Kerala PSC Junior Instructor Solved Paper - Exam Held on 22-02-2017

Exam Held on 22-02-2017
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2017

1.The total resistance of 30 Ohm resistor and a 15-ohm resistor connected in parallel
[A] 10 Ohms
[B] 45 Ohms
[C] 150 Ohms
[D] 60 Ohms
Correct Answer: [A]

2.Hacksaw blades are made up of steel
[A] Mild
[B] High Carbon
[C] Stainless
[D] High speed
Correct Answer: [D]

3.Which type of chisel you would select for squaring the corners?
[A] Web chisel
[B] Diamond chisel
[C] Cross chisel
[D] Hald round chisel
Correct Answer: [B]

4.Which type of shape is used for displaying the ‘No Smoking ‘prohibition sign?
[A] Circular
[B] Rectangle
[C] Triangle
[D] Square
Correct Answer: [A]

5.What is the commercial unit of electrical energy?
[A] Watt-hour
[B] Mega watt-hour
[C] Watt second
[D] Kilowatt hour
Correct Answer: [D]

6.As per Ohm’s law state that in a closed electric current is directly proportional to:
[A] Resistance
[B] Voltage
[C] Temperature
[D] Specific resistance
Correct Answer: [B]

7.Three resistance 1 K Ohm,2 K Ohm and 7 K Ohms are connected in series with a 30 V supply.The total resistance and current are:
[A] 10 K Ohms,3 A
[B] 10 K Ohms,300mA
[C] 5 K Ohms,3mA
[D] 10 K Ohms,3 mA
Correct Answer: [D]

8.A material that can be magnetized only very slightly is called:
[A] Diamagnetic
[B] Tara magnetic
[C] Ferromagnetic
[D] Magnetic
Correct Answer: [B]

9.The S.I.Unit of the flux density of magnet is:
[A] Gauss
[B] Lines/cm2
[C] Tesla
[D] Webber/meter
Correct Answer: [C]

10.In a 3 phase balanced load, the current in the neutral wire is:
[A] Zero
[B] 3xIL
[C] 2xlPh
[D] IL
Correct Answer: [A]

11.The metal used for the control spring in an electrical instrument is:
[A] Steel
[B] Nichrome
[C] Hard drawn copper
[D] Phosphor-bronze
Correct Answer: [D]

12.A moving coil instrument works on:
[A] Electromagnetic effect
[B] Heating effect
[C] Chemical effect
[D] Electrostatic effect
Correct Answer: [A]

13.The working principle of dynamometer instruments is similar to that of:
[A] AC induction motor
[B] Lenz’s law
[C] DC Motor
[D] Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction
Correct Answer: [C]

14.The rotating speed of the magneto type megger is:
[A] 180 rpm
[B] 160 rpm
[C] 150 rpm
[D] 120 rpm
Correct Answer: [B]

15.The current transformer steps up:
[A] Voltage
[B] Current
[C] Power
[D] Energy
Correct Answer: [A]

16.The unit of frequency is:
[A] Ohm
[B] Joules
[C] Hertz
[D] Watts
Correct Answer: [C]

17.If the power factor of a circuit is unity, its reactive power is:
[A] Zero
[B] Unity
[C] Maximum
[D] Minimum
Correct Answer: [A]

18.The capacitor is connected to a ceiling fan is:
[A] Series to the running winding
[B] Parallel to the running winding
[C] Parallel to the starting winding
[D] Series of the starting winding
Correct Answer: [D]

19.The reciprocal of resistance is:
[A] Henry
[B] Conductance
[C] Coulomb
[D] Impedance
Correct Answer: [B]

20.The inner tube of high-pressure MV lamp has:
[A] Halogen gas
[B] Helium gas
[C] Argon gas
[D] Nitrogen gas
Correct Answer: [C]

21.Two 250 V,100W lamps when connected in series to 250 V, supply will light:
[A] Bright
[B] One dim and other bright
[C] Do not glow
[D] Dim
Correct Answer: [D]

22.According to the N.E.Code, the color code for the neutral is:
[A] Black
[B] Red
[C] Blue
[D] Green
Correct Answer: [A]

23.The process by which an e.m.f induced in a DC generator is called:
[A] Static
[B] Chemical
[C] Dynamic
[D] Thermal
Correct Answer: [C]

24.The material used for split rings is:
[A] Gold
[B] Iron
[C] Aluminium
[D] Copper
Correct Answer: [D]

