Kerala PSC Dairy Extension Officer Solved Paper - Exam Held on 20-02-2017

Exam Held on 20-02-2017
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2017

1.The words ‘Unity and Integrity of Nation’ in the preamble was substituted for the word’Unity of Nation’ by
[A] 42nd Amendment
[B] 44th Amendment
[C] 40th Amendment
[D] 41st Amendment
Correct Answer: [A]

2.According to Constitution of India, the executive power of the Union is vested in
[A] Parliament
[B] Prime minister
[C] President
[D] Chief Justice of India
Correct Answer: [C]

3.Directive Principle of State policy is contained in
[A] Part IV from Art.42-51
[B] Part IV from Art.36-51
[C] Part V from Art.50-63
[D] Part VI from Art.36-51
Correct Answer: [B]

4.Which of the following Article be amended by simple majority
[A] Art.4
[B] Art.169(3)
[C] Art.239A
[D] All above
Correct Answer: [D]

5.Under Art.14 the state shall not deny to any person
[A] Equality before the law
[B] Equal protection of the law
[C] Both Option 1 & 2
[D] None
Correct Answer: [C]

6.Which part is described as Magnacarta of Indian Constitution
[A] Part III
[B] Part II
[C] Part IV A
[D] Part V
Correct Answer: [A]

7.Art.29 and 30 deals with
[A] Religious Freedom
[B] Right to life and liberty
[C] Right against exploitation
[D] Cultural and Educational right
Correct Answer: [D]

8.Which of the following Article deals with amendment of the constitution
[A] 362
[B] 368
[C] 367
[D] 363
Correct Answer: [D]

9.National Gram Puraskar is related with
[A] Sanitation
[B] Environment
[C] Unemployment
[D] Food production
Correct Answer: [A]

10.Protection of children from sexual offenses act came in to force on
[A] November 14,2013
[B] November 14,2011
[C] November 14,2012
[D] November 14,2014
Correct Answer: [C]

11.In August 2012 the Govt.of Kerala started the deceased donor transplantation programme captioned
[A] Amrutham
[B] Santhwanam
[C] Jeevani
[D] Mruthasnjeevani
Correct Answer: [D]

12.Atma Vidya Sangam in 1917 was founded by
[A] Sree Narayana Guru
[B] Vagbhatananda
[C] Brahmananda Shivayogi
[D] Chattampi Swamiakal
Correct Answer: [B]

13.’Samatva Samajam’was  founded  by
[A] Vaikunta Swami
[B] Vagbhatananda
[C] Brahmananda Shivayogi
[D] Sahodaran Ayyappan
Correct Answer: [A]

14.Who was the editor of ‘Mitavadi’Calicut
[A] Kumaranasan
[B] A Ayyappan
[C] C Krishnan
[D] T.K Madhavan
Correct Answer: [C]

15.Chattampi Swamikal attained Samadhi at:
[A] Chempazhanti
[B] Kannanmoola
[C] Sivagiri
[D] Panmana
Correct Answer: [D]

16.In 1907 Ayyankali founded
[A] SNDP Yogam
[B] Sadhu Jana Paripalana Yogam
[C] Nair Service Society
[D] Yogakshema Sabha
Correct Answer: [B]

17.The novel ‘Premamrutam’was written by
[A] CV. Raman Pillai
[B] K.M.Panikkar
[C] Chandu Menon
[D] P.Kesavadev
Correct Answer: [A]

18.The drama ‘Balabalam’was written by
[A] V.T.Bhattatiripad
[B] M.P.Bhattatiripad
[C] N.Krishna Pillai
[D] K.Damodaran
Correct Answer: [C]

19.The ‘Al Amin’ started publication from Calicut in October 1924 under the editorship of
[A] S.K.Pottekkat
[B] Vaikom Muhammed Basheer
[C] Vakkom Abdul Khadir Maulavi
[D] Muhammed Abdur Rahman
Correct Answer: [D]

20.Who was the first President of Nair Service Society
[A] Mannath Padmanabhan
[B] K.Kelappan
[C] K.Paramu Pillai
[D] Pannagattu Keshava Panikkar
Correct Answer: [B]

21.As per Indian standards, only________welding shall be done for all joints in stainless steel for construction of a milk silo
[A] Arc
[D] Plasma welding
Correct Answer: [B]

22._________ pump is commonly used in dairy plants as a CIP return pump for a cleaning solution that contains large amounts of air:
[A] Centrifugal pump
[B] Mono pump
[C] Piston pump
[D] Liquid ring pump
Correct Answer: [D]

23.If the moisture content of a food product on wet basis is 50%, the dry moisture content of the product is
[A] 25%
[B] 50%
[C] 100%
[D] 200%
Correct Answer: [C]

