1.The arrangements made at the situations where two or more roads meet or cross the another,such a way that one road over or under another by means of a bridge is
(A) Roundabouts
(B) Grade Separations
(C) Grade intersections
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B
2.A point P is 5 cm above the H.P and 3 cm in front of V.P what will be the distance between the top and front view(P and P)after completing the projection drawing
(A) 2cm
(B) 15cm
(C) 8cm
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C
3.The bridge constructed such a way that,its centre line is not at right angle to the stream few is:
(A) Angle bridge
(B) Square bridge
(C) Skew bridge
(D) Tilting bridge
Correct Answer: C
4.The depth of an arch at the crown is more than that at  the springing line and the shape of the intrados is a semi circle,then it is called:
(A) Florentine arch
(B) Venetian arch
(C) Horseshoe arch
(D) Stilled arch
Correct Answer: A
5.When the cutting place is inclined to the axis of the right circular cone and parallel to one of its generators,the section obtained is:
(A) Rectangular hyperbola
(B) Parabola
(C) Ellipse
(D) Hyperbola
Correct Answer: B
6.The yards,which used to isolate goods wagons received from various centres in the order of station at which they are to be sent?
(A) Locomotive yards
(B) Marshalling yards
(C) Passenger yards
(D) Goods yards
Correct Answer: B
7.The difference in level of the water surface between upstream and downstream of a bridge
(A) Vent way
(B) Free board
(C) Causeway
(D) Afflux
Correct Answer: D
8.Among the following which is a constituents or components of rolling stock of railways
(A) Wagons
(B) Plate laying
(C) Fixtures and fasteners
(D) Stations and yards
Correct Answer: A
9.Which one of the following is adopted as a narrow gauge in Indian railway?
(A) 0.762 meter
(B) 1.767 meter
(C) 0.626 meter
(D) 1.067 meter
Correct Answer: A
10.The part of a circle bounded by an arc and its chord is:
(A) Sector
(B) Segment
(C) Semi-circle
(D) Arch
Correct Answer: B
11.The ratio of lateral strain to the linear strain within the elastic limit:
(A) Modulus of rigidity
(B) Modulus of elasticity
(C) Poisson's ratio
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C
12.The rails are connected at their ends by means of:
(A) Chairs and keys
(B) Fish-plates
(C) Roominess
(D) Prospect
Correct Answer: B
14.The planes of projections lie between the object and the observer is in:
(A) Third angle projection
(B) Fourth angle projection
(C) First angle projection
(D) Sound angle projection
Correct Answer: A
15.The ratio of ultimate bearing capacity to safe hearing capacity is:
(A) Frictional resistance
(B) Allowable bearing capacity
(C) Compaction factor
(D) Factor of safety
Correct Answer: D
16.The most suitable cement used for under water or running water concrete is:
(A) Rapid hardening cement
(B) Acid resistance cement
(C) White cement
(D) Quick setting cement
Correct Answer: D
17.The windows usually provided near the top of the main roof and are made of open in the adjoining verandah or lean to roof for proper ventilation is:
(A) Clerestory windows
(B) Dormer windows
(C) Lantern lights
(D) Casement windows
Correct Answer: A
18.The defects in timber,which is caused by over maturity or by bad ventilation during storage?
(A) Druxiness
(B) Radial shakes
(C) Rupture
(D) Foxiness
Correct Answer: D
19.As per NBC,The maximum height of boundary wall,without any special permission and condition is:
(A) 1.50 metre
(B) 1.80 metre
(C) 1.20 metre
(D) 2.10 metre
Correct Answer: A
20.The roof slopes in the four directions,but each slop has a break is:
(A) Dock roof
(B) Mansard roof
(C) Gambrel roof
(D) Hip roof
Correct Answer: A
21.If the diameter of a sphere is 3cm, then the volume of the sphere is_____ cm^3
(A) 20.25 Pie
(B) 9.00 Pie
(C) 18.00 Pie
(D) 4.50 Pie
Correct Answer: D
22.The innermost central portion or core of the tree:
(A) Medula
(B) Heart wood
(C) Inner bark
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A
23.Trimmed size of’A1’ drawing paper:
(A) 210 mmx297 mm
(B) 420 mmx594 mm
(C) 594 mmx841 mm
(D) 297 mmx420 mm
Correct Answer: C
24.The small room generally provided adjacent to dining room for keeping cooked food:
(A) Left
(B) Store
(C) Panty
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C
25.The traffic way provided in such a way that during floods,water is allowed to flow across the communication route:
(A) Super passage
(B) Causeway
(C) Fly over
(D) Bye pass
Correct Answer: B
26.The bond in which the brick are arranged at 450 in opposite direction from the central line of the wall of thickness is:
(A) Silverlocks bond
(B) Zigzag bond
(C) Diagonal bond
(D) Herring bone bond
Correct Answer: D
27.The lower half portion of an arch between crown and skewback:
(A) Springer
(B) Spandril
(C) Haunch
(D) Impost
Correct Answer: C
28.The weight per metre length of 20 mm diameter steel bar is around:
(A) 1.58 kg
(B) 3.55 kg
(C) 0.89 kg
(D) 2.46 kg
Correct Answer: D
29.The edge of roof covering materials which projects beyond the gable end of the sloped roof,running between the eaves and ridge is:
(A) Valley
(B) Hipped end
(C) Verge
(D) Dragon tie
Correct Answer: C
30.Eccentricity of ellipse is always:
(A) Less than one
(B) Greater than one
(C) Equal to one
(D) Equal to zero
Correct Answer: A
31.The total depth of water,in cm,required by a crop to come to maturity is called:
(A) Duty
(B) Delta
(C) Base
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B
32.When the bed level of the canal is higher than the highest flood level of the drainage,the cross drainage work is:
(A) Aqueduct
(B) Super passage
(C) Causeway
(D) Level crossing
Correct Answer: A
33.Which one of the following cement is most suitable for mass concrete work?
