Kerala PSC Civil Excise Officer Solved Paper - Exam Held on 01-04-2017

Exam Held on 01-04-2017
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2017

1.The code name of the first vehicle driven by a man on the moon’s surface:
Correct Answer: [B]

2.In which year IT act came into force in India?
Correct Answer: [A]

3.The fear of being out of mobile phone contact is known as:
Correct Answer: [C]

4.In which place the Mortuary temple of Seti 1 located?
Correct Answer: [D]

5.In which country recently conducted the first Brain implantation?
Correct Answer: [B]

6.Name the Identity Card given to artisans in Gujarat for National recognition:
Correct Answer: [C]
7.Who was appointed as Sub Collector of Thalassery to suppress the revolt of Pazhassi Raja
[C]Robert Clive
Correct Answer: [D]

8.Name the robot has been introduced by Kumbakonam based City Union Bank to Improve Customer Service:
Correct Answer: [D]

9.Name the revolutionary Cuban leader who dies on 25thNovember 2016
[A]Fidel Vostro
[B]Ryan Vastro
[C]Ryder Castro
[D]Fidel Castro
Correct Answer: [D]

10.In which year NABARD was established?
Correct Answer: [D]

11.Who is the present Chairman of National Hydro Electric Power Corporation?
[A]Shyam Srinivasan
[C]Ajaypal Singh
Correct Answer: [B]

12.Headquarters of the Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI)
[C]New Delhi
Correct Answer: [D]

13.Name of the currency of Japan:
Correct Answer: [A]

14.India’s Satellite launch-pad is located at:
Correct Answer: [D]

15.A method of growing plants without soil:
Correct Answer: [C]

16.Who is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius?
[A]Anirood Jugnauth
[C]Mehbooba Mufti
[D]Zakkir Ustad
Correct Answer:

17.Name of Tibetan Word for New Year:
Correct Answer: [C]

18.Where did International court of Justice situated?
Correct Answer: [D]

19.World Television Day is celebrated on:
[A]May 21
[B]June 29
[C]November 21
[D]March 22
Correct Answer: [C]

20.Which  is the capital of Australia?
Correct Answer: [A]

21.Who is the Chairman of ISRO?
[B]AS. Kirankumar
Correct Answer: [B]

22.Which British Viceroy was related to Subsidiary Alliance System?
[A]Lord Elnborough
[B]Lord Canning
[C]Lord Wellesley
[D]Lord Mount Batten
Correct Answer: [C]
23.In which year the Twelfth Five year plan started?
Correct Answer: [D]

24.Newly elected President of USA on November 8,2016:
[A]Ted Cruz
[B]Hillary Clinton
[C]Donald Trump
[D]Marco Rubio
Correct Answer: [C]

25.In which state Kakatiya Thermal Power Project existed?
Correct Answer: [A]

26.Where did the first Satyagraha experiment made by Gandhi in India?
Correct Answer: [B]

27.Where did Keibul Lamjao National Park,the worlds only floating national park was located?
Correct Answer: [A]

28.Which University has developed the worlds first light seeking Synthetic Nano Robot?
[A]Oxford University
[B]University of Hongkong
[C]Cambridge University
[D]Harward University
Correct Answer: [B]

29.First state to launch Cyber Police Stations in each districts in India:
Correct Answer: [D]

30.Number of Tinais mentioned in Sangam literature:
Correct Answer: [A]

31.Who is the founder of Atmavidyasangam?
[B]Subramanya Bharathy
Correct Answer: [C]

32.Where is Jose Maria Cordova International Airport located?
Correct Answer: [B]

33.Which is the Coastal Port City had trade relations with Yavanas,situated on the banks of River periyar?
Correct Answer: [D]

34.In which state’Annapurna Rasoi Programme’to provide quality meal at cheap price to weaker sections of people was launched?
Correct Answer: [A]

35.The Head quarters f Malayalam University in Kerala situated:
Correct Answer: [D]

