Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade II Solved Paper - Exam Held on 03-02-2018

Medical Education
Exam Held on 03-02-2018
Kerala PSC Solved Paper | Year: 2018

1. Who made the following statement in the Constituent Assembly during the Assembly
Debates ?
“The first task of this Assembly is to free India through a new Constitution, to feed the starving people, and to clothe the naked masses, and to give every Indian the fullest opportunity to develop himself according to his capacity.”
[A] Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
[B] Dr. Rajendra Prasad
[C] K.T. Shah
[D] Jawaharlal Nehru
Correct Answer: [D]

2. On __________ Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the permanent Chairman of the
Constituent Assembly?
[A] 9 December 1946
[B] 11 December 1946
[C] 9 June 1947
[D] 20 June 1947
Correct Answer: [B]

3. Which Article of Indian Constitution abolishes untouchability?
[A] Article 23
[B] Article 65
[C] Article 17
[D] Article 124
Correct Answer: [C]

4. The 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Indian Constitution were related with __________.
[A] Creation of Local Government Institutions
[B] Judicial Review
[C] Unprecedented powers to the Parliament
[D] President’s rule in the states
Correct Answer: [A]

5. Name the programme launched by the Department of Women and Child Development,
MHRD in 1988 to boost up women’s health, education and political participation.
[A] National Policy for Empowerment of Women
[B] National Perspective Plan for Women
[C] Swa-Shakti
[D] Swayamsiddha
Correct Answer: [B]

6. Which British missionary established an English school at Mattancheri with the financial
assistance from Cochin Government in the year 1818 ?
[A] Edward Brennen
[B] Bailey
[C] J. Dawson
[D] Joseph Fenn
Correct Answer: [C]

7. Which social reformer of Kerala authored a book titled “Pracheena Malayalam” ?
[A] Narayana Guru
[B] Sahodaran Ayyappan
[C] Kumara Guru
[D] Chattambi Swamikal
Correct Answer: [D]

8. “Awake, remember the Lord Almighty,
Get up at once and fight injustice”.
Which social reform organization of 20th century Kerala put forth the above slogan ?
[A] Yogakshema Sabha
[B] Atmavidya Sangham
[D] Sahodara Prasthanam
Correct Answer: [B]

9. Who among the following literary figure of 19th century Kerala wrote a drama titled
Ebraikutty ?
[A] Kerala Varma Valiya Koyil Tampuran
[B] M.C. Joseph
[C] George Varghese
[D] Kandathil Varghese Mappila
Correct Answer: [D]

10. __________ is considered as the “father of political movements in modern Thiruvithamkur”.
[A] K.P. Karuppan
[B] G.P. Pillai
[C] Dr. Palpu
[D] T.K. Madhavan
Correct Answer: [B]

11. In which year A.V. Kuttimalu Amma was elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly for the
first time ?
[A] 1937
[B] 1940
[C] 1941
[D] 1943
Correct Answer: [A]

12. Vivekodayam : SNDP Yogam, Unni Nambutiri : __________.
[A] Yogakshema Sabha
[B] Samatwa Samajam
[C] Sahodar Prasthanam
Correct Answer: [A]

13. Who among the following women social reformer and activist of 20th century Kerala actively
participated in the Paliyam Satyagraha of 1947 ?
[A] Akkamma Cheriyan
[B] Anna Chandi
[C] Kamalambal
[D] Arya Pallam
Correct Answer: [D]

14. Match the following with the help of the CODES given below :
[A] Katora Kutaram (i) C. Krishnan
[B] Deepika (ii) Vagbhatananda
[C] Abhinava Keralam (iii) Vakkom Maulavi
[D] Mithavadi (iv) Makhti Thangal
Codes :
[A] (a-i) (b-ii) (c-iii) (d-iv)
[B] (a-ii) (b-i) (c-iv) (d-iii)
[C] (a-iv) (b-iii) (c-ii) (d-i)
[D] (a-iii) (b-iv) (c-i) (d-ii)
Correct Answer: [C]

15. Chronologically arrange the following events of Kerala history and select the answer using the CODES given below :
(1) Ezhava Memorial
(2) Malayalee Memorial
(3) Nivarthana Agitation
(4) Kallumala Samaram
Codes :
[A] (1) (3) (2) (4)
[B] (4) (2) (3) (1)
[C] (2) (1) (4) (3)
[D] (3) (4) (1) (2)
Correct Answer: [C]