24.The theory applied to centrifugal separation of milk fat is
[A] Stokes law
[B] Recknageal Phenomenon
[C] Ohm’s law
[D] All of these
Correct Answer: [A]

25.Milk is deficient in _______ content
[A] Iron
[B] Iodine
[C] Copper
[D] All of these
Correct Answer: [D]

26._________ type of koha is used for preparing Kalakand
[A] Pindi
[B] Dhap
[C] Danedar
[D] Mixture of 1 and 2
Correct Answer: [C]

27.Name the stabilizer used in ice cream that requires no aging of mix
[A] Gelatin
[B] Carrageenan
[C] Guar gum
[D] Sodium alginate
Correct Answer: [D]

28.Spheroplasts are related to ________ organisms
[A] Gram Positive
[B] Gram Negative
[C] Acid Fast
[D] Eukaryotic
Correct Answer: [B]

29.Mare milk is used for the preparation of the acid alcoholic product
[A] Kefir
[B] Koumiss
[C] Villi
[D] Kishk
Correct Answer: [B]

30.In cheese making process rennet act on the k-casein at _______ and ______ Position
[A] 104-105
[B] 105-106
[C] 106-107
[D] 102-103
Correct Answer: [B]

31.The Gerber sulphuric acid should have a density ______ at 15°C
[A] 1.820
[B] 1.762
[C] 1.801
[D] 1.782
Correct Answer: [A]

32.Bakers yeast is
[A] Saccharomyces boulardii
[B] Saccharomyces cerevisiae
[C] Saccharomyces florentines
[D] Saccharomyces bayanus
Correct Answer: [B]

33.______is a measure of volatile water-soluble fatty acids
[A] RM Value
[B] Polenske Value
[C] Peroxide value
[D] Iodine value
Correct Answer: [A]

34.Koestler number of cow milk ranges from ______
[A] 1.5-3.0
[B] 2.0-3.5
[C] 1.0-1.5
[D] 3.0-4.0
Correct Answer: [A]

35.The typical agitation system used for bulk milk coolers is a _____ agitator
[A] Propeller
[B] Turbine
[C] Paddle
[D] High Shear
Correct Answer: [C]

36.A homogenizer pump is usually a ___________ pump
[A] Centrifugal
[B] Rotary
[C] Screw
[D] Piston
Correct Answer: [D]

37.Which is not in the category of probiotic dahi available in Indian market
[A] Nestle Ace plus
[B] Mother dairy b-active
[C] Yakult
[D] Amul pro-life
Correct Answer: [C]

38.The fluidized bed in which the air bubbles are approximately the same size as the solid particles
[A] Slugging bed
[B] Spouting bed
[C] Channelling Bed
[D] Boiling bed
Correct Answer: [D]

39.In Baird Parker  Agar, the compound responsible for black coloration of Staphylococcus aureus colonies is ______
[A] Tellurite
[B] Hydrogen Sulphide
[C] Aesculin
[D] All of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

40.The holding time in an HTST pasteurizer can be determined by _______
[A] Phosphatase test
[B] Dye reduction test
[C] Dye injection method
[D] Stopwatch method
Correct Answer: [C]

41.Most commonly used packaging material for fluid milk
[A] Glass bottle
[B] Pet bottle
[C] LDPE-LLDPE copolymer
[D] Waxed carton
Correct Answer: [C]

42.The indicator organism used in the microbial inhibition test (IDF)used for the determination of antibiotic residues in raw milk and in heat-treated milk
[A] Bacillus stearothermophilus var calidolactci
[B] Bacillus stearothermophilus
[C] Bacillus cereus
[D] Bacillus cereus var mycoides
Correct Answer: [A]

43._________is the principal NPN component in milk which is strongly related to the stability
[A] Casein
[B] Urea
[C] Ammonia
[D] Creatine
Correct Answer: [B]

44.________stains are used for negative staining
[A] Positively Charged
[B] Acidic
[C] Basic
[D] Neutral
Correct Answer: [B]

45._______ is the product prepared from whey
[A] Mysost
[B] Casein
[C] Lassi
[D] Casein Hydrolysate
Correct Answer: [A]

46._________is an example of instantiation system
[A] Blow Knox process
[B] Alfa Laval process
[C] Stabilisation
[D] Rohn’s process
Correct Answer: [A]

47.Maximum residual limit(MRL)recommended by FDA for aflatox in M1 in milk is
[A] 50 Meu g/kg
[B] 5 Meu g/kg
[C] 0.5 Meu g/kg
[D] 0.05 Meu g/kg
Correct Answer: [C]

48.The average calorific value of cow milk is  _______ C/100 g
[A] 75
[B] 100
[C] 185
[D] 500
Correct Answer: [A]

49.Six sigma permits ________ defects per million opportunities
[A] 3.4
[B] 34
[C] 4.3
[D] 3.5
Correct Answer: [A]