(A) Rapid hardening Portland cement
(B) Quick setting cement
(C) Low heat Portland cement
(D) Acid resistance cement
Correct Answer: C
34.The method of termination of the wall such a way that the bricks left projecting in alternate courses for the bonding future horizontal masonry construction:
(A) Frog
(B) Threshold
(C) Lacing course
(D) Toothing
Correct Answer: D
35.The decrease or loss in the value of a property due to its use,life,wear and tear etc:
(A) Scrap value
(B) Depreciation
(C) Sinking fund
(D) Rateable value
Correct Answer: B
36.The fund which is gradually accumulated by way of periodic on annual deposit for the replacement of the building at the end of its useful life:
(A) Obsolescence
(B) Annuity
(C) Salvage value
(D) Sinking fund
Correct Answer: D
37.The value at the end of the utility period without being dismantled:
(A) Salvage value
(B) Scrap value
(C) Book value
(D) Obsolescence
Correct Answer: A
38.Which of the following ingredient of cement increase the initial setting time?
(A) Calcium oxide
(B) Alumina
(C) Calcium sulphate
(D) Magnesia
Correct Answer: C
39.The inclined member of a mason’s scaffolding,which offer strength and stability and fixed to the ground is?
(A) Standards
(B) Braces
(C) Rakers
(D) Ledgers
Correct Answer: C
40.Plate load test determines:
(A) Size of foundation
(B) Ultimate bearing capacity of soil
(C) Depth of foundation
(D) Safe bearing capacity of soil
Correct Answer: B
41.The radiating or tapering or angular steps used for changing the direction of flight in a star:
(A) Commodes
(B) Bullnose steps
(C) Splayed steps
(D) Winders
Correct Answer: D
42.The spikes used on high speed trunk routes to obtain better life by resisting lateral thrust:
(A) Standard spikes
(B) Screw spikes
(C) Elastic spikes
(D) Dog spikes
Correct Answer: B
43.The projection of the lower step from the vertical face of the upper step in a stepped footing:
(A) Lap
(B) Chajja
(C) Offset
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C
44.The designation of door ’10 DT 21’:
(A) A door opening of 1000mm x 2100mm with double shutter
(B) A door with two shutters having a shutter size of 1000 mm x 2100 mm
(C) A door opening of 1000 mmx2100 mm with single shutter
(D) A door frame of section size 21 cm x10 cm with double shutter
Correct Answer: A
45.The  amount of deviation of the magnetic needle of a compass from its normal position is:
(A) Dip of needle
(B) Magnetic declination
(C) Local attraction
(D) Arbitrary bearing
Correct Answer: C
46.The units of measurement in MKS system for ‘sawing of timber’:
(A) Bunning metre
(B) Square metre
(C) Cubic metre
(D) Number of days
Correct Answer: B
47.The pipe through which human excreta flows:
(A) Waste pipe
(B) Vent pipe
(C) Rainwater pipe
(D) Soil pipe
Correct Answer: D
48.A cut provided in the door frame to receive the shutter:
(A) Louver
(B) Horn
(C) Rebate
(D) Mortise
Correct Answer: C
49.The capacity for doing work:
(A) Speed
(B) Power
(C) Energy
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C
50.The under surface of a stair is:
(A) Waist
(B) Soffit
(C) Head room
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B
51.The method of timbering of trenches used for supporting the sides of a soft ground of depth not exceeding 10 metre and providing an offset at the end of the each stage is:
(A) Stay bracing
(B) Box sheeting
(C) Runner system
(D) Vertical sheeting
Correct Answer: D
52.The defects due to seasoning,which indicate by the curvature formed in the direction of length of timber:
(A) Bow
(B) Cup
(C) Twist
(D) Split
Correct Answer: A
53.The liquid substances which hold the ingredients of the paint in liquid suspension and helps them to spread evenly on the surface to be painted.