16. Name the intercontinental ballistic missile successfully launched by North Korea on 4th July 2017 that added a new dimension to the crisis between USA and North Korea :
[A] Hwasong - 14
[B] Pugkusong - 2
[C] Taepodong - 1
[D] Kumsong - 3
Correct Answer: [A]

17. Which poet and lyricist of Kerala has been chosen for the Mahakavi P. Kunhiraman Nair Poetry Award for the year 2017 ?
[A] B.K. Harinarayanan
[B] Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri
[C] Rafeeq Ahamed
[D] P.M. Harinarayanan
Correct Answer: [C]

18. Expand LPSC.
[A] Liquefied Petroleum Supply Chain
[B] Liquefied Petroleum Systems Centre
[C] Liquid Propulsion Service Centre
[D] Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre
Correct Answer: [D]

19. Libreville is the capital city of __________.
[A] Madagascar
[B] Gabonese Republic
[C] Gambia
[D] Republic of Mali
Correct Answer: [B]

20. Who is the winner of Wimbledon Grand Slam Tennis Tournament (Women’s Singles) for the year 2017 ?
[A] Garbine Muguruza
[B] Venus Williams
[C] Simona Halep
[D] Victoria Azarenka
Correct Answer: [A]

21. Which compound is known as inorganic benzene ?
[A] borax
[B] diborane
[C] borazine
[D] boric acid
Correct Answer: [C]

22. The designation of an orbital with n=4 and l=2 is :
[A] 4d
[B] 4s
[C] 4p
[D] 4f
Correct Answer: [A]

23. The element with highest electronegativity is :
[A] chlorine
[B] bromine
[C] iodine
[D] fluorine
Correct Answer: [D]

24. Which of the following is not an antibiotic ?
[A] tetracycline
[B] ranitidine
[C] ofloxacin
[D] penicillin
Correct Answer: [B]

25. Rosenmund’s reduction of an acid chloride gives :
[A] an ester
[B] an alcohol
[C] an aldehyde
[D] a hydrocarbon
Correct Answer: [C]

26. The energy gap between the valence band and conduction band for a material is above 6 eV. The material is __________.
[A] super conductor
[B] an insulator
[C] a dopped semiconductor
[D] a conductor
Correct Answer: [B]

27. Radius of first orbit of hydrogen atom is 0.53 Å. So the radius of the second orbit will be __________.
[A] 2.12 Å
[B] 4.77 Å
[C] 1.06 Å
[D] 0.27Å
Correct Answer: [A]

28. The work done in moving a charge ‘q’ on an equipotential surface is __________.
[A] infinity
[B] 0
[C] q/2
[D] 2q
Correct Answer: [B]

29. When light of suitable frequency falls on certain metal surfaces, electrons are emitted from it.
This phenomenon is known as __________.
[A] Meissner effect
[B] Zeeman effect
[C] Total internal reflection
[D] Photoelectric effect
Correct Answer: [D]

30. The core of the transformer is laminated to __________.
[A] Increase the magnetic flux linked with it
[B] Increase the flux leakage
[C] Reduce the power loss due to eddy current
[D] Reduce the hysteresis loss
Correct Answer: [C]

31. Haemoglobin has maximum affinity for :
[A] CO
[B] CO2
[C] O2
[D] NH3
Correct Answer: [A]

32. Heart beat is initiated by :
[A] AV - Node
[B] Purkinjee Fibres
[C] SA - Node
[D] Bundle of His
Correct Answer: [C]

33. Neurotransmitter between neuron and muscle cell is :
[A] Serotonine
[B] Acetylcholine
[C] Dopamine
[D] Endorphin
Correct Answer: [B]

34. The Rods and Cones of the eye retinal layer are modified :
[A] Unipolar neurons
[B] Multi polar neurons
[C] Bipolar neurons
[D] None
Correct Answer: [C]

35. Malpighian body is constituted by :
[A] Glomarulus only
[B] Glomerulus and efferent-vessel
[C] Glomerulus and afferent vessel
[D] Glomerulus and Bowman’s capsule
Correct Answer: [D]

36. Biological product, alpha-1 - antitrypsin is used for the treatment of which of the following diseases :
[A] Cancer
[B] Emphysema
[C] Cystic fibrosis
[D] Phenyl Ketone Urea
Correct Answer: [B]

