Kerala PSC Assistant Engineer Solved Paper - Exam held on 05-04-2017

Exam Held on 05-04-2017
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2017

1.The ratio of the  actual work available at the turbine to energy imparted to the wheel is called:
[A] Hydraulic efficiency
[B] Mechanical efficiency
[C] Overall efficiency
[D] Turbine efficiency
Correct Answer: [A]

2.A draft tube is used in:
[A] Pelton wheel turbine
[B] Impulse turbine
[C] Francis turbine
[D] Very high specific speed turbines
Correct Answer: [C]

3.Choose the wrong statement:
[A] Impulse type turbine is suited for high heads
[B] Propeller type turbine is suited for low heads
[C] Francis turbine is a medium head turbine
[D] Impulse type turbine is a high specific speed turbine
Correct Answer: [D]

4.Saving of work done and power by fitting an air vessel to a single acting reciprocating pump is of the order:
[A] 39.2%
[B] 49.2%
[C] 84.8%
[D] 68.8%
Correct Answer: [C]

5.Compressed air coming out from a punctured football:
[A] Becomes hotter
[B] Becomes cooler
[C] Remains at same temperature
[D] May initially hotter and attains atmospheric temperature
Correct Answer: [C]

6.The ratio of actual cycle efficiency to that of the ideal cycle efficiency is called:
[A] Isentropic efficiency
[B] Effectiveness
[C] Work ratio
[D] Net efficiency
Correct Answer: No Answer

7Carnot cycle consists of following four processes:
[A] Two isothermals and two isentropic
[B] Two isentropic and two isochoric
[C] Two isentropic and two isobaric
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

8.The expansion of a nozzle is a:
[A] Isentropic process
[B] Adiabatic process
[C] Isochoric process
[D] Isobaric process
Correct Answer: [A]

9.When two gases suddenly mix up with each other then the resultant entropy of the system will:
[A] Decrease
[B] Remain same
[C] Increase
[D] May increase or decrease depending upon the initial value
Correct Answer: [C]

10.Following relationship defines Gibb’s free energy G:
[A] G=H+TS
[B] G=H-TS
[C] G=U+TS
[D] G=U-TS
Correct Answer: [B]

11.Pick up the correct relationship from the following:
[A] TdS=dH-Vdp
[B] TdS=dH+Vdp
[C] TdS=dU-Vdp
[D] Tds=dH-pdV
Correct Answer: [D]

12.All gases behave ideally under:
[A] High-temperature conditions
[B] Low-pressure conditions
[C] High-pressure conditions
[D] High pressure and high-temperature conditions
Correct Answer: [A]

13.A diathermic  wall is one which:
[A] Permits thermal interactions
[B] Prevents thermal interactions
[C] Encourages thermal interactions
[D] Does not exist
Correct Answer: [A]

14.During throttling process:
[A] There is no change in internal energy
[B] No work is done
[C] Heat exchange does not take place
[D] All of the above
Correct Answer: [D]

15.Dalton’s law states that:
[A] Pressure exerted by a mixture of gases in a fixed volume is equal to the sum of the pressure that would be exerted by each gas alone in the same volume
[B] Pressure exerted is same in all directions in a fixed volume
[C] All of the above
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

16.Eutectoid steel contains the following percentage of carbon:
[A] 0.02%
[B] 0.03%
[C] 0.33%
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [D]

17.Induction hardening is the process of:
[A] Relieving of stresses throughout a component
[B] Heating and cooling suddenly
[C] Hardening the surface of a work piece to obtain a wear resistant surface
[D] Hardening core
Correct Answer: [C]

18.The depth of hardness of steel is increased by the addition of :
[A] Nickel
[B] Chromium
[C] Tungsten
[D] Vanadium
Correct Answer: [B]

19.Pearlite is a combination of:
[A] Terrie and cementite
[B] Ferrite and austenite
[C] Ferrite and iron graphite
[D] Cementite and gamma iron
Correct Answer: [A]