50.The amount of moisture in a food at the end of the constant rate period of drying
[A] Water activity
[B] Equilibrium moisture content
[C] Critical Moisture Content
[D] Equilibrium  Relative  Humidity
Correct Answer: [C]

51.SAMSOE means
[A] Whey based product
[B] Scandinavian milk product
[C] Low-fat dairy product
[D] Hard ripened cheese
Correct Answer: [D]

52.In FSSA, _______ categories of microbiological quality have been assigned based on the microbiological parameters
[A] Two
[B] Three
[C] Four
[D] None above
Correct Answer: [B]

53.The method of pasteurization carried out in the tubular heat exchanged with three concentrated tubes
[A] Uperization
[B] Vacreation
[C] Stassinization
[D] Flash pasteurization
Correct Answer: [A]

54.SS-304 contains _______ % Nickel
[A] 8
[B] 10
[C] 18
[D] 20
Correct Answer: [A]

55.In a cream separator, the angle of inclination of disk to the horizontal is
[A] 0-30 degree
[B] 30-45 degree
[C] 45-60 degree
[D] 60-90 degree
Correct Answer: [C]

56.The most heat stable protein in milk is
[A] Casein
[B] Lactalbumin
[C] Lysozyme
[D] Lactoferrin
Correct Answer: [A]

57.Fritz process is associated with ______
[A] Ice cream freezing
[B] Butter making
[C] Cheese Making
[D] Yoghurt setting
Correct Answer: [B]

58.Which among the following  is a prebiotic
[A] Saccharin
[B] Inulin
[C] Lanolin
[D] Vanillin
Correct Answer: [B]

59.Bactericidal efficiency of sanitizers can be found out using
[A] Capacity test
[B] Suspension test
[C] Both A and B
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [C]

60.Which among the following is a radioimmunoassay technique
[A] Delvo test
[B] Moseley test
[C] Charm test
[D] Nitrate reduction test
Correct Answer: [C]

61. ______ is a short chain fatty acid which gives characteristic flavor to milk fat
[A] Stearic acid
[B] Butyric acid
[C] Oleic acid
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [B]

62.In a spray dryer having a drying efficiency of 60%, if the air inlet temperature is 200 degrees C and the atmospheric temperature is 35 degrees C; then the outlet air temperature =?
[A] 85° C
[B] 99° C
[C] 101° C
[D] 120° C
Correct Answer: [C]

63.Beriberi is a disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin
[A] Thiamin
[B] Cholecalciferol
[C] Vitamin K
[D] Niacin
Correct Answer: [A]

64.In a roller drier, the speed of the drum is around _______ rpm
[A] 14-19
[B] 50-60
[C] 100-150
[D] 0-5
Correct Answer: [A]

65.Air velocities of about _______ is used in pneumatic power conveying systems for transporting milk powder
[A] 5 m/s
[B] 20 m/s
[C] 5 km/hr
[D] 20 km/hr
Correct Answer: [B]

66.Which among the following genera produce D lactate
[A] Lactococcus
[B] Leuconostoc
[C] Streptococcus
[D] Bifidobacterium
Correct Answer: [B]

67.Which among the following  pathogens is not mentioned in the microbiological parameters of butter as per FSSAI
[A] Listeria
[B] Yersinia
[C] E.Coli
[D] Salmonella
Correct Answer: [B]

68.______ is the major unsaturated fatty acid present in milk fat:
[A] Stearic Acid
[B] Palmitic Acid
[C] Oleic Acid
[D] Linoleic
Correct Answer: [C]

69.Industrial production of citric acid is achieved by the inhibition of ________ enzyme in the TCA cycle
[A] Aconitase
[B] Phosphofructokinase
[C] Glucose oxidase
[D] Lactase
Correct Answer: [A]

70.The velocity of raw milk in pipes should not be greater than ________ m/s to avoid damage to the fat globules
[A] 0.5
[B] 1.5
[C] 2.5
[D] 5.0
Correct Answer: [B]

71.Majority of fat in whole milk powder is present as
[A] Freeform
[B] Globular
[C] Emulsion
[D] Suspension
Correct Answer: [B]

72.Bluish green color of ghee is due to
[A] Bilirubin
[B] Biliverdin
[C] Both
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [C]

73.Vieth ratio is
[A] Lactose:protein:ash
[B] Protein:lactose:ash
[C] Lactose:ash:protein
[D] Protein:ash:Lactose
Correct Answer: [A]

74.Buttery coconut flavor of ghee is due to
[A] Methyketone
[B] Fatty acids
[C] Alcohol
[D] Delta Lactone
Correct Answer: [D]

75.________is used to avoid any risk of contamination of the pasteurized product by unpasteurized product or cooling medium
[A] Flow  Diversion Valve
[B] Thermistor
[C] Audio alarm
[D] Booster pump
Correct Answer: [D]