37. The scientific name of ‘Aswgandha’ is :
[A] Withania somnifera
[B] Asparagus racemosus
[C] Woodfordia fruticosa
[D] Adhatoda vasica
Correct Answer: [A]

38. The head quarters of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is :
[A] Pune
[B] Hyderabad
[C] Delhi
[D] Mumbai
Correct Answer: [B]

39. The technique of Polymerase Chain Reaction was developed by :
[A] Maxem and Gilbert
[B] Sanger
[C] Francis Crick
[D] Kary Mullis
Correct Answer: [D]

40. Which among the following artificial insemination technology is used for the improvement
of cattle population ?
Correct Answer: [C]

41. Which of the following is not a part of portal vein ?
[A] Splenic vein
[B] Hepatic vein
[C] Gastric vein
[D] Cystic vein
Correct Answer: [B]

42. A form of self-evaluation that help nurse judge personal performance and make judgment about standards of practice :
[A] Repression
[B] Recollection
[C] Regression
[D] Reflection
Correct Answer: [D]

43. The point at which the chlorine demand of water is fully met is called :
[A] disinfection point
[B] break point
[C] saturation point
[D] free point
Correct Answer: [B]

44. The conflict carried by individuals not for themselves but for an ideal :
[A] positive conflict
[B] direct conflict
[C] indirect conflict
[D] class conflict
Correct Answer: [A]

45. Mosquito which breed in dirty and polluted water :
[A] anopheles
[B] culex
[C] aedes
[D] mansonoides
Correct Answer: [B]

46. National program of nutritional support to primary education is also known as :
[A] Special nutrition program
[B] Mid day meal scheme
[C] Mid day meal program
[D] Balawadi nutrition program
Correct Answer: [B]

47. Epidemiological triad excludes :
[A] Host
[B] Agent
[C] Environment
[D] Health
Correct Answer: [D]

48. Injection of diphtheria antitoxin gives :
[A] Active immunity
[B] Passive immunity
[C] Natural immunity
[D] Cellular immunity
Correct Answer: [B]

49. The storage temperature of BCG vaccine :
[A] 2-88C
[B] 8-108C
[C] 10-128C
[D] 6-118C
Correct Answer: [A]

50. A strategy for effective communication where the interviewer validate information from the
client without changing the meaning of statement :
[A] Clarifying
[B] Summarizing
[C] Paraphrasing
[D] Focusing
Correct Answer: [C]

51. Volume of blood pumped by the heart during 1 minute in a normal healthy adult :
[A] 1000 ml/min
[B] 1500 ml/min
[C] 2000 ml/min
[D] 5000 ml/min
Correct Answer: [D]

52. Formula used for converting Celsius scale of temperature to Fahrenheit scale :
[A] (9/5)×C+32
[B] (5/9)×C+32
[C] (9×5/32)−C
[D] (5/9)×C−32
Correct Answer: [A]

53. A physician order, means medication to be given only once at a specified time :
[A] stat order
[B] prn order
[C] single order
[D] standing order
Correct Answer: [C]

54. The site preferred for giving I/M injection for adults and anyone over 7 months old :
[A] Vastus lateralis
[B] Deltoid
[C] Dorso gluteal
[D] Ventro gluteal
Correct Answer: [D]

55. Rising ICP (intra cranial pressure) is accompanied by :
[A] Tachycardia and Hypotension
[B] Bradycardia and Hypotension
[C] Bradycardia and Hypertension
[D] Tachycardia and Hypertension
Correct Answer: [C]

56. A process of redirecting the energy produced by unacceptable desires or activities so that they become acceptable :
[A] Reaction formation
[B] Projection
[C] Identification
[D] Sublimation
Correct Answer: [D]

57. The suitable method to handle an overactive aggressive patient is :
[A] Accepting criticism and verbal attacks without punishment
[B] Firing the person and applying restraints
[C] Avoiding the person and neglect him for a while
[D] Try to cheer up the person and give praise and encouragement
Correct Answer: [A]

58. Recommended protein requirement of an Indian adult :
[A] 1g/kg body Wt
[B] 0.1g/kg body Wt
[C] 2g/kg body Wt
[D] 1.5g/kg body Wt
Correct Answer: [A]

59. Malnutrition comprises of following form except :
[A] Under nutrition
[B] Over nutrition
[C] Imbalance
[D] Micro nutrition
Correct Answer: [D]

