Kerala PSC Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior) Geography Solved Paper - Exam Held on 20-03-2017

Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior) Geography 
Kerala Higher Secondary Education
Exam Held on 20-03-2017
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2017

1.What is “Baku” famous for?
[A] Petroleum
[B] Iron Smelting
[C] Locomotion
[D] Silk industry
Correct Answer: A

2.The first bank to get online banking facility in India”
[D] Canara bank
Correct Answer: A

3.The book “Vision, values and velocity” wrote by:
[A] Sam Pitroda
[B] Bill Gates
[C] Shakuntala Devi
[D] N.R.Narayan
Correct Answer: A

4.The power of Judicial review in India is:
[A] Given by the Parliament
[B] Given by the President
[C] Explicit
[D] Implicit
Correct Answer: D

5.The Mamamkam, festival of Kerala celebrated in:
[A] Once in 10 years
[B] Once in 12 years
[C] Once in 5 years
[D] Every year
Correct Answer: B

6.The Kurichia revolt began on:
[A] 25th March 1812
[B] 25th March 1810
[C] 12th March 1810
[D] 12th March 1809
Correct Answer: A

7.The first Malayalam Grammar book “Leelathilakam” prepared by:
[A] Herman Gundert
[B] Father Kariyattil Ouseph
[C] Arnos Pathiri
[D] Dr.Angelos Francis
Correct Answer: D

8.The ‘World Ozone Day’observed on:
[A] September 16
[B] October 16
[C] September 21
[D] October 21
Correct Answer: A

9.The National Judicial Academy of India situated in:
[A] Nagpur
[B] Mumbai
[C] Delhi
[D] Bhopal
Correct Answer: D

10.The first Malayalam newspaper “Rajyasamacharam” published by:
[A] Dr.Angelos Francis
[B] G.Kesavan
[C] Herman Gundert
[D] K.Kelappan
Correct Answer: C

11.The marumakkathayam Act passed in Kerala in the year:
[A] 1913
[B] 1923
[C] 1933
[D] 1943
Correct Answer: C

12.Who founded the organization “Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham”?
[A] Vagbhadanatha
[B] Ayyankali
[C] Chattampi Swamikal
[D] Ayyaguru
Correct Answer: B

13.The first Nair Act in Travancore passed in the year:
[A] 1906
[B] 1908
[C] 1910
[D] 1912
Correct Answer: D

14.The Sahodara Prasthanam started by:
[A] V.T.Bhattathiripad
[B] K.Kelappan
[C] K.Ayyappan
[D] Vagbhatananda
Correct Answer: C

15.The Hindu Succession Act passed in the year:
[A] 1959
[B] 1958
[C] 1957
[D] 1956
Correct Answer: D

16.The Sanskrit book”Bhakti Manjari” wrote by:
[A] Gauri Lakshmi Bhai
[B] Swati Tirunal
[C] Kalidasa
[D] V.T.Bhattathiripad
Correct Answer: B

17.Indian Constitution adopted concurrent lists from the constitution of:
[A] Canada
[B] Australia
[C] Ireland
[D] U.S.A
Correct Answer: B

18.Among the fundamental rights of Indian Constitution the Right to Property eliminated by the:
[A] 42nd Amendment Act
[B] 43rd Amendment Act
[C] 44th Amendment Act
[D] 45th Amendment Act
Correct Answer: C

19.The financial emergency  declared by the President of India mentioned in the :
[A] Article 352
[B] Article 356
[C] Article 360
[D] Article 370
Correct Answer: C

20.Part XVIII(18th)of Indian Constitution contains:
[A] Fundamental duties
[B] Emergency provisions
[C] Municipalities
[D] Panchayats
Correct Answer: B

21.Development of democratic citizenship is:
[A] A goal of education
[B] A learning outcome
[C] A process competency
[D] An Instructional objective
Correct Answer: A

22.Which of the following methods can enhance pupil-pupil interaction in a class?
[A] Experiment
[B] Lecture
[C] Peer tutoring
[D] Problem-solving
Correct Answer: C

23.Which of the following is the most important duty of a teacher?
[A] To come regularly and attend students feeling
[B] To create a classroom environment
[C] To guide them to appear for examinations without anxiety
[D] To motivate the learner to learn how to learn
Correct Answer: D