76.Cottonseed track ghee is low in
[A] RM Value
[B] Iodine Value
[C] Saponification value
[D] Refractive index
Correct Answer: [A]

77.Interspecies adulteration of milk is detected by
[A] ABR Test
[B] Scorch test
[C] Hansa test
[D] Chloride test
Correct Answer: [C]

78.Salt content of casein micelle of bovine milk
[A] 6%
[B] 94%
[C] 90%
[D] 10%
Correct Answer: [A]

79.Hardness of water is expressed as ppm of ________
[A] Magnesium Sulphate
[B] Calcium Sulphate
[C] Calcium Carbonate
[D] Calcium bicarbonate
Correct Answer: [C]

80.Essential fatty acid present in milk fat
[A] Oleic acid
[B] Butyric acid
[C] Palmitic acid
[D] Linoleic acid
Correct Answer: [D]

81.________ gives the specification for polyethylene in contact with food stuff
[A] IS:10146
[B] IS:10151
[C] IS:10142
[D] IS:13061
Correct Answer: [A]

82.The minimum diameter of the green circle in the symbol for ‘vegetarian food’is _________ when the area of principal display panel is 200 cm²
[A] 3 mm
[B] 4 mm
[C] 6 mm
[D] 8 mm
Correct Answer: [B]

83.Which of the following is not an acidity regulator
[A] Calcium gluconate
[B] Calcium carbonate
[C] Calcium dihydrogen phosphate
[D] Calcium hydroxide
Correct Answer: [B]

84.Incubation temperature employed in Eijkmans test
[A] 40.5+-0.2 degree C
[B] 42.52+-0.2 degree C
[C] 44.5+-0.2 degree C
[D] 46.5 +-0.2 degree C
Correct Answer: [C]

85.Moseley count is related to
[A] Detection of antibiotic residue
[B] Bacteriophage assay
[C] Evaluation of starter culture
[D] Shelf life test
Correct Answer: [D]

86.Maximum permitted fat in low fat ice cream as per FSSA
[A] 1.8%
[B] 2.0%
[C] 2.5%
[D] 3.0%
Correct Answer: [C]

87.________ salt of methylene blue is used in MBRT
[A] Thiocyanate
[B] Chloride
[C] Sulphate
[D] Bisulphate
Correct Answer: [A]

88.The amount of water vaporized per unit area of surface in a 4-effect evaporator is approximately ________ of that in single effect
[A] 25%
[B] 50%
[C] 100%
[D] 200%
Correct Answer: [A]

89.In an efficient moder pasteurization plant,maximum refrigeration efficiency is ------
[A] 75%
[B] 85%
[C] 95%
[D] 100%
Correct Answer: [C]

90.Maxilact used for accelerated  cheese ripening is a ________ enzyme
[A] Phospholipase
[B] Lactase
[C] Lipase
[D] Protease
Correct Answer: [B]

91.A prion is responsible for
[A] Haverhill fever
[B] Q fever
[C] Creut3 Feldt-Jakob disease
[D] Maltas fever
Correct Answer: [C]

92.A bactofuge operates at an average rpm of _______
[A] 5000
[B] 10000
[C] 20000
[D] 50000
Correct Answer: [C]

93.The permitted flavoring agent in butter is _______
[A] Acetaldehyde
[B] Diacetyl
[C] Annatto
[D] Carotene
Correct Answer: [B]

94.Blue and white screening used for the selection of recombinant bacteria is based on the principle of alpha complementation of the ______ gene
[A] Beta-galactosidase
[B] Phosphoketolase
[C] Aldolase
[D] Aconitase
Correct Answer: [A]

95.Based on the microbiological parameters, a product is categorized as potentially hazardous
[A] When values are less than m
[B] When values are less than M
[C] When more than n/c values are between m and M
[D] When more than c/n values are between m and M
Correct Answer: [D]

96.Elements that transpose through an RNA intermediate
[A] Plasmids
[B] Retrotransposons
[C] Cosmids
[D] Fosmids
Correct Answer: [B]

97.Malolactic formentation is typical for _________ fermentation
[A] Beer
[B] Citric acid
[C] Wine
[D] Acetic acid
Correct Answer: [C]

98.________ fermentation is typical example for solid state fermentation
[A] Citrate
[B] Koji
[C] Acidic
[D] Alcoholic
Correct Answer: [B]

99.The O antigen is present in the _________ of Gram-negative bacteria
[A] Cytoplasm
[B] Periplasm
[C] Plasma membrane
[D] Outer membrane
Correct Answer: [D]

100.Based on the microbiological parameters,a product is categorized as potentially hazardous
[A] When values are less than m
[B] When values are less than M
[C] More than n/c values are between m and M
[D] More than c/n values are between m and M
Correct Answer: [D]

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