(A) Base
(B) Solvent
(C) Drier
(D) Vehicle
Correct Answer: D
54.The last staff reading taken by a level just before the shifting:
(A) Back sight
(B) Fore sight
(C) Intermediate sight
(D) Change point
Correct Answer: B
55.In ‘Autocad’ drawing function key ______ is used for ORTHO mode on and off.
(A) F8
(B) F1
(C) F10
(D) F3
Correct Answer: A
56.The vertical member of metal or wood,supporting the handrail of a stair:
(A) Scotia
(B) Stringers
(C) Header
(D) Baluster
Correct Answer: D
57.If the bearing of two lines AB and AC are N 43015’E and S 45045’E respectively,then the included angle between these lines is:
(A) 89000’
(B) 2030’
(C) 91000’
(D) None of these
Correct Answer: C
58.The projecting course at the upper part of a pier or an abutment of an arch to stress the springing line is:
(A) Nosing
(B) Spandril
(C) Skewback
(D) Impost
Correct Answer: D
59.The triangular shaped portion of Masonry at the end of a sloped roof:
(A) Gable
(B) Hipped end
(C) Mitred closer
(D) Buttress
Correct Answer: A
60.The temporary enclosure constructed in a river for excluding water during construction:
(A) Well foundation
(B) Box caisson
(C) Cofferdam
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: C
61.The formation of conical hole in the plastered surface due to the presence of some particles which expand on setting such defects of plastering is:
(A) Popping
(B) Peeling
(C) Crazing
(D) Flaking
Correct Answer: A
62.The increase in volume of sand due to the presence of surface moisture upto some extent is:
(A) Ponding
(B) Bulking
(C) Bleeding
(D) Segregation
Correct Answer: B
63.Instrument used for determining the ‘soundness’ of cement is:
(A) Le Chatelier apparatus
(B) Wagner’s turbidimeter
(C) Vicat apparatus
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A
64.The centre of the arch lies above the springing line,the arch is called:
(A) Florentine arch
(B) Horseshoe arch
(C) Venetian arch
(D) Segmental arch
Correct Answer: B
65.The ratio of isometric length to its true length is nearly:
(A) 0.086
(B) 1.222
(C) 0.815
(D) 0.185
Correct Answer: C
66.The Autocad command which used to creates multiple copies of selected objects in rectangular or polar form:
(A) Offset
(B) Array
(C) Oops
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B
67.The diameter and height of a cylinder is 4cm,then the volume of cylinder in cubic centimetre is:
(A) 9.00 Pie
(B) 64.00 Pie
(C) 16.00 Pie
(D) None  of the above
Correct Answer: C
68.Asper the present Kerala municipality building rule the minimum width of stair for group B (Educational building)is:
(A) 120 cm
(B) 180 cm
(C) 100 cm
(D) 150 cm
Correct Answer: A
69.A trap which is provided for preventing the entry of sewer gases from public line in to the house drains:
(A) Floor trap
(B) Nahni trap
(C) Gully trap
(D) Intercepting trap
Correct Answer: D
70.The Line joining some fixed points on the main survey lines,for the purpose of locating interior details:
(A) Base line
(B) Check line
(C) Tie line
(D) Offsets
Correct Answer: C
71.The term used to indicate dry reduce which includes decayed fruits,paper pieces,grass etc:
(A) Sewage
(B) Garbage
(C) Sullage
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: B
72.The ratio between the total covered area of all floors of a building to the plot area:
(A) Open space index
(B) Plinth area ratio
(C) Coverage percentage
(D) Floor area ratio
Correct Answer: D
73.The adjustments required to be made at each of the surveying stations before making observation are called:
(A) Permanent adjustment
(B) Compensating adjustment
(C) Temporary adjustment
(D) Perfect adjustment
Correct Answer: C
74.The continuous thin line connecting a dimensional value or some information relating to a feature in an engineering drawing is:
(A) Extension line
(B) Dimension line
(C) Break line
(D) Leader line
Correct Answer: D
75.The planning of two or more related rooms in proximity of each other to minimize the length of circulation and improves the comfort:
(A) Aspect
(B) Circulation
(C) Roominess
(D) Grouping
Correct Answer: D
76.The abbreviated form of complex compound of cement C3S,C2S,C3A and C4AF are also called:
(A) Aspdin’s compounds
(B) Bogue’s compounds
(C) Vicat’s compounds
(D) James Frost’s compounds
Correct Answer: B
77.The course of stone placed immediately below the cornice to improve the appearance of external face of the wall is:
(A) Frieze
(B) String course
(C) Corbel
(D) Blocking course
Correct Answer: A
78.The ability of a material to resist fraction due to high impact like hammer blows is:
(A) Toughness
(B) Hardness
(C) Brittleness
(D) Ductility
Correct Answer: A
79.The channel or pipe which carries water away from the power house after it has been passed through the turbine is:
(A) Main canal
(B) Pen stock
(C) Regulator
(D) Tail-race
Correct Answer: D
80.When cast-iron pipes are used to convey water with high pressure ______ joints are used
(A) Flanged
(B) Expansion
(C) Bell-and-spigot
(D) None of the above
Correct Answer: A
81.Who established schools in Nagarcoil in the beginning of the 19th Century?