24.Which one is an advantage of expository teaching?
[A] Higher learner participation
[B] Highly interactive
[C] More content coverage
[D] Suitable for small groups
Correct Answer: C

25.Which of the following will be the most popular for assessing students attitude towards study tasks?
[A] Internal tests
[B] Scales
[C] Observation
[D] Sociometric techniques
Correct Answer: B

26.A researcher studies the effect of anxiety on students achievement.Which category of variable is anxiety?
[A] Control
[B] Dependent
[C] Independent
[D] Intervening
Correct Answer: C

27.If a researcher sends a questionnaire to every 5th person from the sample frame,sampling technique is:
[A] Cluster sampling
[B] Judgemental sampling
[C] Stratified sampling
[D] Systematic sampling
Correct Answer: D

28.Qualitative research is characterized by:
[A] Context specifically
[B] Deductive
[C] Generalizability
[D] Hypotheses testing
Correct Answer: A

29.What is ISSN?
[A] International Specific Series Number
[B] International Standard  Serial Number
[C] International Standard Subscriber Number
[D] International Subscriber Standard Number
Correct Answer: B

30.A research result that cannot be generalized is lacking in:
[A] External criticism
[B] External validity
[C] Internal criticism
[D] Internal validity
Correct Answer: B

31.The person who enunciated the principle of Uniformitarianism
[A] James Hutton
[B] Penk
[C] V.M.Davis
[D] Huss
Correct Answer: A

32.The largest division of the Geologic time scale:
[A] Division
[B] Eons
[C] Periods
[D] Epochs
Correct Answer: B

33.The person associated with the concept of Isostasy:
[A] Airy
[B] Wegner
[C] W.M.Davis
[D] Hess
Correct Answer: A

34.The process of temperature decrease due to the expansion of rising air is called as:
[A] Adiabatic cooling
[B] Inversion of temperature
[C] Adiabatic heating
[D] Latent heat of condensation
Correct Answer: A

35.The percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere:
[A] 30%
[B] 25%
[C] 24%
[D] 21%
Correct Answer: D

36.A line which connects points of equal wind speed:
[A] Isobar
[B] Isotach
[C] Isohaline
[D] Isopycnal
Correct Answer: B

37.Which is the high cloud?
[A] Cirrus
[B] Altocumulus
[C] Altostratus
[D] Stratocumulus
Correct Answer: A

38.The Humboldt Current is the ocean current of:
[A] Indian Ocean
[B] Atlantic Ocean
[C] Arctic Ocean
[D] Pacific Ocean
Correct Answer: D

39.A sand or gravel bar that connects an island with another island or the mainland:
[A] Haffs
[B] Spits
[C] Hook
[D] Tombolo
Correct Answer: D

40.The place or set of environmental condition in which a particular organism life is called:
[A] Mutation
[B] Habitat
[C] Epiphyte
[D] Locality
Correct Answer: B

41.The country which shares the shortest border with India:
[A] Bangladesh
[B] China
[C] Afghanistan
[D] Nepal
Correct Answer: C

42.A tributary of Krishna River:
[A] Musi
[B] Kolar
[C] Sabari
[D] Jonk
Correct Answer: A

43.Which year is called ‘Demographic Divide’in India?
[A] 1924
[B] 1921
[C] 1923
[D] 1920
Correct Answer: B

44.The headquarter of North Eastern Railway Zone:
[A] New Delhi
[B] Guwahati
[C] Gorakhpur
[D] Kolkata
Correct Answer: C

45.The plant TISCO located:
[A] Bihar
[B] Jharkhand
[C] Chattisgarh
[D] West Bengal
Correct Answer: B

46.The land share of Kerala in India:
[A] 1.25%
[B] 1.66%
[C] 1.18%
[D] 2%
Correct Answer: C

47.The largest coffee producing state in India:
[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Karnataka
[C] Kerala
[D] Assam
Correct Answer: B

48.The Manchester of South India:
[A] Chennai
[B] Salem
[C] Hyderabad
[D] Coimbatore
Correct Answer: D

49.The least populated district in Kerala according to 2011 Census
[A] Wayanad
[B] Idukki
[C] Kasaragod
[D] Alappuzha
Correct Answer: D