60. The ratio for giving external chest compression and breathing in CPR :
[A] 30:2
[B] 15:2
[C] 30:4
[D] 15:4
Correct Answer: [A]

61. First aid for strong acid and alkali poisoning :
[A] Gastric lavage
[B] Tickling back of pharynx by finger
[C] Swallowing concentrated salt solution
[D] Do not induce vomiting
Correct Answer: [D]

62. Approximate weight of the placenta at term :
[A] 1/4th of baby’s wt
[B] 1/6th of baby’s wt
[C] 1/7th of baby’s wt
[D] 1/3rd of baby’s wt
Correct Answer: [B]

63. The part of fetal circulation which becomes fossa ovalis after birth :
[A] Umbilical arteries
[B] Ductus arteriosus
[C] Foramen ovale
[D] Umbilical vein
Correct Answer: [C]

64. Which of the following condition of a pregnant women needs immediate attention ?
[A] Epigastric pain
[B] Pain radiating to back
[C] Cramps
[D] Heart burn
Correct Answer: [A]

65. Which among these is a sign/symptom of impending labour ?
[A] Lightening
[B] Quickening
[C] Braxton hicks contraction
[D] Tightening
Correct Answer: [A]

66. Drug of choice for the management of eclampsia :
[A] Diazepam
[B] Epsolin
[C] Magnesium sulphate
[D] Labetalol
Correct Answer: [C]

67. A nurse in a labour room should do this measure to prevent prolonged labour to a patient :
[A] be with the patient
[B] maintaining partograph
[C] giving oxytocin
[D] assessing maternal and fetal vital signs
Correct Answer: [B]

68. Technique used by a midwife in 2nd stage of labour to facilitate delivery over an intact perineum :
[A] Ironing out
[B] Bearing down effort
[C] Fundal pressure
[D] Episiotomy
Correct Answer: [A]

69. The measure which is done to manage shoulder dystocia :
[A] Burns Marshall Manoeuvre
[B] Lovset Manoeuvre
[C] Mauriceau-Smellie-Viet Manoeuvre
[D] Mac Robert’s Manoeuvre
Correct Answer: [D]

70. The most heat sensitive vaccine which should be stored at −20 C :
[A] DPT vaccine
[B] Hepatitis vaccine
[C] Polio vaccine
[D] Measles vaccine
Correct Answer: [C]

71. The calories provided by 100 ml of breast milk to an infant :
[A] 66
[B] 42
[C] 85
[D] 73
Correct Answer: [A]

72. Apgar scoring done at which time period has more predictive value of neonatal well being ?
[A] 1st min
[B] 10th min
[C] 5th min
[D] 15th min
Correct Answer: [C]

73. Damage of 7th or 8th cervical or thoracic nerve roots leads to :
[A] Facial palsy
[B] Erb’s palsy
[C] Klumpke’s palsy
[D] Bells palsy
Correct Answer: [C]

74. Kangaroo mother care may be continued for low birth weight babies until :
[A] Baby has no sign of hypothermia
[B] Baby has regular breathing
[C] Baby gains weight around 2500g
[D] Baby has no signs of infection and takes feeding
Correct Answer: [C]

75. A child has breath holding spell. What advice will you give the parent to manage the child ?
[A] Give punishment to the child
[B] Protect and pamper the child
[C] Neglect the child during spell
[D] Be tolerant, calm and kind
Correct Answer: [D]

76. Which of the following is used for grading protein energy malnutrition ?
[A] Ballard’s scale
[B] Gomez scale
[C] Bishop scoring
[D] Krammer’s rule
Correct Answer: [B]

77. A patient who takes an antihistamine medication diphenhydramine, what would be the expected side effect of the drug ?
[A] Nervousness
[B] Palpitation
[C] Dry mouth
[D] Tremors
Correct Answer: [C]

78. A patient who is taking beta blockers is monitored for shock. Which manifestation of the shock won’t present to such patient ?
[A] Hypotension
[B] Tachycardia
[C] Oliguria
[D] Altered mental status
Correct Answer: [B]

79. Which of the following statement is correct about malignant tumour ?
[A] Malignant tumour stop dividing prematurely
[B] Malignant tumour invade surrounding cells and tissues
[C] Malignant tumour remains localized
[D] Malignant tumours have defective cell communication
Correct Answer: [B]

