Kerala PSC ICDS Supervisor Solved Paper - Exam Held on 25-03-2017

Exam Held on 25-03-2017
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2017

1.Pepsin is an enzyme helped in the digestion of
[A] Carbohydrate
[B] Protein
[C] Lipid
[D] Minerals
Correct Answer: [B]

2.EEG is a test for detecting diseases of
[A] Heart
[B] Liver
[C] Lungs
[D] Brain
Correct Answer: [D]

3.The filament of an incandescent light bulb is made of
[A] Copper
[B] Iron
[C] Aluminium
[D] Tungsten
Correct Answer: [D]

4.Dermatitis is a disease affecting
[A] Skin
[B] Liver
[C] Heart
[D] Brain
Correct Answer: [A]

5.Deuterium is an isotope of
[A] Oxygen
[B] Nitrogen
[C] Hydrogen
[D] Carbon
Correct Answer: [C]

6.Daltonism is
[A] Night blindness
[B] Colour blindness
[C] Atherosclerosis
[D] Arteriosclerosis
Correct Answer: [B]

7.Insulin hormone is secreted by the gland
[A] Pancreas
[B] Liver
[C] Thyroid
[D] Pituitary
Correct Answer: [A]

8.Sickle cell Anaemia is a
[A] Deficiency disease
[B] Genetic disease
[C] Contagious disease
[D] Mental disease
Correct Answer: [B]

9.The metal present in Haemoglobin
[A] Iron
[B] Copper
[C] Calcium
[D] Magnesium
Correct Answer: [A]

10.’The powerhouse of a cell’is
[A] Ribosome
[B] Centrosome
[C] Mitochondria
[D] Lysosome
Correct Answer: [C]

11.One of the __________ come for the special class
[A] Girl has
[B] Girls have
[C] Girls has
[D] Girl have
Correct Answer: [C]

12.Every boy and girl _________ the offer tendered by the sales executive
[A] Accepts
[B] Accept
[C] Shall accept
[D] Shall be accepting
Correct Answer: [A]

13.If it _________ ,the cricket match will be postponed
[A] Will rain
[B] Rains
[C] Rained
[D] Has rained
Correct Answer: [B]

14.The principal along with the staff ---------him---------his victory
[A] Congratulate, on
[B] Congratulates, on
[C] Congratulate, over
[D] Congratulates, over
Correct Answer: [B]

15.When I met my friend John Varghese in 1995, he ------a novel for three years
[A] Was writing
[B] Has been writing
[C] Had been writing
[D] Has written
Correct Answer: [C]

16.The recent judicial report makes ‘ult{ext(oblique)}’reference to the shady past of the accused
[A] Direct
[B] Indirect
[C] Critical
[D] Concrete
Correct Answer: [B]

17.The fans have heaped ‘ult{ext{encomiums}}’on their team
[A] Criticisms
[B] Slander
[C] Encouragement
[D] Praises
Correct Answer: [D]

18.It was ‘ult{ext{raining cats and dogs}}.’
[A] Heavy rain
[B] Lack of rain
[C] Dogs and cats are playing in the rain
[D] Thunder and lightening
Correct Answer: [A]

19.Why did your sister  write such a letter?(Give the passive voice)
[A] Why such a letter came into existence?
[B] Why such a letter your sister wrote?
[C] Why was such a letter written by your sister?
[D] Why such a letter was written?
Correct Answer: [C]

20.___________ cat and __________ cheetah belong to_________ same species of animals
[A] the,the,a
[B] a,a,the
[C] a,a,a
[D] the,the,the
Correct Answer: [D]

21.Which are the sports-related to ‘Hopman Cup’?
[A] Football
[B] Tennis
[C] Badminton
[D] Cricket
Correct Answer: [B]

22.Who is the President of Iran?
[A] Hassan Rouhani
[B] Leekay Chiang
[C] Javad Shereef
[D] Manohar Pareek
Correct Answer: [A]