25.The armature core is laminated to minimize the:
[A] Cost
[B] Eddy current loss
[C] Hysteresis loss
[D] Weight
Correct Answer: [B]

26.The conductors of the armature winding are soldered to the commutator at the
[A] Segment internally
[B] Segment directly
[C] Riser
[D] Brushes
Correct Answer: [C]
27.In a four pole simplex lap-wound armature, the number of parallel paths is
[A] 4
[B] 6
[C] 2
[D] 8
Correct Answer: [A]

28.To get sparkless commutation, we use:
[A] Copper brushes
[B] Compensating winding
[C] Armature lamination
[D] Inter poles
Correct Answer: [D]

29.The speed of a DC series motor at no load is:
[A] Zero
[B] 3600 rpm
[C] Infinite
[D] 3000 rpm
Correct Answer: [C]

30.Which application requires a high starting torque?
[A] Lathe machine
[B] Locomotive
[C] Reciprocating pump
[D] All the above
Correct Answer: [B]

31.A step-up transformer increases:
[A] Current
[B] Power
[C] Frequency
[D] Voltage
Correct Answer: [D]

32.The purpose of oil in the transformer is to:
[A] Lubricate
[B] Insulate and cool
[C] Lubricate and cool
[D] Cool
Correct Answer: [B]

33.The frequency used in India is:
[A] 50 Hertz
[B] 60 Hertz
[C] 120 Hertz
[D] 75 Hertz
Correct Answer: [A]

34.The output of an alternator is rated to:
[A] KW
[B] HP
Correct Answer: [D]

35.Which of the following is not a part of a rotor?
[A] Core
[B] Shaft
[C] Endplate
[D] Winding
Correct Answer: [C]

36.The function of flux in soldering is:
[A] To clean the dirt on the soldering surface
[B] To lower the melting temperature of solder
[C] For easy flow of solder into the joint
[D] All the above
Correct Answer: [D]

37.One megaohm resistance is equal to
[A] 100 K Ohm
[B] 1000 K Ohm
[C] 10000 K Ohm
[D] 100000 K Ohm
Correct Answer: [B]

38.The temperature coefficient of resistance of a semiconductor is:
[A] Zero
[B] Extremely high
[C] Positive
[D] Negative
Correct Answer: [D]

39.Which element is used as Semiconductor material?
[A] Copper
[B] Plastic
[C] Silicon
[D] Brass
Correct Answer: [C]

40.The rectifier circuit depends on the operation of:
[A] Coil
[B] Resistance
[C] Transistors
[D] Diodes
Correct Answer: [D]

41.A half wave rectifies is suitable only for:
[A] Car radies
[B] Variable speed
[C] Battery charging
[D] Electroplating
Correct Answer: [C]

42.The R.M.S.voltage at the transformer secondary is 6 volts.It’s peak value is
[A] 8.5 V
[B] 9.6 V
[C] 7.2 V
[D] 12 V
Correct Answer: [A]

43.The base materials used for making PCB’s are:
[A] Ceramic, Mica
[B] Rubber, ebonite
[C] Fiber, glass epoxy
[D] All the materials mentioned above
Correct Answer: [C]

44.A transistor has:
[A] One PN Junction
[B] Two PN Junction
[C] Three PN Junction
[D] Four PN Junction
Correct Answer: [B]

45.A transistor is a _________ operative device
[A] No hage
[B] Current
[C] Both Voltage and current
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [B]

46.An SCR is a:
[A] Transistor
[B] Alternator
[C] Semi-conductor device
[D] Heat regulating device
Correct Answer: [C]

47.In one of the following domestic appliance universal motor is used:
[A] Food mixer
[B] Grinder
[C] Fan
[D] Washing machine
Correct Answer: [A]

48.For safety,the fuses should be placed on:
[A] Any wire
[B] Earth wire
[C] Neutral cable
[D] Phase cable
Correct Answer: [D]

49.The maximum permissible load in a lighting subcircuit is:
[A] 880 W
[B] 850 W
[C] 800 W
[D] 750 W
Correct Answer: [C]

50.Copper losses in a transformer is that power loss caused by:
[A] Resistance
[B] Eddy current
[C] Counter E.M.F
[D] Magnetic field reversal
Correct Answer: [A]

51.Hysteresis loss in a transformer is reduced by using the proper:
[A] Number of coils
[B] Material in the core
[C] Load
[D] Lamination thickness
Correct Answer: [B]

52.The transformer is used to change the value of:
[A] Frequency
[B] Power
[C] Voltage
[D] Power factor
Correct Answer: [C]