36.Which Day is Celebrated as Natiaonal Milk Day?
[A]March 7
[B]August 16
[C]November 26
[D]October 11
Correct Answer: [C]

37.Who was the leader of 1857 revolt in Baraut Pargana in Uttarpradesh?
[A]Shah Mal
[B]Maulavi Ahamdulla
[C]Kunwar Singh
[D]Vajid Ali Sha
Correct Answer: [A]

38.Who implemented the first Five Year Plan in Soviet Union?
[B]Joseph Stalin
Correct Answer: [B]

39.In which year India became a member of World Trade Organization?
Correct Answer:

40.Name the event which was followed as a part of Anti-Rowlatt struggle in India?
[A]Wagon Tragedy
[B]Mappila revolt
[C]Partition revolt
[D]Jallianwalabagh Massacre
Correct Answer: [D]

41.In which year Kundara proclamation declared?
Correct Answer: [B]

42.Which country’s court poet was Atula in the ancient Kerala?
Correct Answer: [A]

43.The first Swadeshi printing press started by Chavara Kuriakose Elias:
Correct Answer: [A]

44.The first book completely printed in Malayalam:
Correct Answer: [B]

45.Which Indian river is known as Tsangpo in China?
Correct Answer: [C]

46.Who was the exponent of ‘Aiyyavazhi’system of belief?
[B]Sreenarayana Guru
Correct Answer: [C]

47.The tallest Peak in Himalaya Mountains:
[A]Mount Everest
[D]Kanchen junga
Correct Answer: [A]

48.Which Planet is famous for its big Red Spot on it?
Correct Answer: [D]

49.Which University is Renamed as Kerala University?
[A]Malabar University
[B]Travancore University
[C]Venad University
[D]Gandhi University
Correct Answer: [B]

50.Who wrote ‘Prachina Malayalam’?
[A]Kunjan Nambiar
[B]K.P. Kesavamenon
Correct Answer: [C]

51.The ‘Dronacharya Award’was given to:
[D]Sports Editors
Correct Answer: [B]

52.Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
[B]Neil Armstrong
[C]Edmund Hilary
[D]Kalpana Chawla
Correct Answer: [B]

53.The pass located at the Southern end of Nilgiri Hills in South India:
[A]Bhorghat Gap
[B]Thlaghat Pass
[C]Bolan Pass
[D]Palghat Gap
Correct Answer: [D]

54.Who invented the Steam Engine?
[B]Thomas Savery
[C]James Watt
[D]Writht Brothers
Correct Answer: [C]

55.Numismatics is the study of:
Correct Answer: [A]

56.What is the name of the first satellite sent into space?
Correct Answer: [A]

57.Which instrument is used to measure Pressure?
Correct Answer: [B]

58.Which is the border line that sepaerates India and Pakistan?
[A]Radcliff line
[B]Line of Control
[C]Durant line
[D]Rann of Kutch
Correct Answer: [A]

59.Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?
[A]Manoj Kothari
[B]Michael Ferrerna
[C]Wilson Jones
[D]Geet Sethi
Correct Answer: [C]

60.Where is the headquarters of National Thermal Power Corporation situated?
[B]New Delhi
Correct Answer: [B]

61.What is the sum of the even integers from  100 to 1000?
Correct Answer: [C]

62.10% of x is 25% of y then x:y is:
Correct Answer: [A]

Correct Answer: [B]

64.If 100/3*3n-3n-1=891,then the value of ‘n’is:
Correct Answer: [B]

65.The cost price of 60 articles is equal to the selling price of 50 articles.The gain % is:
Correct Answer: [A]

66.Average of a,b,c is p and ab+bc+ca=3,What is the average of a²,b²,c²?
Correct Answer: [C]

67.A square garden measuring 10 meter on a side is surrounded by a 2 meter wide path.What is the are of the path?
[A]44 sq.m
[B]144 sq.m
[C]196 sq.m
[D]96 sq.m
Correct Answer: [D]

68.148.62+5.891+36.4+213.06= _____
[D]None of these
Correct Answer: [A]