50.The longest river in South India:
[A] Mahanadi
[B] Krishna
[C] Godavari
[D] Cauvery
Correct Answer: C

51.The supporter of Pragmatism:
[A] Plato
[B] Raztel
[C] John Dewey
[D] Store Kierkegaard
Correct Answer: C

52.The book ‘Almagest’was written by:
[A] Ptolemy
[B] Huntington
[C] Semple
[D] Frobel
Correct Answer: A

53.The ‘T-in-O’map was constructed during the period of:
[A] Modern period
[B] Early Medieval period
[C] Ancient period
[D] Late Medieval period
Correct Answer: B

54.The Heartland Theory is the contribution of:
[A] Ratzel
[B] Emmanuel Kant
[C] M.Davis
[D] Halford John Mackinder
Correct Answer: D

55.The person who first attempted to calculate the circumference of the earth:
[A] Eratosthenes
[B] Strabo
[C] Herodotus
[D] Aristotle
Correct Answer: A

56.The supporter Stop and Go Determinism:
[A] Slache
[B] Al-Masudi
[C] Griffith Taylor
[D] Jean Brunhes
Correct Answer: C

57.Who invented the instrument ‘Astrolabe’for the determination of latitudes and longitudes?
[A] Ptolemy
[B] Eratosthenes
[C] Homer
[D] Hipparchus
Correct Answer: D

58.The approach which describes physical setting is the more dominant factor than human is:
[A] Possibilism
[B] Determinism
[C] Social Darwinism
[D] Stop and Go Determinism
Correct Answer: B

59.The book of Thomas Kuhn:
[A] The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
[B] Historical memoir
[C] Outline of geography
[D] Almagest
Correct Answer: A

60.The father of Exceptionalism in geography:
[A] Strabo
[B] Huntington
[C] Emmanuel Kant
[D] Hutton
Correct Answer: C

61.The lines which connect places of same rainfall:
[A] Isochrones
[B] Isohyets
[C] Isotherms
[D] Isohels
Correct Answer: B

62.Data that describe the characteristic of spatial features:
[A] Non spatial data
[B] Colour data
[C] Discrete data
[D] Attribute data
Correct Answer: D

63.A spatial data model that uses a grid to represent the spatial variation of a feature:
[A] Vector data model
[B] Raster data model
[C] Spatial model
[D] Relational data model
Correct Answer: B

64.Data that provide information about spatial data:
[A] Metadata
[B] Vector data
[C] Raster data
[D] Digital data
Correct Answer: A

65.Processes of superimposing two or more images or photographs so that equivalent geographic point coincide is called:
[A] Referencing
[B] Redundancy
[C] Registration
[D] Refraction
Correct Answer: C

66.Which is the large scale map
[A] Wall map
[B] Atlas map
[C] Thematic map
[D] Cadastral map
Correct Answer: D

67.International map projections is a modification of:
[A] Bonnes projection
[B] Polyconic projection
[C] Sterographic projection
[D] Orthographic projection
Correct Answer: B

68.The process of converting raster line into vector lines through tracing is called as:
[A] Polarization
[B] Scanning
[C] Vectorization
[D] Data formatting
Correct Answer: C

69.The Hythergraph is used to show the distribution of:
[A] Temperature and Rainfall
[B] Humidity and Temperature
[C] Rainfall and Crops
[D] Snowfall
Correct Answer: A

70.A sub-field of mathematics that is applied in GIS to ensure that the spatial relationships between features are expressed explicitly is known as:
[A] Taxonomy
[B] Topology
[C] Topostudy
[D] Toponomism
Correct Answer: B

71.The term used to indicate the stage of world urbanization:
[A] Megalopolis
[B] Metropolis
[C] Ecumenopolis
[D] Tyranopolis
Correct Answer: C

72.The hypothetical pattern of multiple nuclei theory was developed by:
[A] Harris and Ullman
[B] Homer Hoyt
[C] R.M.Hurd
[D] E.W.Burgess
Correct Answer: A

73.The concept ‘Umland’means:
[A] Land around industry
[B] Land around slum
[C] Land around village
[D] Land around a city
Correct Answer: D

74.An example of ghost city:
[A] Harappa
[B] Raipur
[C] Jaipur
[D] Bhopal
Correct Answer: A