(A) Rev Francis
(B) Rev.Bailey
(C) Ringle Tab
(D) Thoma Kathanar
Correct Answer: C
82.Who is the author of the book ‘Malabar Kalapam’?
(A) K.Madhavan Nair
(B) K.N.Panicker
(C) K.M.Panicker
(D) K.Narayanan Nair
Correct Answer: A
83.Pazhassi Raja was died on:
(A) 30 November 1805
(B) 31 October 1805
(C) 31 October 1805
(D) 31 March 1805
Correct Answer: A
84.’Atma Katha’ is the autobiography of:
(A) C Kesavan
(B) K.M.Panikkar
(C) E.V.Krishna Pillai
(D) P.K.Narayana Pillai
Correct Answer: B
85.Who among the following was not a leader of Nivarthana Agitation?
(A) N.V.Joseph
(B) K.P.R.Gopalan
(C) T.M.Varghese
(D) C Kesavan
Correct Answer: B
86.A famous traveller Ibn Batuta belongs to:
(A) Persia
(B) Syria
(C) Algeria
(D) Morocco
Correct Answer: D
87.Durgapur steel plant was set up with the assistance of:
(A) France
(B) Germany
(C) Spain
(D) Britain
Correct Answer: D
88.The leader of Kurichya revolt of 1812:
(A) Thalakkal Chandu
(B) Edachena Kunkan
(C) Raman Nambi
(D) Kannan Moopan
Correct Answer: C
89.Malabar was joined with the Madras presidency in the year:
(A) 1800
(B) 1792
(C) 1799
(D) 1798
Correct Answer: A
90.Kunhi Kannan was the original name of:
(A) Ananda Therthar
(B) Vagbhatananda
(C) Brahmananda Sivayogi
(D) Ayyankali
Correct Answer: B
91.Who was the first secretary of the Malabar district congress committee?
(A) C Kunhirama Menon
(B) K.P.Kesava Menon
(C) Rama Iyer
(D) K.Madhavan Nair
Correct Answer: A
92.Which among the following news paper started publishing in the year 1924?
(A) Al-amin
(B) Mathrubhumi
(C) Kerala Kaumudi
(D) Kerala Darpanam
Correct Answer: A
93.The famous electricity agitation of 1936 was held at:
(A) Thiruvanathapuram
(B) Thrissur
(C) Idukki
(D) Palakkad
Correct Answer: B
94.Keezhariyur-Bomb case was associated with;
(A) Punnapra-Vayalar Uprisings
(B) Quit India movement
(C) Civil Disobedience movement
(D) kayyur Struggle
Correct Answer: B
95.Which political organization was formed in the year 1941?
(A) All Kerala Peasant Union
(B) All Kerala Karshaka Sangham
(C) Cochin State Praja Mandal
(D) Kerala Trade Union Congress
Correct Answer: C
96.The Travancore State Manual was compiled by:
(A) Pachu Moothathu
(B) G.P.Pillai
(C) V.Nagam Aiya
(D) K.P.Kesava Menon
Correct Answer: C
97.’Samkshepa Vedartham’ was published from:
(A) Geneva
(B) Paris
(C) Amsterdam
(D) Rome
Correct Answer: D
98.Tennis Davis cup 2015 was won by:
(A) Belgium
(B) France
(D) Britain
Correct Answer: D
99.Former Kerala Chief Minister EMS died in the year:
(A) 1997
(B) 1999
(C) 1996
(D) 1998
Correct Answer: D
100.’Samatva Samajam’ was associated with:
(A) Vagbhatananda
(B) K.Kelappan
(C) Vaikunda Swamikal
(D) Ayyankali
Correct Answer: C

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