53.The color of dry silica gets is:
[A] Pale yellow
[B] Pale pink
[C] Plae green
[D] Blue
Correct Answer: [B]

54.Thermal overload relay is provided in starter to protect the motor against
[A] Excess current
[B] Short circuit
[C] Open circuit
[D] Low voltage
Correct Answer: [A]

55.Inching operation is also called as:
[A] Starting
[B] Stopping
[C] Jogging
[D] Breaking
Correct Answer: [C]

56.A slip ring induction motor has:
[A] Wound rotor
[B] Short-circuited rotor
[C] Double cage motor
[D] None of the above
Correct Answer: [A]

57.In a shaded pole single phase motor, the revolving field is produced by:
[A] Capacitor
[B] Shading ring
[C] Regulator
[D] Winding
Correct Answer: [B]

58.In distributed winding all the coils will live the same:
[A] Pitch
[B] Width
[C] Length
[D] Thickness
Correct Answer: [C]

59.The tip of the soldering iron is made of:
[A] sted
[B] Copper
[C] Tin
[D] Chromium
Correct Answer: [B]

60.The type of insulator used in stay wire is:
[A] Pin type
[B] Suspension type
[C] Shackle type
[D] Egg type insulators
Correct Answer: [D]

61.While using wooden poles the span should not exceed-meters.
[A] 40-50 m
[B] 50-8 m
[C] 60-110 m
[D] 100-300 m
Correct Answer: [A]

62.Which of the following gates a high output with all the input high?
[B] OR
Correct Answer: [C]

63.Epoxy compound used with underground cable does not need:
[A] Cooling
[B] Heating
[C] Stirring
[D] Mixing
Correct Answer: [B]

64.The chance of occurrence of the corona is maximum during:
[A] Dry weather
[B] Winter
[C] Hot summer
[D] Humid weather
Correct Answer: [D]

65.The critical value of surge impedance of a long transmission line is:
[A] 50 Ohm
[B] 100 Ohm
[C] 150 Ohm
[D] 200 Ohm
Correct Answer: [A]

66.The conductor carries more current on the surface in comparison to its core.The phenomenon is called the :
[A] Corona
[B] Lenz’s law
[C] Ferranti effect
[D] Skin effect
Correct Answer: [D]

67.The largest size hydroelectric unit in India is:
[A] 500 MW
[B] 165 MW
[C] 350 MW
[D] 90 MW
Correct Answer: [B]

68.For high head and low discharge, the water turbine used in:
[A] Kaplan turbine
[B] Francis turbine
[C] Pelton wheel
[D] Propeller turbine
Correct Answer: [C]

69.Control rods used in nuclear reactors are made of:
[A] Boron
[B] Zirconium
[C] Beryllium
[D] Lead
Correct Answer: [A]

70.The fraction of a solar collector is of converting solar energy into:
[A] Radiations
[B] Electrical energy directly
[C] Kinetic energy
[D] Thermal energy
Correct Answer: [D]

71.The digits used in binary number system are:
[A] 0,0
[B] 0,1
[C] 1,2
[D] 2,2
Correct Answer: [B]

72.Fleming’s right-hand rule is to identify the:
[A] Direction of flux
[B] Direction of rotation of a generator
[C] Direction of current in a motor
[D] Direction of induced e.m.f
Correct Answer: [D]

73.Which type of DC generator is used for welding generator set?
[A] DC differential compound generator
[B] DC cumulative compound generator
[C] DC series generator
[D] DC shunt generator
Correct Answer: [A]

74.Poly face induction motor is usually:
[A] Self-starting
[B] Slow starting
[C] Not self-starting
[D] None of these
Correct Answer: [A]

75.In a 3 point starter the No Volt Coil(NVC)is connected in series with:
[A] Armature
[B] Field
[C] Supply
[D] Starting resistor
Correct Answer: [B]

76.A wire gauge is used to measure
[A] Diameter of a wire
[B] Length of a wire
[C] Thickness of insulation layer
[D] Area of wire
Correct Answer: [A]

77.Coolant is used for cooling the
[A] Job only
[B] Machine
[C] Hot chips
[D] Cutting tool
Correct Answer: [D]

78.In which type fire both foam and dry powder fire extinguishers can be used?
[A] Class’A’Fire
[B] Class’B’Fire
[C] Class’C’Fire
[D] Class’D’Fire
Correct Answer: [B]

79.Which one of the materials of the atom contains only four free elections?
[A] Gold
[B] Copper
[C] Germanium
[D] Mica
Correct Answer: [C]