23.Name the Chairman of U.N Habitat Alliance?
[A] David Hampey
[B] Samuel Lara
[C] W.W.Hobs
[D] Dr.CV.Ananda Bose
Correct Answer: [D]

24.Identify the person who is known as”Bengal’s Greata Garbo”?
[A] Amaravati
[B] Kanan Devi
[C] Suchitra Sen
[D] Bharathi Shirodkor
Correct Answer: [C]

25.Which is the City associated with “The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival”?
[A] Mumbai
[B] Kochi
[C] Mysore
[D] Pune
Correct Answer: [A]

26.What is the Theme of the World Water Day(WWD)of 2016?
[A] The World’s Water is there enough
[B] Water and Culture
[C] Better Water,Better Jobs
[D] Clean Water and War
Correct Answer: [C]

27.Who is the first CEO of BCCI?
[A] Mohan Dalmia
[B] Rahul Johri
[C] Suresh Kalmady
[D] Misra Singh
Correct Answer: [B]

28.Name the New name of “Gurgaon”?
[A] Nuh
[B] Mewat
[C] Haryana
[D] Gurugram
Correct Answer: [D]

29.Who is the winner of Pulitzer Prize of 2016 in Biography?
[A] William Finnegan
[B] Henry
[C] Manuel Miranda
[D] T.J.Stiles
Correct Answer: [A]

30.Name the poet whose 400th death anniversary is celebrated on 23rd April 2016?
[A] William Shakespeare
[B] Cervantes
[C] T.S.Eliot
[D] Wordsworth
Correct Answer: [B]

31.Art.21 A which provides the right to free and compulsory education for children between 6 to 14 years is inserted through which amendment of the constitution?
[A] 42nd Amendment
[B] 44th Amendment
[C] 82nd Amendment
[D] 86th Amendment
Correct Answer: [D]

32.Under Right to Information Act, the language of an application may be
[A] In English
[B] In Regional Language
[C] In Hindi
[D] All the above
Correct Answer: [D]

33.Which House represents the Units of Indian Federation?
[A] Lok Sabha
[B] Rajya Sabha
[C] Both Rajya Sabha and Lok Saba
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [B]

34.Who appoints the chairman and other members of this joint public service commission?
[A] Governor
[B] Prime Minister
[C] President
[D] Parliament
Correct Answer: [C]

35.Which of the Five Year Plans stressed the need for National Policy for the Empowerment of Women?
[A] Eighth
[B] Ninth
[C] Tenth
[D] Eleventh
Correct Answer: [B]

36.Which article of the Indian Constitution provides provision for a National Commission for SC and ST?
[A] Article 337
[B] Article 334
[C] Article 338
[D] Article 339
Correct Answer: [C]

37.Under the Indian Constitution, what does ‘Adult suffrage’signifies?
[A] Children
[B] All adult persons
[C] Any Indian citizen who has completed the age of 18 years and above
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [C]

38.Which writ is issued by a high court or Supreme Court to compel an authority to perform a function that it was not performing?
[A] Writ of Mandamus
[B] Writ of Certiorari
[C] Habeas Corpus
[D] Quo Warrants
Correct Answer: [A]

39.Citizenship provisions of Indian Constitution are contained in
[A] Part I
[B] Part I
[C] Part III
[D] Part IV
Correct Answer: [B]

40.What is the Quorum laid down to constitute a meeting of either of the Houses of Parliament?
[A] One-tenth of the total number of members of that House
[B] One-fourth of the total number of members of that House
[C] One-fifth of the total number of members of that House
[D] One-half of the total number of members of that House
Correct Answer: [A]

41.As per which scheme food grains are made available to every poor family at cheaper rate
[A] Food for work programme
[B] Anthyodaya Anna Yojana
[C] Kudumbasree
[D] Prime Ministers Rozgar Yojana
Correct Answer: [B]

42.Which is the scheme that was implemented by the government of India to provide telephone and electricity to every village?
[A] Area Development Approach
[B] Sampoorna Grama Rozgar Yojana
[C] Bharat Nirman
[D] Samagra Awas Yojana
Correct Answer: [C]