20.Hypo eutectoid steels have carbon content:
[A] Equal to 0.93%
[B] Less than 0.83%
[C] More than 0.93% and upto 2%
[D] More than 2%
Correct Answer: [B]

21.The effect of alloying zinc to copper is to:
[A] Improve welding characteristics
[B] Improve hardness
[C] Impart free machining properties
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [D]

22.Pick up the wrong statement.Annealing results in:
[A] Refining grain structure
[B] Relieving internal stresses
[C] Improving wear resistance
[D] Improving machinability
Correct Answer: [C]

23.Case hardening is the only method suitable for hardening:
[A] High alloy steel
[B] High carbon steel
[C] High-speed steel
[D] Low carbon steel
Correct Answer: [D]

24.Martensite is the supersaturated solution of carbon in:
[A] Iron
[B] Steel
[C] Alpha-iron
[D] Beta-iron
Correct Answer: [C]

25.Permalloy is a:
[A] Nonferrous alloy
[B] Combination of nickel and iron alloy
[C] Alloy of tin, lead and cadmium
[D] Kind of stainless steel
Correct Answer: [B]

26The crystal structure of gamma iron is:
[A] Body-centered cubic
[B] Orthorhombic crystal
[C] Face-centered cubic
[D] Hexagonally closed packed
Correct Answer: [C]

27.Following gases are used in Tungsten inert gas Welding:
[A] Hydrogen and Oxygen
[B] Carbon dioxide and Oxygen
[C] Helium and Neon
[D] Argon and Helium
Correct Answer: [D]

28.Preheating is essential in welding of:
[A] High-speed steel
[B] Stainless steel
[C] Cast iron
[D] German silver
Correct Answer: [C]

29.Grey iron is usually welded by:
[A] Gas welding
[B] Arc welding
[C] TIG welding
[D] MIG welding
Correct Answer: [A]

30.A process in which arc is maintained under a blanket of flux is called as:
[A] TIG welding
[B] Submerged arc welding
[C] Thermit welding
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [B]

31.The vacuum maintained  in the electron beam welding is of the order:
[A] 1 torr
[B] 5 torr
[C] 10-1torr
[D] 10-5torr
Correct Answer: [D]

32.Which of the following materials cannot be forged?
[A] Wrought iron
[B] Cast iron
[C] Mild steel
[D] High speed steel
Correct Answer: [B]

33.A cylindrical section having no joints is called as:
[A] Seamless
[B] Perfect
[C] Pointless
[D] Ideal
Correct Answer: [A]

34.Which of the following rolling mills is required to reduce a slab directly to strip in one pass?
[A] Continuous rolling mill
[B] Two high mill
[C] Planetary mill
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [C]

35.Symmetrical hollow parts of circular cross-section are made by hot:
[A] Forging
[B] Drawing
[C] Extrusion
[D] Spinning
Correct Answer: [D]

36.Flange wrinkling is the defect found in the following process:
[A] Deep drawing
[B] Metal spinning
[C] Bending
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

37.If compression ratio of an engine working on Otto cycle is increased 3 to 6,its air standard efficiency will increase by:
[A] 1%
[B] 20%
[C] 8%
[D] Remain the same
Correct Answer: No Correct Answer

38.With increase in cut-off ratio,the thermal efficiency of a Diesel cycle having fixed compression ratio will:
[A] Increase
[B] Decrease
[C] Remains the same
[D] May increase initially and then decreases
Correct Answer: [B]

39.Due to detonation the following parameters attains very high value:
[A] Rate of temperature rise
[B] Peak temperature
[C] Rate of rise of horse power
[D] Rate of pressure rise
Correct Answer: [D]

40.After cooler is used to:
[A] Cool the air
[B] Reduce volume
[C] Cause moisture and oil vapour to drop out
[D] Increase pressure
Correct Answer: [C]