75.According to Christaller,K 7 in the hierarchy of central places theory stands for:
[A] Marketing principle
[B] Transportation principle
[C] Administrative principle
[D] Trade principle
Correct Answer: C

76.The periods of Second Five Year Plan in India:
[A] 1955-1960
[B] 1957-1962
[C] 1954-1959
[D] 1956-1961
Correct Answer: D

77.The First Five Year Plan of India gave more importance to:
[A] Industry
[B] Air transportation
[C] Agriculture
[D] Trade
Correct Answer: C

78.The Growth pole theory originally developed by:
[A] Christaller
[B] Francis Perroux
[C] Zipf
[D] Ullman
Correct Answer: B

79.The programme sponsored by Government of India for rural development:
Correct Answer: A

80.The first Chairman of Planning Commission of India:
[A] Sardar-Vallabhbhai Patel
[B] Jawaharlal Nehru
[C] Dr.Radhakrishnan
[D] Rjagopalachari
Correct Answer: B

81.A region which is characterized by high temperature and heavy rainfall throughout the year
[A] Tropical Monsoon region
[B] Tropical high land region
[C] Mediterranean region
[D] Equatorial region
Correct Answer: D

82.The temperature grasslands of South Africa:
[A] Prairies
[B] Velds
[C] Pampas
[D] Downs
Correct Answer: B

83.An example of Nonrenewable resource:
[A] Coal
[B] Solar energy
[C] Water
[D] Wind
Correct Answer: A

84.The third largest populated country in the world:
[A] Brazil
[B] United State of America
[C] Indonesia
[D] Pakistan
Correct Answer: B

85.Name of the shifting cultivation in North-East India:
[A] Chena
[B] Tamari
[C] Milpa
[D] Jhuming
Correct Answer: D

86.Viticulture meant for:
[A] Lemon cultivation
[B] Apple cultivation
[C] Orange cultivation
[D] Grape cultivation
Correct Answer: D

87.The longest railway line in the world:
[A] Canadian railway
[B] Sydney-Porth railway
[C] Tran-Siberian railway
[D] Philadelphia railway
Correct Answer: C

88.The term Boreal refers to:
[A] Taiga forest
[B] Swampy forest
[C] Mangrove forest
[D] Monsoon forest
Correct Answer: A

89.The Kalahai Desert is located at:
[A] North America
[B] South America
[C] South Africa
[D] Australia
Correct Answer: C

90.The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is called:
[A] Biological development
[B] Urban development
[C] Economic development
[D] Sustainable development
Correct Answer: D

91.Which gas increase in the atmosphere –is a major cause of global warming?
[A] Argon
[B] Oxygen
[C] Carbon dioxide
[D] Hydrogen
Correct Answer: C

92.The Kyoto Protocol:
[A] Treaty for trade
[B] Treaty to reduce greenhouse gases emissions
[C] Treaty for deforestation
[D] Treaty to ban child labor
Correct Answer: B

93.The satellite, Astrosat launched by India for the study of:
[A] Resource mapping
[B] Disaster management
[C] Weather phenomena
[D] Celestial objects
Correct Answer: D

94.Who described the quantitative revolution in geography as”a radical transformation of the spirit and purpose of Geography”?
[A] Ptolemy
[B] Humboldt
[C] Burton
[D] Huntington
Correct Answer: C

95.A philosophical view that man is responsible for making his own nature:
[A] Idealism
[B] Radicalism
[C] Rationalism
[D] Existentialism
Correct Answer: D

96.A sudden,aggressive and very heavy rainfall is called:
[A] Storm burst
[B] Water burst
[C] Thunder burst
[D] Cloud burst
Correct Answer: D

97.The headquarter of Survey of India:
[A] Dehra Dun
[B] Mumbai
[C] New Delhi
[D] Kolkata
Correct Answer: A

98.Which method of data collection is called as ‘the Social Microscope’by Burgess?
[A] Interview method
[B] Observation method
[C] Case Study method
[D] Sample method
Correct Answer: C

99.The process of examining the collected  raw data to detect its errors, omission and correction is called as:
[A] Classification
[B] Coding
[C] Editing
[D] Tabulation
Correct Answer: C

100.In the layout of the research report,’acknowledgement comes under:
[A] Appendix
[B] The main text
[C] Reference
[D] Preliminary section
Correct Answer: D

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