43.An example of a self-help group
[A] Jansree Mission and Kudumbasree
[B] Balika Samrudhi and Mahila Samrudhi
[C] Jandhan Yojana and Jawahar Rozgor Yojana
[D] Betti Bachao and Narmada Bachao
Correct Answer: [A]

44.Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme started in
[A] August 15,1993
[B] December 14,2000
[C] January 14,1985
[D] November 15,1997
Correct Answer: [A]

45.Programme that tackless malnutrition and health problem in children below six years and their mothers
[A] Mahila Samrudhi Yojana
[B] Integrated Child Development Scheme
[C] Balika Samrudhi
[D] Integrated Rural Development Programme
Correct Answer: [B]

46.Samagra Awas Scheme in rural areas coordinated and monitored by
[A] Thaluk Officer
[B] Minister of Public Work
[C] Panchayat Secretary
[D] District Collector
Correct Answer: [D]

47.In 1980 Food for Work Programme which provided ‘Offseason employment as well as 2 square meals a day’was replaced by
[A] National Rural Employment Programme
[B] Integrated Rural Development Programme
[C] National Rural Development Programme
[D] National Food for Work Programme
Correct Answer: [A]

48.Mahila Samrudhi Yojana is beneficent to
[A] Improve malnutrition of women
[B] Women belonging to minority communities with preference to widows and destitute
[C] Women below poverty line
[D] Provide houses in the name of women
Correct Answer: [B]

49.Scheme started by a group of volunteers to help the poor and low income communities in the jurisdiction of district Narowal
[A] National Rural Development Programme
[B] National Rural Employment Programme
[C] National Sample Survey Organisation
[D] National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Correct Answer: [A]

50.A social welfare programme to provide houses for women
[A] Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana
[B] Bharat Nirman
[C] Indira Awas Yojana
[D] Kudumbsaree
Correct Answer: [C]

51.The greatest number of 5 digits which is divisible by 15,20,45 and 70 is
[A] 90000
[B] 99540
[C] 99750
[D] 94500
Correct Answer: [B]

52.Present ages of Shreya and Shambu are in the ratio of 4:3 respectively.After 4 years the ratio of their ages will become 9:7 respectively.What is Shambhu’s present age in years?
[A] 21
[B] 24
[C] 32
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [B]

53.Rekha types 600 words during half an hour.How many words would she types in 6 minutes?
[A] 200
[B] 160
[C] 120
[D] 180
Correct Answer: [C]

54.The length of a rectangle is increased by 50%.By what percent should the width be decreased to maintain the same area?
[A] 33 1/3%
[B] 37 ½%
[C] 59%
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [A]

55.How many 5 cm cubes can be obtained from a cube whose edge is 20 cm?
[A] 4
[B] 125
[C] 64
[D] 80
Correct Answer: [C]

56.If 1936 February 5 is Wednesday,then 1937 February 5 is
[A] Friday
[B] Wednesday
[C] Thursday
[D] Saturday
Correct Answer: [A]

[A] 12
[B] 18
[C] 3126
[D] 2112
Correct Answer: [D]

[A] 3/5
[B] 5/3
[C] 1/4
[D] 1/5
Correct Answer: [B]

59.A car running at 70 km/hr takes one hour to cover a distance.If the speed is reduced by 10 km/hr, then in how much time it will cover the distance
[A] 65 minutes
[B] 68 minutes
[C] 70 minutes
[D] 74 minutes
Correct Answer: [C]

60.At 3.50, the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock  form an angle of
[A] 1800
[B] 1850
[C] 1900
[D] 1750
Correct Answer: [B]

61.Identify the next number in the series 1,14,12,27,___________
[A] 36
[B] 49
[C] 50
[D] 51
Correct Answer: [D]

62.Identify the missing  term in the series
Correct Answer: [B]

63.In a certain code language, BLOGRAPHY is written as YIQBSHPJB, How is MICROWAVE written in that code?
Correct Answer: [A]