80.Negative temperature cost-efficient among the following materials:
[A] Tungsten
[B] Carbon
[C] Gold
[D] Silver
Correct Answer: [B]

81.The year in which the fourteen Indian Commercial Banks were nationalized:
[A] 1969
[B] 1976
[C] 1982
[D] 1991
Correct Answer: [A]

82.The Article of Indian Constitution which endows special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir:
[A] 356
[B] 370
[C] 357
[D] 365
Correct Answer: [B]

83.National Academy of Administration,Mussoorie is named after which of the following statesman?
[A] Jawaharlal Nehru
[B] Sardar Vallabhai Patel
[C] Lal Bahadur Shastri
[D] Indira Gandhi
Correct Answer: [C]

84.The headquarters of Zoological Survey of India is situated at:
[A] Kolkata
[B] Bengalooru
[C] Mumbai
[D] New Delhi
Correct Answer: [A]

85.Whose Autobiography is ‘THE INDIAN STRUGGLE’?
[A] Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
[B] M.A Ansari
[C] Subhash Chandra Bose
[D] BR.Ambedkar
Correct Answer: [C]

86.National Training Centre for Dogs is situated in:
[A] Indore
[B] Gwallior
[C] Bhopal
[D] Nagpur
Correct Answer: [B]

87.One of the tributaries of River Cauvery orginates from Keral[A] Which of the following
[A] Neeleswaram
[B] Bhavani
[C] Kabani
[D] Pambar
Correct Answer: [C]

88.Who was the first President of Jathinashini Sabha, an association for the abolition of the caste system in Kerala?
[A] Mitavadi Krishnan
[B] K.Kelappan
[C] Swami Agamananda
[D] Sahodaran Ayyappan
Correct Answer: [B]

89.Ente Jeevitha Smarankal is the autobiography of:
[A] K.P.Kesava Menon
[B] E.M.S.Nampoothiripad
[C] Mannath Padmanabhan
[D] P.Krishnapillai
Correct Answer: [C]

90.Who is the captain of the Indian Kabbadi Team which won the Kabbadi Team which won the Kabbadi World Cup 2016?
[A] Ajay Thakur
[B] Anup Kumar
[C] Nitin Tomar
[D] Anil Razdan
Correct Answer: [B]

91.Hortus Malabaricus,a monumental work on Botany is the contribution of:
[A] The Portuguese
[B] The  British
[C] The Dutch
[D] The French
Correct Answer: [C]

92.Who was the last Diwan of the Princely State of Cochin?
[A] R.K.Shanmugham Chetti
[B] CP. Karunakara Menon
[C] P.S.N.Unnithan
[D] AF.W. Dixon
Correct Answer: [B]

93.River Churni referred to in Kautilyas’Arthashastra is identified with which of the following rivers in Kerala?
[A] Bharatapuzha
[B] Pampa
[C] Periyar
[D] Chaliyar
Correct Answer: [C]

94.Which constitutional amendment upheld the power of Parliament to amend the fundamental rights?
[A] 22nd Amendment
[B] 42nd Amendment
[C] 63rd Amendment
[D] 72nd Amendment
Correct Answer: [B]

95.The only freshwater lake in Kerala:
[A] Vembanad
[B] Kayamkulam
[C] Shastamkotta
[D] Aakkulam
Correct Answer: [C]

96.The last visit of Mahatma Gandhi to Kerala was in connection with which of the following events?
[A] 1920 Khilafat Agitation
[B] 1942 Quit India
[C] 1936 Temple Entry Proclamation
[D] 1931 Guruvayoor Satyagraha
Correct Answer: [C]

97.Pasteur Institute of India, one of the leading institutes in the production of Anti-rabbis vaccine is located at:
[A] Ooty
[B] Coonoor
[C] Kodaikanal
[D] Kothagiri
Correct Answer: [B]

98.NAURA,a place which finds mention in ancient historical records of Kerala stands for:
[A] Varkala
[B] Kollam
[C] Kannur
[D] Kodungalloor
Correct Answer: [C]

99.The Union Railway Minister who presented the most number of Railway budgets:
[A] Madhav Rao Sindhia
[B] Laloo Prasad Yadav
[C] [C] K.Jaffer Sherif
[D] Jag Jeevan Ram
Correct Answer: [D]

100.Silver Revolution is related to:
[A] Milk
[B] Steel
[C] Egg
[D] Fish
Correct Answer: [C]

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