41.Compressor efficiency is the ratio of:
[A] Isothermal horse power to indicated horse power
[B] Isothermal horse power to shaft horse power
[C] Compressor work to motor input
[D] Total output to air input
Correct Answer: [A]

42.Open cycle gas turbins works on:
[A] Carnot cycle
[B] Brayton cycle
[C] Joules cycle
[D] Ranking cycle
Correct Answer: [B]

43.Intercooling in gas turbines results in:
[A] Increase in net both thermal efficiency and net output
[B] Increase in thermal efficiency but decrease in net output
[C] Decrease in both thermal efficiency and net output
[D] Increase in net output but decrease in thermal efficiency
Correct Answer: [D]

44.The concept of overall heat transfer coefficient is used in case of heat transfer by:
[A] Radiation
[B] Conduction
[C] Conduction and convection
[D] Convection
Correct Answer: [C]

45.If there are 4 number of fundamental dimensions and 7 number of variables,then the number of pi terms for dimensional analysis will be:
[A] 4
[B] 3
[C] 7
[D] 11
Correct Answer: [B]

46.Fourie’s law of heat conduction is valid for:
[A] One dimensional flow
[B] Two dimensional flow
[C] Three dimensional flow
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

47.Absorptivity of a body will be equal to its emissivity:
[A] At all temperature
[B] At one particular temperature
[C] When system is in thermal equilibrium
[D] For a polished surface
Correct Answer: [C]

48.In free convection heat transfer,Nusselt number is a function of:
[A] Reynolds number and Pandtl number
[B] Reynolds number and Grashoffs number
[C] Prandtl number and Grashoffs number
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [C]

49.The vapour compression refrigerator employs the following cycle
[A] Reversed Carnot
[B] Reversed Rankline
[C] Reversed Brayton
[D] Reversed Joules cycle
Correct Answer: [A]

50.Critical temperature is the temperature above which
[A] Water will evaporate
[B] A gas will  liquefy
[C] Water will solidfy
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

51.In vapour compressioncyclethe  condition of refrigeration is dry saturated vapour.
[A] After passing the condense
[B] Before passing the expansion valve
[C] After passing the throttle valve
[D] Before entering the compressor
Correct Answer: [D]

52.Creep in belt drive is due to
[A] Larger size of the driver pulley
[B] Material of the pulley
[C] Uneven extensions and contractions due to varying tension
[D] Expansion of belt
Correct Answer: [C]

53.The gear which is used to transmit power from one rotating shaft to an other whose axes are neither parallel nor intersecting is
[A] Spiral gear
[B] Worm gear
[C] Spur gear
[D] Bevel gear
Correct Answer: [A]

54.The brake commonly used on train bogies is
[A] Band and block brake
[B] Electric brake
[C] Shoe brake
[D] Internal expanding
Correct Answer: [C]

55.The circle passing through the bottom of the teeth of gear is known as
[A] Dedendum circle
[B] Prime circle
[C] Addendum circle
[D] Base circle
Correct Answer: [A]

56.According to law of gearing
[A] Dedendum should be  equal to 1.157 m
[B] Teeth should of cycloidal type
[C] Teeth should be of involute type
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [D]

57.Peaucellier mechanism has
[A] Eight links
[B] Six links
[C] Four links
[D] Twelve links
Correct Answer: [A]

58.Transmission of power from the engine to the rear axle of an automobile is by means of
[A] Worm and wheel method
[B] Hooke’s joint
[C] Crown gear
[D] Compound gears
Correct Answer: [B]

59.Any point on a link connecting double slider crank chain will trace a
[A] Circle
[B] Parabola
[C] Ellipse
[D] Straight line
Correct Answer: [C]

60.The gear train is which the first and last gear are on the same axis,is known as
[A] Simple gear train
[B] Compuound gear train
[C] Epicyclic gear train
[D] Reverted gear train
Correct Answer: [D]

