Kerala PSC Unit Manager(Consumerfed) Solved Papers - Exam held on 30-09-2016

1.Which among the following doesn’t belong to the group as to the type of society?
Correct Answer :B

2.Which one of the following co-operative organization has two tire cooperative structure?
(A) Matsyafed
(B) Serifed
(C) Tourfed
(D) Kerafed
Correct Answer :A

3.Identify the publication of Kerala State Co-operative Union.
(A) Sahakarana Veedhi
(B) Sahakarana Journal
(C) Sahakarana Dhara
(D) Sahakarana Sabdham
Correct Answer :B

4.What does IFFCO stand for?
(A) Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-operative Lt(D)
(B) Industrial Farmers Fertilizers Co-operative Ltd
(C) Industrial Fisheries Farmers Co-operative Lt(D)
(D) Indian Fisheries Farmer’s Co-operative Lt(D)
Correct Answer :A

5.Which of the following co-operative organization has its retail outlet named”Triveni”?
(A) Marketfed
(B) Kerala State Civil Supplies Corporation
(C) Kerala State Co-operative Consumer Federation
Correct Answer :C

6.Where is the co-operative credit organizations referred to as ‘KOH’found?
(A) England
(B) Sweden
(C) Denmark
(D) Japan
Correct Answer :D

7.When was ‘Cooperative journal in the world, started by William King?
(A) 1826
(B) 1827
(C) 1828
(D) 1829
Correct Answer :C

8.Who was the head of the committee known as CRAFICARD to recommend for the establishment of NABARD in India?
(A) Bimal Jalan
(B) (C) Rangarajan
(C) (B) Sivaraman
(D) M.Narasimham
Correct Answer :C

9.Who is the first lady Chairperson of State Bank of India?
(A) Chanda Kochar
(B) Arundhati Battacharya
(C) Sikha Sharma
(D) Subhalakshmi Panse
Correct Answer :B

10.In which of the Commercial Bank was Laxmi Commercial Bank merged with?
(A) Syndicate Bank
(B) Punjab National Bank
(C) Corporation Bank
(D) Canara Bank
Correct Answer :D

11.All India Co-operative Education Instruction Training Centre was renamed as
Correct Answer :B

12.Who is the author of book titled ‘A Century of Co-operation’?
(A) G.(D) H.Cole
(B) J.P.War Base
(C) (D) R.Gadgil
(D) (D) G.Karve
Correct Answer :A

13.Which are the correct match of Institution and the year of the establishment?
(B) HUDCO 1970
(C) NHB 1978
(D) NCBI 2004
Correct Answer :B

14.Mutual Arrangement Scheme Kerala(MASK)is formed with intention of helping co-operative banks to issue
(A) Demand Draft
(B) Credit Card
(C) Short Term Loans
(D) Gold Loans
Correct Answer :A

15.Who is the Chief Executive of Reserve Bank of India at present?
(A) GM
(B) MD
(C) Governor
Correct Answer :C

16.Which is the worker's insurance society in Denmark?
Correct Answer :B

17.Which one of the following term is not related to co-operative movement in Israel>
Correct Answer :A

18.Which is the supreme authority of ICA?
(A) The Congress
(B) The Governing Council
(C) The Secretariat
(D) The Trusteeship Council
Correct Answer :A

19.ICA International Cooperative Day was celebrated from
(A) 1922
(B) 1923
(C) 1937
(D) 1946
Correct Answer :B

20.Identify the correct match as to the year of happening event in the international co-operative world
1.2012-United Nation’s International year of Co-operation
2.1960-Asia Pacific Regional Office of ICA in New Delhi
3-1951-ICA establishes Agricultural Committee as to Agricultural Co-operatives
4-2002-ICA adopts ILO recommendations on promotion of cooperatives
(A) 1,2 and 4 only
(B) 2,3 and 4 only
(C) 1,3 and 4 only
(D) All the above
Correct Answer :D