64.Choose out the odd one
[A] Fortnight
[B] Deeade
[C] Century
[D] Million
Correct Answer: [D]

65.In the list of synonyms given below, which one is incorrect?
[A] Revoke-Withdraw
[B] Abduct-Kidnap
[C] Ingenious-Foolish
[D] Solemn-Sacred
Correct Answer: [C]

66.Find out the option that has the same type of relationships as COURT: JUSTICE
Correct Answer: [B]

67.Six children A, B,C, D, E, F are sitting in a row facing towards North.D is the only child sitting between A and E.C is not at the end. B is sitting immediate right to E.F is not at the right end. How many persons are there to the right of C?
[A] Four
[B] Three
[C] Two
[D] One
Correct Answer: [A]

68.Which of the given conclusions logically follow from the givenstatements,disregarding commonly known facts?
Statements: All rats are cats.All cats are toys. No toy is a tiger.
I.No tiger is a cat
II.No tiger is a rat
III.Some toys are cats
IV.Some toys are rats
[A] None follows
[B] Only I and II follow
[C] Only I and IV follow
[D] All follow
Correct Answer: [D]

69.A man walks 25 meters towards North. Then he turns right and walks 40 meters.Then he again turns right and walks 40 meters.he then turns left and walks 20 meters.He then turns left and walks 20 meters.Then he again turns left and walks 15 meters.In which direction and how many meters away is he, from his original position?
[A] 60 meters East
[B] 60 meters North
[C] 40 meters East
[D] 20 Metres West
Correct Answer: [A]

70.If January 5,2004 was Monday, What was the day on 14the April 2004?
[A] Monday
[B] Tuesday
[C] Wednesday
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [C]

71.The correct descending order of  states in terms of population density is
[A] West Bengal, Bihar, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh
[B] Bihar, West Bengal, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh
[C] Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh
[D] Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Kerala
Correct Answer: [B]

72.The child mortality rate concerns children who die before their
[A] First birthday
[B] Second birthday
[C] Fifth birthday
[D] Tenth birthday
Correct Answer: [C]

73.The moist air masses that cause winter rains in the northwestern region of India are part of _____Tradewindse winds
[B] Retreating monsoons
[C] Local Disturbances
[D] Westerlies
Correct Answer: [D]

74.The Paithan Hydro-Electric project completed with the help of Japan is on the river
[A] Ganga
[B] Cauvery
[C] Narmada
[D] Godavari
Correct Answer: [D]

75.Khadir is the tem given to
[A] Black soil of Deccan Plateau
[B] Older alluvium of Northern Plains
[C] Newer alluvium of Northern plains
[D] Alluvial soil of coastal plains
Correct Answer: [C]

76.Which scheme was started in 1993 to create self employment opportunities for educated unemployed youth in rural areas and small towns?
[A] Prime Minster Rozgar Yojana
[B] National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
[C] Rural Employment Generation Programme
[D] Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana
Correct Answer: [A]

77.Which Five Year Plan is also known as ‘Gadgil Yojana’?
[A] Second Five Year Plan
[B] Fourth Five Year Plan
[C] Third Five Year Plan
[D] Sixth Five Year Plan
Correct Answer: [C]

78.Who was the founder of the ‘Bihar Provincial Kisan Sabha’?
[A] Swami Sahjanand
[B] Panchanan Sharma
[C] Yadunandan Sharma
[D] Rahul Sankritayan
Correct Answer: [A]

79.The lady representative from India who attended the Second Round Table Conference
[A] Sucheta Kripalani
[B] Aruna Asaf Ali
[C] Vijaya Lakshmi  Pandit
[D] Sarojini Naidu
Correct Answer: [D]

80.Who was the First Secretary of ‘Punjab Naujawan Bharat Sabha’?
[A] Shiv Varma
[B] Sukhdev
[C] Bhagat Singh
[D] Chandrasekhar Azad
Correct Answer: [C]