80. The cost effective way to prevent spreading of microorganism :
[A] Wearing mask
[B] Wearing gloves
[C] Hand hygiene
[D] Wearing gown
Correct Answer: [C]

81. Ponderal index of term gestational age normal neonate :
[A] >2.5
[B] <2.5
[C] <2
[D] 2
Correct Answer: [A]

82. The immediate action taken by a first aider to rescue a victim of heat stroke :
[A] Give oral fluids
[B] Fanning of victim
[C] Remove victim from hot environment
[D] Spraying water over the victim
Correct Answer: [C]

83. Which of the following is not a cause for pernicious anaemia ?
[A] Bleeding
[B] Chronic alcoholism
[C] Long term use of certain antibiotics
[D] Lack of intrinsic factor
Correct Answer: [A]

84. Which of the following surgery leads to Dumping syndrome ?
[A] Appendectomy
[B] Gastrectomy
[C] Cholecystectomy
[D] Sigmoidectomy
Correct Answer: [B]

85. Which of the lab value would the nurse to be evaluated for a patient with pancreatitis ?
[A] Serum.lipase
[B] Serum.CPK
[C] Serum.ALP
[D] Serum.AST
Correct Answer: [A]

86. The extrapyramidal side effect of antipsychotic agents are managed with following group of drugs except :
[A] Dopamine drugs
[B] Anticholinergic
[C] Antihistamines
[D] Barbiturates
Correct Answer: [D]

87. Among the following which one is a delusional disorder ?
[A] Trance
[B] Capuras’ syndrome
[C] Dissociative fugue
[D] Ganser’s syndrome
Correct Answer: [B]

88. Which one is a fact about persons with suicidal tendency ?
[A] Suicide happens without warning
[B] Once a person is suicidal, he/she is suicidal forever
[C] Most suicidal person are undecided about dying or living
[D] Suicidal persons are fully intent on dying
Correct Answer: [C]

89. Publication of a false statement about an individual made either verbally or in some other form to the third person :
[A] Battery
[B] Displacement
[C] Depersonalization
[D] Defamation
Correct Answer: [D]

90. Most frequent neurotic disorder in puerperium :
[A] Postpartum blues
[B] Postpartum depression
[C] Postpartum psychosis
[D] Delivery related stress and anxiety
Correct Answer: [B]

91. Which of the following is used in drug dependence to prevent relapse ?
[A] Naloxone
[B] Naltrexone
[C] Neuroleptic
[D] Nomifensine
Correct Answer: [B]

92. The most commonest psychiatric disorder after head injury is :
[A] Mania
[B] Schizophrenia
[C] Depression
[D] Phobia
Correct Answer: [A]

93. Which of the following is not an element of management ?
[A] Reporting
[B] Organising
[C] Staffing
[D] Commanding
Correct Answer: [D]

94. Ability of an instrument to detect changes or differences when they occur :
[A] Validity
[B] Reliability
[C] Objectivity
[D] Sensitivity
Correct Answer: [D]

95. Which among the following is not a fact about EBP (evidence based practice) ?
[A] Is use of best evidence to make decisions about care and treatment.
[B] Contribute to expand the knowledge base of profession.
[C] Includes patient preferences and values.
[D] Is another term for utilization of research findings.
Correct Answer: [D]

96. As per the triage system, green colour code refers to :
[A] Injuries are life threatening but survivable with minimal intervention.
[B] Injuries are minor and treatment can be delayed for hours to days.
[C] Injuries are extensive and chances of survival are unlikely even with care.
[D] Injuries are significant and require medical care but can wait for hours without threat to life.
Correct Answer: [B]

97. The audit which is conducted between 2 regular audit :
[A] Interval audit
[B] Final audit
[C] Interim audit
[D] Continuous audit
Correct Answer: [C]

98. One nurse is assigned the responsibility for the case of each patient from admission to discharge :
[A] Case method
[B] Primary nursing
[C] Functional method
[D] Team nursing
Correct Answer: [A]

99. Informal communication is also known as :
[A] Diagonal communication
[B] Cross wise communication
[C] Grape wine communication
[D] Horizontal communication
Correct Answer: [C]

100. Truth telling about disease and its prognosis to terminally ill patients, such situation which ethical principle is followed by a nurse ?
[A] Confidentiality
[B] Fidelity
[C] Justice
[D] Veracity
Correct Answer: [D]

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