21.Based on which accounting concept market value of investments is shown as a footnote to balance sheet?
(A) Industry Practicer
(B) Business Entry Concept
(C) Full Disclosure
(D) Conservation Concept
Correct Answer :C

22.The capital of Mr.X as on 1-1-2011 is Rs.40,000,interest on drawings Rs.1,800,Interest on Capital Rs.4000,Drawings Rs.15,000,and profit for the year Rs.16.200.His Capital as on 31-12-2011 is
(A) Rs.41,200
(B) Rs.40,000
(C) Rs.53,000
(D) Rs.44,600
Correct Answer :B
23.Which country is known as Dairy farm of Europe?
(A) Switzerland
(B) Ireland
(C) Italy
(D) Denmark
Correct Answer :D

24.The following combinations indicate the nations and type of society originated in the respective nations.Identify the incorrect match.
(A) Japan-Multipurpose Societies
(B) Canada-Agricultural Societies
(C) Israel-Labour Contract Societies
(D) China-Industrial Cooperatives
Correct Answer :C

25.Who is considered as the first president of the Rockdale pioneers equitable co-operative society?
(A) Charles Howrath
(B) James Daly
(C) E.V.Neale
(D) Robert Owen
Correct Answer :A

26.Mr.H.Calvert, an eminent Co-operator, was the registrar of Co-operative  Societies of
(A) Haryana
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Punjab
Correct Answer :D

27.Who among the following belongs to Co-operative Enterprise School?
(A) Robert Owen
(B) Charles Fourier
(C) Horace Plunkett
(D) Louis Blane
Correct Answer :C

28.When was the principle “Co-operation among the Co-operatives” proposed by a commission headed by an eminent Indian Co-operator,(D) G.Karve, added to co-operative principles?
(A) 1934
(B) 1995
(C) 1937
(D) 1966
Correct Answer :D

29.Which one of the following feature is found in common in Co-operation and Capitalism?
(A) Centralized  and aristocratic
(B) Self Interest
(C) Self-help and mutual help
(D) Individual Liberty
Correct Answer :D

30.Malcolm Darling described Co-operation as
(A) Self-help and mutual help
(B) Morality applied to business
(C) Economic system with minimum state interference
(D) Economic movement
Correct Answer :B

31.Which of the following is not a recommendation by R.N.Mirdha appointed by Government of India in 1961?
(A) Entrust audit of societies to independent agency under government but independent of registrar
(B) Membership to housing societies should be limited to low income group fixing certain ceiling
(C) Registrar should be equaled to heads of other major development departments
(D) Establishment of National Cooperative Bank
Correct Answer :C

32.Identify the correct match as to authority and the organization/committee to which  they are related?
(A) R.K.Hazari DICAR
(B) Dr.M.S.Swaminathan ARDC
(C) Sri.V.Venkatappiah AIRCRC
(D) Prof.Ali Mohammed Khusro CCT
Correct Answer :C

33.Which one of the following facts is not as per the provisions of Co-operative Societies Act.of 1912?
(A) Liability of a member of a registered society shall be limited
(B) Minimum number  of persons required to form a society was fixed at 25 individuals attaining an age of 18 years
(C) No one member can have more than 20% of the total share capital in  a limited liability society
(D) Society has right to set off shares,deposits et(C) of a member against does of society
Correct Answer :B

34.Who among the following was not a member of AIRCSC headed by AD Gorwala?
(A) Prof.(D) R.Gadgil
(B) Sri.(B) Venkatappiah
(C) Dr.N.S.R.Sastry
(D) Dr.R.K.Hazari
Correct Answer :D

35.Which one of the following fund was to be created under RBI as per the recommendations of Gorwala Committee?
(A) National Co-operative Development Fund
(B) National Warehousing Development Fund
(C) National Agricultural Credit (Stabilisation) Fund
(D) State Co-operative Development Fund
Correct Answer :C