81.Name the book  written by Chattambi Swamikal which unveils the history of the casteless society existed in Ancient Kerala
[A] Jeevitha Karunya Nirupanam
[B] Sarvamatha Samrasyam
[C] Advaitha Chintha Paddhathi
[D] Pracheena Malayalam
Correct Answer: [D]

82.Which social reformer is known as  Kumaraguru devan?
[A] Shubhananda Gurudevan
[B] Poykayil Yohannan
[C] Vagbhatanandan
[D] Agamananda Swamikal
Correct Answer: [B]

83.Who is the author of the book’Jathikummi’?
[A] Pandit Karuppan
[B] V.T.Bhattathirippad
[C] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[D] Kumaranasan
Correct Answer: [A]

84.Name the Arab-Malayalam Magazine published by Vakkam Abdul Khadir Maulavi
[A] Al-Arab
[B] Al-Islam
[C] Al-Amin
[D] Al-Hind
Correct Answer: [B]

85.Which one among the following does not belong to the ancient sea port in Kerala?
[A] Muziris
[B] Nelcynda
[C] Kochi
[D] Tyndis
Correct Answer: [C]

86.Who founded Ananda Mahasabha?
[A] Brahmananda Sivayogi
[B] Ayyankali
[C] K.Kelappan
[D] T.K.Madhvan
Correct Answer: [A]

87.When did Ezhava Memorial under the leadership of Dr.Palpu submit to Sree Moolan Thirunal?
[A] 1896 October 3
[B] 1896 November 12
[C] 1896 September 3
[D] 1896 January 12
Correct Answer: [C]

88.Where does the important Rock Shelter with Pre-historic paintings and artistic representation situtate in kerala?
[A] Kodungallur
[B] Edakkal
[C] Porkalam
[D] Thirunelli
Correct Answer: [B]

89.Name the social reformer who actively participated in the Non-Liberation Movement in 1959
[A] C Kesavan
[B] A.K Gopalan
[C] Mannath Padmanabhan
[D] K.P.Keshava Menon
Correct Answer: [C]

90.Name the renaissance leader in South India who protested against the forced labour of feudal lords with the slogan we work, we should be paid’
[A] Vaikunda Swamikal
[B] Thaikkad Ayya Guru
[C] G.P.Pillai
[D] Velluthambi Dalawa
Correct Answer: [A]

91.The bus speed is directly tied to the speed of the computer’s _________
Correct Answer: [B]

92.________ type of connection  lets a computer  communicate with, control and record electronic musical instruments
Correct Answer: [B]

93.If you regularly backup your data, this is a ______ against the threat of data loss
[A] Firewall
[B] Class
[C] Security
[D] Countermeasure
Correct Answer: [D]

94.Which abbreviation is used to refer to DSL service in general?
[A] aDSL
[B] xDSL
[C] yDSL
[D] nDSL
Correct Answer: [B]

95.Firewire is another name for the ________ interface
[A] Parallel
[B] IEEE1394
Correct Answer: [B]

96.In the right setting, a thief can try _______ information by listening in while the victim gives credit card or other personal information to a legitimate agent
[A] Sniffing
[B] Spoofing
[C] Snagging
[D] Slipping
Correct Answer: [C]

97.The ________ Act of 1974 places universal restrictions on sharing of information about you by Federal agencies without written consent
[A] Freedom of Information Act
[B] Privacy Act
[C] Fair Credit Reporting Act
[D] Financial Modernization Act
Correct Answer: [B]

98. ________ is a term used for a practice where people travel around the city with a specialized device, searching for unprotected WLAN
[A] Hot spots
Correct Answer: [A]

99.___________ s a form of warfare which is used by the cyber-terrorists to harm or gain control of important computer systems
[A] Cyberhacking
[B] Cybertapping
[C] Cybercrime
[D] Cyberterrorism
Correct Answer: [D]

100._______ continually look for new web pages and send their addresses back to the search engine’s data base
[A] Robots
[B] Crawlers
[C] Turtles
[D] Snakes
Correct Answer: [B]

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