69.A work can finish 6 male workers or 9 female workers in 20 days.How many days take to finish the same work with 4 male workers and 4 female workers?
[A]10 days
[B]18 days
[C]12 days
[D]15 days
Correct Answer: [B]

70.A bank is calculate the simple interest at the rate 12 ½%,how many years take a fixed amount become doubled:
[A]4 years
[B]12 years
[C]8 years
[D]10 years
Correct Answer: [C]

71.A and B start from a fixed point, A moves 6 km  west ward and turns left and then covers 5km,B moves 3 km north ward and stand there.The distance between A and B now is:
[A]10 km
[B]8 km
[C]9 km
[D]11 km
Correct Answer: [A]

72.P is Q’s brother,Q is R’s sister and R is S’s father then S is P’s:
[D]None of these
Correct Answer: [D]

73.Which of the following is replaces the question mark.
Correct Answer: [C]

74.Seen through a mirror,the arms of a clock shows 8.50.What is the actual time?
Correct Answer: [B]

75.BACD is coded as 2134,what would HFEG stands for:
Correct Answer: [D]

76.Find the missing number of the series.9,16,30,-,114
Correct Answer: [B]

77.Find the odd man out:
Correct Answer: [A]

78.If the Christmas day of 2017 is MONDAY,then the Republic Day of 2018 is:
Correct Answer: [D]

79.If <means+,>means-,^means /,v means x then the value of 16^ 4V 2<2>3
Correct Answer: [A]

80.Find out the correct alternative with the series.K4J3RPQ2TV3A3
Correct Answer: [C]

81.Select a world synonymous with ;INTEGRITY’.
Correct Answer: [C]

82.Each of these apartment buildings has _________ own swimming pool
Correct Answer: [A]

83.Use the correct adverb to replace the groups of words in bold letters.He,was appointed principal,”FOR THE PRESENT TIME ONLY”:
Correct Answer: [D]

84.Identify the sentence “Look before you leap”:
Correct Answer: [B]

85.We agree _________ most things
Correct Answer: [C]

86.Put the adjectives in right order.The house was ______ building
[A]A nice stone old
[B]A nice old stone
[C]A stone old nice
[D]An old nice stone
Correct Answer: [B]

87.Choose the correct plural form of ‘Basis’
Correct Answer: [D]

88.The noun ‘SPONTANEITY’belongs to which category:
Correct Answer: [C]

89.Many a man _______ tempted by gold
Correct Answer: [A]

90.Select the word which is opposite to ‘STERN’:
Correct Answer: [D]

91.Choose the most apporpriate  word:
The –of a railway engine is almost deafening.
Correct Answer: [C]

92.Use the correct conditionals She would buy a pony if _______ enough money
[A]She has
[B]She have
[C]She had
[D]She did
Correct Answer: [C]

93.Find the phrase that best fits in to the blank in the sentence
The occasion _______ prompt action
[A]Call up
[B]Call to
[C]Call out
[D]Call for
Correct Answer: [D]

94.Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom:
“To show the white feather”
[A]To show signs to cowardice
[B]To seek peace
[C]To show arrogance
[D]To become polite
Correct Answer: [A]

95.The boy,along with the tourists-gone
Correct Answer: [B]

96.Find out the passive form of:
“Does she know me”?
[A]Did I know her?
[B]Has she known me?
[C]Am I Known to her?
Correct Answer: [C]

97.Choose the correctly spelt word:
Correct Answer: [A]

98.Which sentence is correct?
[A]He was universally loved and honoured by all
[B]He was universally loved and honoured
[C]He was universally loved and honoured by every one
Correct Answer: [B]

99.Choose the correct tag question:Don’t make any noise,________?
[A]Do you?
[B]Don’t you?
[C]Will you?
[D]Does you?
Correct Answer: [C]

100.Complete the sentence meaningfully:
Seeing that the child was ill,the:
[A]Windows of the room were closed
[B]Doctor was sent for
[C]Bottle of the medicine was found empty
[D]Mother sent for the doctor
Correct Answer: [D]

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