36.Which of the following concept is not associated with Robert Owen,father of co-operation?
(A) Labour Notes
(B) Villages of Co-operation
(C) Friendly Societies
(D) New Harmony
Correct Answer :C

37.Which of the following is not a feature of banks  established by Schulz?
(A) No maximum limit on Dividend
(B) Deposits from members and non members
(C) Higher share value
(D) Unlimited Liability
Correct Answer :D

38.UNI COOP JAPAN was established in Japan in 1961 for the purpose of
(A) Supply of credit
(B) Marketing
(C) Education
(D) Foreign trade
Correct Answer :D

39.Which of the following initiatives does match with co-operatives in the countries?
(A) Sweden KF
(B) Denmark People’s banks
(C) Japan Stilling Anderson
(D) Germany Fund without Boundaries
Correct Answer :A

40.The chairman of the committee to submit in its report that “Cooperation has failed,but it must succeed”is
(A) V.L.Mehta
(B) S.(D) Misra
(C) (A) (D) Gorwala
(D) F.Nicholson
Correct Answer :C

41.When was National Co-operative Development Corporation set up to promote development of agricultural co-operative especially in the field of marketing and processing?
(A) 1963
(B) 1972
(C) 1967
(D) 1974
Correct Answer :A

42.When is the International Co-operative Day celebrated?
(A) First Saturday of July
(B) First Saturday of November
(C) Second Saturday of July
(D) Second Saturday of November
Correct Answer :A

43.Which of the following is not a publication of NCUI?
(A) Co-operative Education News
(B) Indian Co-operative Review
(C) The Co-operator
(D) Indian Co-operator
Correct Answer :D

44.The institution set up to provide training to senior level officers in co-operative sector is
(B) CTCs
(C) ICMs
Correct Answer :D

45.CICTAB (Centre for International Co-operative Training in Agricultural Banking)was established by Govt.of India with assistance from
Correct Answer :A

46.Single column cash book may show
(A) Only a Credit Balance
(B) Only a Debit Balance
(C) Either Debit Balance or a Credit Balance
(D) Neither Debit nor Credit
Correct Answer :A

47.The Bank Statement of a customer shows an Overdrawn Balance of Rs.4800.A Cheque for Rs.200 drawn in favour of a creditor has not yet been presented for payment.What will be the bank balance when the creditor presents the cheque for payment?
(A) Rs.5,000(Overdrawn)
(B) Rs.4,600(Overdrawn)
(C) Rs.5,000
(D) Rs.4,600
Correct Answer :A

48.Goods worth Rs.3,000 taken by proprietor for personal use should be
(A) Debited to Debtors Account
(B) Debited to Drawings Account
(C) Credited to Capital Account
(D) Debited to Purchased Account
Correct Answer :B

49.A promissory note is written by
(A) Debtor
(B) Creditor
(C) Debtor or Creditor
(D) Endorser
Correct Answer :A

50.Which of the following adjustments is correct?
(A) Carriage outward shown in the trial balance is debited to Trading account
(B) Outstanding wages in the trial balance appears on the liability side of Balance Sheet
(C) Prepaid insurance given in the Trial balance is debited to P & L account
(D) Asset account is debited to provide for depreciation
Correct Answer :B

51.Net working capital is
(A) Total current assets
(B) Total current assets minus total current liabilities
(C) Gross working capital
(D) Permanent working capital
Correct Answer :B

52.EPS stands for
(A) Earnings Per Share
(B) Earnings Price Share
(C) Earnings Plus Share
(D) Earnings Price Substraction
Correct Answer :A

53.MM approach is related to
(A) Profit
(B) Earnings
(C) Dividend
(D) Investment
Correct Answer :C

54.Risk is measured with the help of
(A) Mean
(B) Harmonic mean
(C) Standard deviation
(D) Standard error
Correct Answer :C