61.The power transmitted by a belt is maximum when the maximum tension in the belt compared to centrifugal tension is
[A] 2 times
[B] 1.5 times
[C] 3 times
[D] 4 times
Correct Answer: [C]

62.The included angle in Acme thread is
[A] 60 degree
[B] 55 degree
[C] 47.5 degree
[D] 30 degree
Correct Answer: [D]

63.Choose the best suited type of screw thread for applications for stresses on threadsinone direction only
[A] Buttress
[B] Square
[C] Metric
Correct Answer: [A]

64.Shaft coupling is used in machinery to
[A] Alter the vibrating characteristics of rotaing unit
[B] Reducetransmission of shock loads
[C] Introduce protection against over loads
[D] All of the above
Correct Answer: [D]

65.From coefficient of spring is defined as
[A] Ratio of coil diameter to wire diameter
[B] Load required to produce unit deflection
[C] The capability of storing energy
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [C]

66.Back lash in spur gears is the
[A] Difference between the dedendum of one gear and the addendum,of the mating gear
[B] Difference betweenthe tooth space of one gear and the tooth thickness of mating gear measured on pitch circle
[C] Intentional extension of centre distance between two gears
[D] None  of the above
Correct Answer: [B]

67.In a laminated spring,the various strips are made of different length for the following reason
[A] Reduction in weight
[B] Ease in fabrication
[C] Equal distribution of stress
[D] Space consideration
Correct Answer: [C]

68.The diameter of shaft in any power transmission system is proportional to
[A] Speed of the shaft
[B] Horse power to be transmitted
[C] Torque to be transmitted
[D] Allowable shear stress of the material
Correct Answer: [C]

69.Excessive back and forth movement of the crankshaft is prevented by
[A] Thrust bearing
[B] Sleeve bearing
[C] Shaft journal
[D] Harmonic balance
Correct Answer: [A]

70.Piston pins are usually either a press fit in the rod or
[A] Locked to the rod with a bolt
[B] Free floating in the rod and piston
[C] Locked to the piston with a bolt
[D] A press fit in the piston
Correct Answer: [A]

71.If no resistance is encountered by displacement,such a substance is known as
[A] Perfect solid
[B] Perfect liquid
[C] Gas
[D] Ideal fluid
Correct Answer: [D]

72.Pressure coefficient is the ratio of pressure force to
[A] Inertia force
[B] Viscous force
[C] Gravity force
[D] Elasticity
Correct Answer: [A]

73.A stream line is defined as the line
[A] Parallel to central axis of flow
[B] Parallel to outer surface of pipe
[C] Along which the pressure drop is uniform
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

74.Two pipe systems can be said to be equivalent,when the following quantities are same:
[A] Velocity and diameter
[B] Friction loss and flow
[C] Length and diameter
[D] Flow and length
Correct Answer: [B]

75.For pipes,transition flow occurs when Reynolds number is:
[A] Less than 2000
[B] In between 1800 and 2200
[C] In between 2300 and 4000
[D] More than 4000
Correct Answer: [C]

76.The hydraulic gradient line is:
[A] Always moving up
[B] Always moving down
[C] The  velocity head below the energy grade line
[D] Always above the energy grade line
Correct Answer: [B]

77.In a single casing,multi stage pump running at constant speed,how the capacity rating is to be lowered:
[A] Coating a new material on the impeller
[B] Trimming the impeller size to the required size by machining
[C] Impossible
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

78.Negative slip in a reciprocating pump occurs when:
[A] The speed of the pump is too high
[B] Actual discharge is greater than theoretical discharge
[C] All of the above
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [C]

79.Motionof liquid in volute casingof a centrifugal pump  is an example of:
[A] Spiral vortex flow
[B] Radial flow
[C] Forced cylindrical vortex flow
[D] Forced spiral vortex flow
Correct Answer: [D]