55.IMC stands for
(A) Integrated Marketing Communication
(B) International Marketing Communication
(C) International Marketing Commission
(D) Integrated Marketing Committee
Correct Answer :A

56.Which of the following is not a current asset?
(A) Plant
(B) Cash
(C) Bills receivable
(D) Debtors
Correct Answer :A

57.Surplus means
(A) Net Profit
(B) Excess of income over expenditure
(C) Net loss
(D) Gross profit
Correct Answer :B

58.Prepaid expense is an example of
(A) Fixed asset
(B) Investment
(C) Current asset
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :C

59.Drawing decreases
(A) Capital
(B) Loan
(C) Assets
(D) Liability
Correct Answer :A

60.Bank account is a _________ account
(A) Personal a/c
(B) Real a/c
(C) Nominal a/c
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :A

61.Meaning of the term ‘quid pro quo’is
(A) Something in return
(B) The two parties
(C) Agreement
(D) Free consent
Correct Answer :A

62.A watch given for repair is an example of a contract of
(A) Agency
(B) Bailment
(C) Sale of goods
(D) General contract
Correct Answer :B

63.Select the correct statement
(A) All agreements are contracts
(B) A contract without consideration is valid
(C) Free consent is required from one party of a contrat
(D) All contracts are agreements
Correct Answer :D

64.Which of the following is not  a special type of contract?
(A) Indemnity and guarantee
(B) Bailment and pledge
(C) General contract
(D) Agency
Correct Answer :C

65.Standard deviation is
(A) A measure of dispersion
(B) Absolute measure of dispersion
(C) Relative measure of dispersion
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :B

66.Auditing means
(A) Verifying arithmetical accuracy
(B) Matches debit with credit
(C) Increases the reliability of accounts
(D) All the above
Correct Answer :D

67.Sacrificing ratio is equal to
(A) Old ratio minus new ratio
(B) New ratio minus old ratio
(C) New ratio minus new ratio
(D) Old ratio minus old ratio
Correct Answer :A

68.Select the correct statement
(A) Sales and marketing are same
(B) Sales include marketing
(C) Marketing include sales
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :C

69.Double account means
(A) Preparing only one balance sheet
(B) Preparing accounts under single entry system
(C) Preparing two balance sheets
(D) Preparing two profit and loss a/c
Correct Answer :C

70.Which of the following is a feed back technique?
(A) Planning
(B) Organising
(C) Control
(D) Direction
Correct Answer :C

71.The most scientific measure of dispersion is
(A) Mean
(B) Median
(C) Geometric mean
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :D

72.The probability value ranges between
(A) +1 and -1
(B) 0 and 1
(C) Infinity
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :B

73.Which  is an example of perfect positive correlation?
(A) 0
(B) +1
(C) -1
(D) -98
Correct Answer :B

74.Probable error is associated with
(A) Correlation
(B) Regression
(C) Standard deviation
(D) Arithmetic mean
Correct Answer :A

75.Father of rank correlation is
(A) Karl Pearson
(B) Gosset
(C) Hurwics
(D) Spearman
Correct Answer :D

76.PLC meCorrect Answer :
(A) Product Life Cycle
(B) Production Line Control
(C) Product Length Cycle
(D) Product Life Cycle
Correct Answer :D

77.Select the correct statement
(A) Marketing research and market research are the same
(B) Consumer research and market research are the same
(C) Consumer research and marketing research are the same
(D) None of these
Correct Answer :D

78.Goodwill is
(A) Fixed asset
(B) Intangible asset
(C) Current asset
(D) Wasting asset
Correct Answer :B

79.Single entry means
(A) Recording the debit aspect only
(B) Recording the credit aspect only
(C) Recording selected transactions only
(D) Incomplete double entry
Correct Answer :D

80.Fourteen Commercial Banks were nationalized in
(A) 1968
(B) 1969
(C) 1970
(D) 1972
Correct Answer :B

81.The ‘Upper cloth revolt of 1859’ was started by the women folk of which community?
(A) The Nair
(B) The Namboodiri
(C) The Channar
(D) The Ezhava
Correct Answer :C

82.Among the following who was in charge of the Rani of Jhancy Regiment of the INA?
(A) Ammu Swaminathan
(B) Akkamma Cheriyan
(C) (A) V.Kuttimalu Amma
(D) Lakshmi Sahgal
Correct Answer :D

83.’Athmopadesasathakam’is written by
(A) Swami Anantha Theerthan
(B) Ayyankali
(C) Brahmananda Sivayogi
(D) Sree Narayana  Guru
Correct Answer :D

84.Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with the Directive Principles of State Policy?
(A) Part IV
(B) Part III
(C) Part VIII
(D) Part XV
Correct Answer :A

85.The Right to Information Act was passed in the year
(A) 2001
(B) 2009
(C) 2014
(D) 2005
Correct Answer :D

86.The Indian constitution had how many Schedules at the time of its adoption in 1950?
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 8
(D) 15
Correct Answer :C

87.’Rajyasamacharam’,the first newspaper in Malayalam was published from
(A) Kottayam
(B) Nagarcoil
(C) Thalassery
(D) Attingal
Correct Answer :C

88.Gandhiji’s first visit to Kerala was related with
(A) The Khilafat-on co-operation movement
(B) The Harijan upliftment
(C) The Quit India Movement
(D) The Vaikkom Satyagraha
Correct Answer :A

89.Which constitutional Amendment incorporated Fundamental duties in to the Indian Constitution?
(A) 42nd
(B) 1st
(C) 96th
(D) 69th
Correct Answer :A

90.Inclusion of the educated natives in the higher grades of public services was a demand of which of these movements?
(A) Ezhava Memorial
(B) Malayali Memorial
(C) The Abstention Movement
(D) Swadesi Movement
Correct Answer :B

91.Which Missionary society started the first primary school at Kallai in Malabar?
(A) London Mission Society
(B) Basel Evangelical Mission Society
(C) Church Mission Society
(D) Theosophical Society
Correct Answer :B

92.’Vedhadhikaraniroopanam’is a work by
(A) Sri Narayana Guru
(B) Chattampi Swamikal
(C) Sivayogi
(D) Sudraka
Correct Answer :B

93.Who founded the Samathwa Samajam?
(A) Dr.Palpu
(B) (C) V.Kunjuraman
(C) Pandit K.P.Karuppan
(D) Vaikunda Swamikal
Correct Answer :D

94.Vagbhatananda was associated with
(A) Yogakhema Sabha
(B) Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham
(C) Atma Vidya Sangham
(D) Kochi Pulaya Mahasabha
Correct Answer :C

95.’The Islam Dharma Paripalana Samajam’was founded by
(A) Vakkom Abdul Khadir Moulavi
(B) Muhammed Abdurahiman
(C) Moidu Maulavi
(D) Mamburam Thangal
Correct Answer :A

96.Who was the first Director of the ‘Kerala Bhasha Institute’?
(A) K.T.Muhammed
(B) N.V.Krishna Varriar
(C) Abraham Joseph
(D) P.N.Panikkar
Correct Answer :B

97.The first Adivasi Panchayath in Kerala
(A) Thirunelly
(B) Edamalakkudi
(C) Devikulam
(D) Attappadi
Correct Answer :B

98.Who started the paper ‘Mitavadi’?
(A) (C) Krishnan
(B) K.Ayyappan
(C) Ramakrishna Pilla
(D) V.T.Bhattathirippad
Correct Answer :A

99.In ‘UAPA’what is the expansion of ‘U’?
(A) Useful
(B) Ultra
(C) Unlawful
(D) Universal
Correct Answer :C

100.The first complete printed book in Malayalam language is
(A) Chaturantyam
(B) Varthamanapusthakam
(C) Hortus Malabaricus
(D) Samkshepavedartham
Correct Answer :D

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