80.Guide angle as per the aerofoil theory of Kaplan turbine a blade design is defined as the angle between
[A] Lift and resultant force
[B] Drag and resultant force
[C] Lift and tangential force
[D] Lift and drag
Correct Answer: [A]

81.Ibn Battuta visited India in the :
[A] 14th Century
[B] 11th Century
[C] 17th Century
[D] 18th Century
Correct Answer: [A]

82.Who is considered as “The Grand Old Man of India”?
[A] [A] O.Hume
[B] S.N.Bannerji
[C] Motilal Nehru
[D] Dadabai Navaroji
Correct Answer: [D]

83.Kurichiya leader in the Pazhassi revolt:
[A] Kannavath Sankaran Nambiar
[B] Thalakkal Chandu
[C] Edachana Kungan Nair
[D] Ambu Nair
Correct Answer: [B]

84.Political pupil of Gopala Krishna Gokhale:
[A] Sardar Vallabai Patel
[B] Jawaharlal Nehru
[C] Gadhiji
[D] Azad
Correct Answer: [C]

85.The first five year plan started in India in:
[A] 1951
[B] 1948
[C] 1950
[D] 1949
Correct Answer: [A]

86.The Slogan “Garibi Hatavo”introduced by:
[A] Rajiv Gandhi
[B] Lal Bahadur Sastri
[C] Jayaprakash Narayan
[D] Indira Gandhi
Correct Answer: [D]

87.The river flowing through Attapadi:
[A] Manimala River
[B] Siruvani
[C] Pampar
[D] Kabani
Correct Answer: [B]

88.Capital of Assam:
[A] Dispur
[B] Impahi
[C] Itanagar
[D] Gangtok
Correct Answer: [A]

89.Father of Malayalam film:
[A] Ramu Kariat
[B] K.G.George
[C] J.C Daniel
[D] Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Correct Answer: [C]

90.The __________ served as a corridor between the Carnatic and the Malabar Coast.
[A] Bolan pass
[B] Khyber pass
[C] Aryankavu pass
[D] Palghat gap
Correct Answer: [D]

91.Early name of Mohammed Ali,America professional boxer and activist
[A] Cassius clay
[B] Rocky Marciano
[C] Jose Louis
[D] Lennox Lewis
Correct Answer: [A]

92.The present Vice Chairman of Kerala State Planning Board:
[A] P.Ramachandran
[B] N.Ramachandran
[C] V.K.Ramachandran
[D] Ramachandran
Correct Answer: [C]

93.”Ace against Odds”is the autobiography of:
[A] Rafel Nadal
[B] Sania Mirza
[C] Andre Agass
[D] Roger Federer
Correct Answer: [B]

94.”Big Bang”theory is associated with:
[A] Alfred Wegener
[B] Fred-Hoyle
[C] Erasmus
[D] Edwin Hubble
Correct Answer: [D]

95.Lowest layer of Atmosphere:
[A] Stratosphere
[B] Mesosphere
[C] Troposphere
[D] Thermosphere
Correct Answer: [C]

96.Ezhava Memorial was submitted to:
[A] Sree Mulam Thirual
[B] Visakham Thirunal
[C] Ayilam Thirunal
[D] Uthram Thirunal
Correct Answer: [A]

97.Who founded Aryasamajam?
[A] Subhananda Guru
[B] Velukutty Arayan
[C] Anandatheerdha
[D] Pandit Karuppan
Correct Answer: [D]

98.Yachana Yathra led by:
[A] A.K Gopalan
[B] V.T. Bhattathirippad
[C] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[D] M.R. Bhattathirippad
Correct Answer: [B]

99.”Atmaanuthapam”is the work of:
[A] Kuriakose Elias Chavara
[B] Paulose Mar Gregorious
[C] Philipose Mar Chrisostem
[D] Paulose Mar Paulose
Correct Answer: [A]

100.Swedesabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai died at:
[A] Delhi
[B] Burma
[C] Kannur
[D] Madras
Correct Answer: [C]

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